Sunday, October 30, 2016


Katy Perry:
Happy Birthday!

the Hudson
with Your Perry
Anata no Perī de Hadoson o watarimasu

My bones groaned when I refused to moan.
I felt depressed from being oppressed.

Innocent are those who don't revile;
whose spirit doesn't covet guile.

Grateful are those who are forgiven;
whose fault will no longer be driven.

The weight of judgment pressed hard on me;
moisture left me like an athlete in the heat on the street.

Then I admit my guilt.
My error will no longer be built.

I no longer carry the weight of wrong.
I feel forgiven; like the throng in a song.

I will walk with faith in times of trouble.
I will not be broken like a bursty bubble.

Great waters don't reach the faithful in a flood.
Owning responsibility for action nips problems in the bud.

You are my deliverance; my hiding place; my belief.
You preserve me in safety and surround me with relief.

"I will instruct you. You will learn.
The design inside you will burn.

Abolish false knowledge.
Use instinct like a college."

Trials plague those who are not forgiven;
but mercy loves those who by trust are driven
with the love that has been given.

Rejoice with latitude for the attitude of gratitude.
Sing with joy like a toy you can deploy for the bolshoi.

You that are true of heart
have found the art to start
your part as the a la carte 
for the avant garde.

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