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from Ps.62

Velma Dinkley

from Ps.62

Thought is oppositional.
Law is adversarial.
Politics is practiced
as practical conflict.

War however, is unnatural.
It cannot be declared legally.
It can be declared illegal.

My soul waits in silence.

Faith says that the world will be better
without war. It will live well
with free trade and travel;
with respect for communication
with and without language.

The world will live well
without war.

Now, many are killed so few can thrive.
Others merely survive.

How long will profiteers press
for unlimited advantage? It’s as if they
were a toppling wall that requires
support from those threatened
with the consequence of the topple.

They exploit with the promise
of oppression. They press for advantage
as though more exploitation.
were necessary for salvation.

My soul waits in silence.

I will oppose plutocracy.
It is the rule of death and pain.
It takes profit by oppression.

War will be outlawed. The death penalty
will be abolished. Invasion; genocide; torture;
strife and the presumption of fear will be stopped.

I will stand my ground without excessive force.

Quality of character is not determined
by income and assets. Personality
is a measure of desire and ability
in relation to capacity and conditions.

When you do the best that you can
with what you have,
you are being the best
that you can be.

The world will live well
without war or violence.
The rule of law is for safety.

Security is our rock.
Respect is our refuge.
Dignity is our desire.

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  1. Work for peace.