Sunday, June 24, 2012


Feed the good.

Love your enemy. Train evil to restrain. Limit the evil one to defense.

1Sam17 Job38 2Corinth6 Mk4 Ps9 Ps107

Let no one’s heart fail because of the enemy.
Deliverance will be a refuge in times of trouble.

We have won liberty against the odds.
We have gone to sea in ships
and found deliverance from waves
that climbed to the heavens.

Who limits the power of the sea
when it bursts from this womb of land?
Who clothes the sky with clouds
and blankets it with darkness?
God, the CREATOR, is our Christ.
Christ is our REDEEMER.

We cry to the REDEEMER in distress.
We have been delivered from destruction.
The storm has been reduced to a whisper.
The waves of the sea were made quiet.

Now is the acceptable time.
Now is the day of salvation.

Christ says,
“I have heard you.
I am helping.”

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.
The anxiety of storm has passed.”

“Let us leave the crowd behind.
Cross over to the other side.
We will find peace.
The storm climaxed.
Now it will fade.
Have faith.”

When you are working
you shine the most.
You are not thinking about
your troubles.

It is good when people live
together in the unity of community.

It is like the feeling of a job well done;
when sweat christens your face
with the glistening light
of accomplishment.

Sing praise to the LEADER
who leads you in living life;
the transcendence of the CREATOR is infused
throughout creation. Remember the good things
that have been done for you. Remember
those things that you have done well.
We will do better together.

The blessing has been ordained.
It is life with happiness.
Feed the good.
Enjoy life!
We win!


Deliver us from yesterday. Save us from the evil that was. Protect us in the journey closer to the edge.

30 Seconds to Mars – Closer to the Edge

Feed the good. Love your enemy.

Train anger to use the least force necessary to protect and serve. Re-direct hostility. Limit aggression to defense.

Steve K.

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