Saturday, January 24, 2015





from Ps.62

Velma Dinkley

from Ps.62

Thought is oppositional.
Law is adversarial.
Politics is practiced
as practical conflict.

War however, is unnatural.
It cannot be declared legally.
It can be declared illegal.

My soul waits in silence.

Faith says that the world will be better
without war. It will live well
with free trade and travel;
with respect for communication
with and without language.

The world will live well
without war.

Now, many are killed so few can thrive.
Others merely survive.

How long will profiteers press
for unlimited advantage? It’s as if they
were a toppling wall that requires
support from those threatened
with the consequence of the topple.

They exploit with the promise
of oppression. They press for advantage
as though more exploitation.
were necessary for salvation.

My soul waits in silence.

I will oppose plutocracy.
It is the rule of death and pain.
It takes profit by oppression.

War will be outlawed. The death penalty
will be abolished. Invasion; genocide; torture;
strife and the presumption of fear will be stopped.

I will stand my ground without excessive force.

Quality of character is not determined
by income and assets. Personality
is a measure of desire and ability
in relation to capacity and conditions.

When you do the best that you can
with what you have,
you are being the best
that you can be.

The world will live well
without war or violence.
The rule of law is for safety.

Security is our rock.
Respect is our refuge.
Dignity is our desire.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Your Way


Anata no hōhō

fm Ps 23

Need is my lead.
I will not bleed for greed.

I will lay back in a field of green;
to look to see what can be seen;

to chew on a long stem of grass;
to think about which path to pass;

to look upon the water close at hand;
to oppose presupposing by plan.

I will not deny fear of evil or strife.
Fear gives light for sight in life.

You are with me by faith and heart.
Comfort slows my racing start.

Trust will be re-written.
Inequality will be de-commissioned.

The table will be for discussion and debate.
Reason will rule without hate.

My head has been anointed with oil and sweat.
My income has been overrun by debt.

Surely goodness and mercy sustain the wait.
My life will dwell in this house of heart by faith.

Sunday, January 11, 2015





from Psalm 29

Ascribe power to creation, you powers.
Ascribe glory and strength to power.

Give thanks to grace for correction with mercy.
Becoming is the beginning of being.

Being is the beginning of soul;
soul, the mirror for life. 

The right to life is for all in the law.

The flash of lightning sings of wonder in darkness.
Light shows instant weightless motion as spirit
with speed.

Spirit sings sound as the crack breaks
the back of somber stillness
and the voice of thunder rumbles
across the sky with the wind;
under the clouds.

The voice of power is strong.
It sings with splendor.

This song breaks the redwood,
the tree that could not be broken.

Hills are moved by walls of water.
The mountain is consumed by the creation of cloud.

A volcano spits flames of fire higher
than imagination had seen before the event.

The foundation of earth is shaken by the quake.   
The quake shakes land until constructs crumble.

Heat from fire makes strong trees writhe.
It strips the forest bare.

All are crying “Have mercy”
in this temple of soul.

Light shines enthroned by sun
above the water after the flood.

The power of creation permeates
life in time forever.

The Creator gives strength
to the people of creation;

Strength is given
with the blessings of peace.

Sunday, January 4, 2015





from Psalm 84

Rise to be wise.
Shine while you dine.
Find the sublime in time.

Be new for all and for you;
born by spirit; just hear it; be near it.
Walk calmly. Stand tall.

Let the turbulence fall.
Look upon joy like a toy.
Life’s essence is our defense.

One day in your presence is better than a thousand
without you. It is better to stand on the threshold of goodness
than to dwell in the house of cruelty or violence.

Faith is both our sun and shield.
Love gives grace and glory.

Nothing good will be withheld
from those who walk with integrity.

Happy are those who put their trust in truth.
We construct justice with joy by the design for reality.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Your Name

Your Name


Anata no namae

from Psalm 8

Salvation comes by faith
with grace for redemption
and the preservation
of liberty in the law.

Justice is the goal for the law.
The goal must be fulfilled in practice
as an improvement upon precedents.
Cruelty in punishment is not the remedy
for violence in crime.

Detention provides time
for the correction of the injustice
that is liberty from the law.
The law is for civil and human rights.

Rights are for life, liberty and happiness.
It is your name that is exalted.
You are the designer of paradise.

Your majesty is praised above the heavens
out of the mouths of infants and children!
You have set up a stronghold for defense
from our adversaries. Safety and good health
are protectors in the risks that challenge
the sensibilities for reason.

When I consider the heavens and the earth
as our creation I am filled with wonder.
The course for the planets and the earth
around the sun has been set with gravity.

The projection of our solar system
among the galaxies from a point in space
is the container for time!

What is human being that you are mindful
for any other; any authentic person
that expresses  self expression?

We have been made to exist only a little lower
than angels. We are adorned with glory and honor.

The preservation of the environment
is our responsibility, so we may cultivate food and flora
for our joy; to construct constructs, produce products
and organize organizations for our security.

It is your name that is exalted among the stars.
You are the designer for paradise.
You are your leadership for us!