Sunday, June 24, 2012


Feed the good.

Love your enemy. Train evil to restrain. Limit the evil one to defense.

1Sam17 Job38 2Corinth6 Mk4 Ps9 Ps107

Let no one’s heart fail because of the enemy.
Deliverance will be a refuge in times of trouble.

We have won liberty against the odds.
We have gone to sea in ships
and found deliverance from waves
that climbed to the heavens.

Who limits the power of the sea
when it bursts from this womb of land?
Who clothes the sky with clouds
and blankets it with darkness?
God, the CREATOR, is our Christ.
Christ is our REDEEMER.

We cry to the REDEEMER in distress.
We have been delivered from destruction.
The storm has been reduced to a whisper.
The waves of the sea were made quiet.

Now is the acceptable time.
Now is the day of salvation.

Christ says,
“I have heard you.
I am helping.”

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.
The anxiety of storm has passed.”

“Let us leave the crowd behind.
Cross over to the other side.
We will find peace.
The storm climaxed.
Now it will fade.
Have faith.”

When you are working
you shine the most.
You are not thinking about
your troubles.

It is good when people live
together in the unity of community.

It is like the feeling of a job well done;
when sweat christens your face
with the glistening light
of accomplishment.

Sing praise to the LEADER
who leads you in living life;
the transcendence of the CREATOR is infused
throughout creation. Remember the good things
that have been done for you. Remember
those things that you have done well.
We will do better together.

The blessing has been ordained.
It is life with happiness.
Feed the good.
Enjoy life!
We win!


Deliver us from yesterday. Save us from the evil that was. Protect us in the journey closer to the edge.

30 Seconds to Mars – Closer to the Edge

Feed the good. Love your enemy.

Train anger to use the least force necessary to protect and serve. Re-direct hostility. Limit aggression to defense.

Steve K.

Sunday, June 17, 2012



Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is as if someone would scatter seed on the ground, and would sleep and rise night and day, and the seed would sprout and grow, he does not know how. The earth produces of itself, first the stalk, then the head, then the full grain in the head. But when the grain is ripe, at once he goes in with his sickle, because the harvest has come."


The community of God is like a dream sown into reality. The seeds are scattered on the ground; not so much planted as thrown around. Night falls. Sleep overcomes awareness. Consciousness seeps into dreams. Seeds sprout and grow without being watched.
The earth, moisture, heat and light do the work. First comes the sprout that reaches upward to support a head; then the plant grows to produce grain, fruit or flower. We harvest that which is beneficial for us.
A couple establishes a household. Households make a community. Communities make a state. States united by agreement form alliance. Alliances make the international community. The politics of providence makes the difference between international harmony and strife.
When politics are defined by the mechanics of destruction, the debate is over who does less damage. When politics are defined by the industry of providence, the debate is over what provides the best representation for human rights.
We had to walk by faith alone for centuries. Cruelty in punishment and expansion by military aggression were the mechanics for destruction. It was called civilization, but it made larger criminals into leaders of the state; the state of destruction. Now faith has found ground in the governance of society for civilization with the provision against cruel and unusual punishment and the provisions for human rights. The state is for creation with the design of providence.
Voting is an essential operation in democracy. Republicans manipulated the vote in Florida with re-districting to obtain a “representation” that is close to a two to one ratio. There are nearly two Republicans for every Democrat in the Florida legislature. The ratio has been in effect for nearly ten years.
The current attempt to purge the voting rolls was orchestrated to counter the correction of the re-districting plan by the Florida Supreme Court.  The SCOFL judged that the current proposal for re-districting did not qualify as a correction. A US judge overturned the decision.
The right to vote has been compromised again. If the decision is not overruled by a higher office, there will be another Republican majority in Florida. It will simply not be as large. That is what they regard as a correction. It “favors” democracy only insofar as the disadvantage to the people is not as large.
Governor Scott’s purge only adds insult to injury. This re-districting plan plus the purge affects Florida’s participation in national elections. Once again, leading Republicans are turning democracy “upside down” to promote the unfair advantage.
Politics of Providence
for the People

Leadership is to be elected
for concept and character.
What is the plan
for the economy?
What is the stand
for education?
What is the strategy
for defense?
What are the programs
for the people?
How will the rights
of the people
be represented
by the rule of law?
May the LEADER guide
and direct us in election.
Let providence with liberty
and justice serve as guide.
Let the glistening light
christen our leadership
with the oil of anointment.
Let safety and health
be granted with power.
Let resources be shared
for prosperity.
Let the offerings
of education and experience
be shown respect
Let power for the people
grow into a large tree
that provides shade and shelter
for residents of every kind.
Righteousness will flourish with fertility.
It will spread outward with mighty branches
for peace.

Let those who lay claim
to absolute power
be limited by law.
It is good to give thanks;
to sing praises for providence
from the Most High.
We will sing of your love in the morning.
Your faithfulness will be remembered at night.
We will celebrate creativity
with music and art.
We have been made glad by acts
that were made in accord with divine design.
We shout for joy for what has been established
with the will of God for the people!
Let those who are planted firmly in truth
with liberty for justice flourish like plants
afforded soil, water, heat and light.
We will produce good works
with the seniority of citizenship.
We will be youthful and vibrant
to the end of our days.
Let the fullness of life
through the length of years
show the benefits of faith
in the LEADER;
the Rock in whom
there is no fault.
The law was recorded to protest injustice; to liberate us from the bonds to slavery; to rejoice in healthy relationship. Representation for minorities was introduced with stories in opposition to the stories told by the “leadership” of society.
Today, drama still plays a role in the improvement of society through political representation. The musical “HairSpray” is an American testimonial for improvement. It shows us that working together as people is a social value of the highest order.
HairSpray – You Can’t Stop the Beat
HairSpray – You Can’t Stop the Beat
 “Ever since we first saw the light
A man and woman liked to shake it
On a saturday night
And so i'm gonna shake and shimmy it
With all my might today…”

“'Cause you can't stop
The motion of the ocean
Or the rain from above
They can try to stop this paradise
We're dreaming of
But you cannot stop the rhythm
Of two hearts in love to stay!

“You can't stop the beat!”
The battle with oppression is far from over. Many within the largest group of the “majority rule” are manipulated by the unfair advantage for the elite. Together with the minorities who are also oppressed by the advantage, there are a large number of people who stand to profit from making the correction.
Voting is an important form of participation. We need to get out and vote even in situations where it is obvious that the vote has been manipulated in the past. The harder they have to work to manipulate the vote, the better it is for us. Campaign contributions are important. Some media expression seeks to depict the larger fundraiser as the greater candidate. They want us to believe that the election is determined by fundraising.
Contributions from grass roots organization mean more in effort justification than the contributions that come from those who are exploiting the unfair advantage. If we have to work harder for victory, our win means more for everybody.
Vote for the correction. Rock on with Obama. Roll with the politics of providence.
Steve Kidde

Sunday, June 10, 2012


The bill of rights has not eliminated tyranny in the world. It hasn't even ended it in western society. Why bother? It is a catalyst for improvement. While much attention is focused on the oppression of the Syrian government, the closing of a hospital in Gaza may not seem like much. The funding cut is however another abuse of the call for austerity.

The international oligarchy wants to have people fight for independence with guns, not politics.  A bill of rights for each country in the Middle East will reduce oppression and violence. A hospital in Gaza helps to repair the damage caused by the promotion of oppression with violence. Control with violence is inherent to the elitist policy.

Power and Limitation
Gen3  2Corinth4 1Sam8 Mk3 Ps138 Ps130
The couple heard the sound
of LEADERSHIP walking
through the trees
at the time
of the evening breeze.

We believe.
So we speak.
We know that the one
who raised Jesus from the dead
will raise us also with Christ.
We will be brought into his presence
with thanksgiving.
The LEADER does not give leadership
over others. Leadership is given authority
with informed consent by the people.

We will give thanks with our whole heart.
Our praises will be sung before authorities.
We will sing of your majesty
wherever we are.
We will praise your Name
for providence, liberty, justice
and equity.

I call to you
from out of the depths.
You listen.
Please hear the voice
of my supplication.

If you were to punish for the guilt
of being human, who could stand?
There is forgiveness with you.
You forgive the forgivable.

My soul waits for JUDGEMENT;
more than the morning waits for dawn;
more than dawn before morning.

When I called, you answered me.
You increased my strength.
Your name has been glorified.
Your word is the law.

You keep me safe
though I walk in the midst of trouble.
You provide protection from condemnation
and the fury of destruction.
The design of nature
has made my purpose.
Love endures.
Intelligence will not
be taken from me.

You who suffer pain from conflict,
wait for the LEADER.
There is mercy.
LEADERSHIP cares for the poor,
the disabled and the afflicted.
The haughty are brought
down by the arrogance
of pride.
Power is limited
by proportion.

A house divided by violence does not stand united.
A nation torn by war falls into the agony of defeat.
When the power of Satan is limited by proportion,
it lacks destructiveness.

Forgiveness will be given for many things.
Some things however are not to be forgiven.
Genocide is not forgivable.

Murder has to be corrected.
Restitution has to be made
for the life that was taken.
Other crimes have
to be corrected
with proportion.
Forgiveness can be given
for offenses that are forgivable.
It can be given when requested.
It can be given with restitution.

Who is my partner?
Who is my spouse?
Who is my family?
Whoever does the will of God is.
We are with LEADERSHIP.
We are one.

There is a progression in the following playlist that re-cycles the strength of the original statement. Out of the many, we become one.

We are one.

President Obama is calling for the correction of the unfair advantage. Please join in calling for Congress to agree.
Congress needs to correct the unfair advantage to prevent another economic crisis!

Rock on with Obama!
Steve K.

Sunday, June 3, 2012



Thomas Jefferson cut the miracle stories out of the bible. He did so to emphasize the moral teachings of Jesus. The end result is called the Jefferson Bible. It was a form of modernization since the miracle stories were included to imply the healing strength of the Son of God title as applied to Jesus. The stories were created at a time when the freedoms of speech, religion and media expression were not included in a bill of rights for empire.

Jefferson’s product can be called a “Cut and Paste” bible. The "Cut and Paste" bible offers satirical commentary on what many do with scripture despite the ascription of "holiness."

History is as it was. It is as it was whether we acknowledge it or not. History cannot be changed. Knowledge however can be organized thematically to improve upon past performance.

History has to be acknowledged objectively for improvement, but we have to avoid the trap of enslavement to status quo objectivity as the absolute. When we cut out the “bad” parts of history for personal gratification, we lose the baseline for improving on the past.

The bad parts have to be identified as such. Otherwise, the ground for improvement by contrast is lost. Granted, Jefferson and the other political leaders were dedicated to using liberty to form a better union. Slavery however was tolerated. Jefferson was a slave owner. However “enlightened” he may have been, he was still enslaved to slave ownership. 

The English bill of rights had been documented in 1689. Yet the colonies in the US were subjugated to the crown of King George. They had no representation in parliament. They were taxed without representation. They were forced to provide quarters for the troops who were acting as agents for a tyrant. King George was using Christianity as the state religion to solicit uninformed consent. Americans were punished as a group for the rebellion promoted by the sons of liberty.

If leadership in politics is to be accepted based on the status quo for the wealthiest members of the majority (or minority) group, then improvement for society will not be achieved. The people have to be represented by the government in order to achieve progress. The consequence for representation however, is participation. 

We have to have opinions that are based on facts. We have to allow our opinions to change in relation to the discernment of facts in the state of affairs for society. This is the art of political science. Morality is scientific without enslavement to the objectivity of the status quo as an absolute.

We have the right to express opinions; to vote; to religion; to media expression; to due process of law; to freedom from cruel and unusual punishment; to education; to work; to food and water; to shelter; to health care; to term limits for elected officials; to representation for our taxes.

We don’t have the right to promote single party rights as the singular concern for society. The Nazis believed that they had the right to use genocide as a tool for victory. They promoted eugenics as a way for “weeding out” the weak. 

Empires before the Nazis used torture, excessive force, cruelty and genocide as well. Tyrants in general believe that they have the right to use damage and death as instruments for political success. The belief that the metaphysics for destruction has to be used to control people is unacceptable.

The metaphysics for destruction has been associated with the claim to absolute power. Thus, constitutional government with a bill of rights is seen as a way to empower citizens by limiting claims to absolute power. Limiting power then, is an objective in western society.

The international oligarchy has replaced non-constitutional monarchy and dictatorship as the institution that claims absolute power. Their consortium negotiates an unfair advantage, then exploits the advantage for industry profit. Their power needs limitation.
The following re-write celebrates the good of neighborhood in relation to the divine community. The limitation of power will come from grass roots organization.

Ps29 Isa6 Cant13 Rmns8

Glory to you, Lord God! Glory to you!
We praise you. We bless you.
We worship you.
We sing for your holy name.
You stand before all creation.

Glory to you in the splendor of majesty!
The seraphim sing. The cherubim rejoice,
“Holy! Holy! Holy is the LORD of hosts.
The world is filled with your glory.”

Your voice is upon the waters.
It shimmers with the glimmers of waves.
Your frequency fills the skies.

Darkness moves upon the face of the deep.
Glory rumbles with the sound of thunder.
Turbulence raises the sea.
Creation sings with uncreated energy.

Your voice is powerful;
your face resplendent.

The ground shakes
with groans of pain. 
The foundation breaks
where movement
is madness.

The wind raves insanity!
Lightning cracks; a tree is made black.
This is the death of vanity.

The volcano vomits fire.
Smoke fills the sky.
The quakes shake the wilderness.
Tidal surge supersedes the tide.
A tornado touches down.
This is the death of pride.

We have been freed from slavery.
We have been re-born with the Spirit.
We have been lifted to LEADERSHIP’s side.

Just as Moses lifted the serpent
in the wilderness;
Just as Mohammed  lifted his eyes
to the skies;
the Son of Man has lifted our lives.

Glory to you LORD God of our ancestors!
Glory to you! You give strength to your people.
You shower us with the blessings of peace.
Our glory is by your side.


Monogamy is the basic form for marriage in our society. It is the norm for the household order in the economy. There is an expectation for sex in marriage. What happens when the expectation for sexual relations becomes the problem?

Expectation is a part of agreement. The expectation for sexual relations is reasonable, but disagreement regarding degree of intensity, frequency and speech in relation to sex contributes to complication. When sex fails in marriage, the couple can default to household management. Compatibility is pushed as a basis for forming marital relations in our society should such a default become necessary.

Scientific morality can be used to promote healthy and happy relations in marital and social relations. Even scientific morality however has limitations. What if you were confronted with the appearance of perfection in your relations? Would you be able to cope?

Acknowledgement of a dark side helps.  d speech in relation to sex contributes to complication. When sex fails in a marriage the couple can default to household management. There is a cultural push for selecting a compatible partner for such a defa

Kelly Clarkson – Dark Side

Everyone has a dark side, but the dark side does not legitimize criminal behavior. It simply provides reasonable expectation for friendliness.

Limit power with proportion.

Steve K.