Saturday, December 20, 2014





from Ps.89

Shine for the endurance of faith
and the length of the breath for life;
for  the depth and breadth of love.
Sing for the steadfast love of life.

I will proclaim faithfulness to the generations.
Steadfast love is established for selection.
Faithfulness has firmness for election.

What might be and what has been seen
point to that which is: the presence of perception
in the present. Laughter echoes off some substance.
There is the open air where we are not.

I have agreement with that which is agreeable
about statements with respect for the truth about reality.
Otherwise, I advise disagreement.

Outlaw war. Prohibit invasion and genocide.
Abolish the death penalty
Limit weapon use to defense.
Protect the right to life.

Use these laws to build nations
and you will have civilization.

Provide care for the poor and
you protect so much more
than defense with weapons

Providence will
circulate until it abounds.

Educate your young
until you find that they are fun.
Then remember that you're not done
having fun.

Build structures.
Produce products.
Create art.
Grow grain. Raise animals.
Preserve the environment.
Conserve resources.

Respect yourself for what you have done
and for what you have yet to do;
Respect your maturity and your spontaneity.
Respect rights for others and you show love
for your liberty with achievement.
Do what it takes
to do well.

Make good fortune happen.
It is the luck that you make
for you.

Respect your education most of all.

Creativity produces productivity.
Productivity creates opportunity.
Opportunity is the domain and range
for providence within the liberty of the law.

Happy are those who know the goodness
of celebration; who walk, sing, laugh and play
in the light that you shine; who gather
and store provision to care for basic needs.
Joy is the glory of our strength.

Our horn is adorned by daring
to share the wealth. Happiness
is the greater part of the desire for defense.

Civility is the shield for our civilization.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream




from Ps. 126

When will respect
for the right to life
be restored?

Then life will be like
living in a dream.

Then the air will be filled
with laughter. Sounds of joy
will emanate from  the center
of being within any body.

People all over the world
will say this is a great thing.
Great things will be done for joy.

Our fortunes will be restored
like a season of rain brings fertility
to a thirsty land. May those who sow tears
reap profound happiness with gratitude.

Those who wept while sowing seeds
in sorrow, will return home with exuberance
carrying abundance as the product of their labor.

Saturday, December 6, 2014





from Ps.85

There have been times
when leadership has been good.

Executive authority was used to override
policies that were aimed at destruction.

Investment in jobs without weapons
was used to cap spending for weapon technology
in the context of a balanced budget. Investment
in responsibility produced exercise in integrity.

We live in a time
when leadership has placed itself
over the law. Greed has been put
over power and has used authority
to override anything for any reason
without accountability for harm.

Now, profit from destruction
has been made into the absolute.
The official story is propaganda.
It sells the war on terror
for continual warfare.

The war is not for winning. It is  
for the exploitation of the public.
Military action makes a profit
by taking resources
as spoils.

Facts are organized around profit
for private gain. Oil supports weapons
because delivery units require fuel
for operation. Banks support oil
for weapons because taking resources
as the spoils for war seems easier
than competition in the free market.

Bow has become the wow for now.
[Buy sham wow now! It slices. It dices.
It finds all your mice ;)]

Favor for the objective goodness
of provision for basic needs has become
the commodity to be valued above all others. 

Restoration to goodness will be achieved by faith.
Faith will make tenacity for love.
Love will spring up from the ground.

Righteousness will shine down from the sky.
Providence will increase its yield.
Goodness will shine from inside.

Purpose will go before direction
to make the path for liberty
with justice. Integrity in finding truth
will guide the definition of purpose.

Faith will restore us to the use of power
with integrity. Fun will flourish with
happiness. \/ <3 :)

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Being for the light from God






from Psalm 80

The sun is an image
of the light for life.

 The moon provides
reflection at night.

The movement of planets
 tacks back on the line of attack
in the dark sky.

They move in front of the stars.
The change in direction shows that
the planets are moving
around the earth.

We are not the center for the solar system,
the galaxy or the universe, but we are the
seat of the light for judgement. Human
being has to form opinions about truth
based on experience, experiment and peer review
if we wish to have credibility in the face
of social relation. We have to oppose that which is false
about claims to truth especially when the claim
only appears to be true according to perception.

Hear us, Designer of Order.
Protect us with justice.

Provide increase in providence
for our needs. Shine forth, you
who are enthroned on the wings
of dawn.

Stir up your strength in us.

Help us with our productivity,
protection and remembrance.

Help us to make choices
that are not harmful.

Restore integrity to us.
Show your light for our salvation.
Maker of mercy, forgive us for whatever is forgiveable.

Help us to become leaders in making improvements
for us and future generations. Help us to protest
leadership choices that exploit us.

We have been fed with fear.
We have been given tears to drink.
Pain has been the bread for our consumption.

We have been made a derision for private gain from profit.
Our enemies have laughed at us with scorn.

Restore us by faith with love.
Shine your light for our sight
for the right to life.
We will be saved.

Let strength be with your product;
the offspring who have been made
for your strength.
Give us life.

Gratitude will not turn from trust
for that which is worthy of respect.
Shine from the uncreated essence
of your presence. We will be saved
for what is true about faith in you.

Sunday, November 23, 2014




from Ps.100

Thank  you for what is right
about experiment.

The exploration
of experience for truth
with liberty and justice
is informed
by the exercise in ruling out
that which is false.

Government is an exploration
in leadership for law.
Industry produces products
and services for use.

Community evaluates claims
about law, products and services.
Relationship builds trust with

Know that we are products
who participate in production
by design.

We have been made
and we are in the making.

We have been produced
and we are in production.

We will make judgements
for justice in the world
and we are making a world
for liberty with justice.

Time gauges truth
for leadership into what is right
for the future based on what has
worked in the past for goodness.

When the deer depart for shelter
in the heart of darkness, the turkeys
stay near what is dear about the home.

You are not alone in the struggle
for survival. Rejoice  for your part
in the art of working out salvation.
Enter the gates for salvation
with thanksgiving
dancing and singing with praise
for the rays that save.
Psalm 100
A Psalm of thanksgiving.
1 Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth.
2   Worship the Lord with gladness;
   come into his presence with singing.
3 Know that the Lord is God.
   It is he that made us, and we are his;*
   we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving,
   and his courts with praise.
   Give thanks to him, bless his name.
5 For the Lord is good;
   his steadfast love endures for ever,
   and his faithfulness to all generations.

Will industrial science be used to replace outside agency in the EPA?
"H.R. 1422, which passed 229-191, would shake up the EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board, placing restrictions on those pesky scientists and creating room for experts with overt financial ties to the industries affected by EPA regulations."

We have had more than enough of industry making decisions for industry profit.

Saturday, November 15, 2014




from Ps123

Remember together
the shades of November.

Illumination shines
from the sky for sight.
My eyes rise to the stars
for insight at night.

The declining length of days
couples with decreasing warmth
like the united stride
of two wood storks.

The unison works together
at different distances
for satisfaction in fulfilling needs.

Sky is lighter and higher than sea,
but the scorpion mates and moults
when and where warmth allows
on land. The rudeness of flat rock
is pleasant to them.

Scorpions dance to reproduce
in the summer heat, but
Scorpio becomes the guardian
for November nights.

A blue dot moving amidst
a white splatter pattern
set against the deep black curtain
of measureless space
is hard to find. The mathematics
of motion were used to discover
the planet's existence.

Now Neptune is known to move
around the sun as the center
of our star's system... like earth.

Still the lighter shade of black
gives way to blue or gray depending
upon the presence of clouds
in the turn toward illumination.

Fire turns the breeze as it burns
the bushes and trees.

The sea sees our sighs as something more than lies.

As the eyes of the lost look to the sky for a sign;
as tears from a mister look as doubtful as the mist to a sister;
so our sighs are said low for fear of no forgiveness.

Have mercy for hits and near misses.
Have mercy for empty pockets and no kisses.

We have had more than enough of contempt.

This soreness of soul has had more than its fill
of scorn from those who bill us to kill us
with taxes for the number of killed
as fixes. We have had more than enough
contempt from the proud.

 Where is the respect for the rule of law?

Sunday, November 9, 2014




from Psalm 78

Disagree with that which is false about statements.
Use judgement to find agreement with truth.

You are the seat of light for judgement.

We will find our way
to that which needs to be found.

We will move away from that which had been
but never had to be.

We will move toward that which was right
about what we have experienced.

Mysteries about salvation will be declared;
that which had been heard and known;
that which had been told to us
will not be hidden from our children.

Our ancestors will speak to us.
The ancestry of all will intercede on our behalf.
People are the wealth of nations;
not [oil] resources and weapons.

Our stories are products of culture.

Our science is a product of investigation
guided by controlled experiments.

Products are shared
for compensation in use.

The power of action that has been good
will be recounted with respect for that which
is beneficial to us.

Marvels were worked for us when we were
confronted by the cruelty of civilization
in the place of anguish even in the field
for our departure.

Waters were split to let us escape labor
without prosperity; to allow us the freedom
to build our security as a nation
that welcomes immigrants
to walk on the path
to citizenship.

We were led by a cloud during the day
and a fiery light at night.

A rock was split in the wilderness
to give us drink from the deep.

Streams gushed from clefts in cliffs.
Waters gushed like fountains for drink.

When we were thirsty we had said,
"The way to freedom is unfair.
We are afraid of the fray.
Will we be killed by the cure?

Freedom answered,
"Is my way unfair?
Was slavery better?

"Didn't the imitation of the enslaver
add hateful disgust to worry and woe?

"Did you not feel the anguish that drove the slave driver?
Respect for freedom had been sacrificed for cruel
and mindless automation
for the machinery of war.

"When good people have replaced respect for others
with violence or cruelty, they die for iniquity.

"When the hateful return to living
with respect for life, they have started
on the right path. They live
for goodness.

"Turn from sacrifice to invasions, genocide
and acts of cruelty or violence.
Otherwise, the life of your union
with the rule of law
for the right to life
with freedom
and justice
will die.

"Would you die for power over others?
There is no pleasure in the death
of respect for freedom in life.
Turn from cruelty and live.
Choose heart
with the spirit
of love."
Disagree with that which is false about statements.
Use judgement to find agreement with truth.
You are the seat of light for judgement.

En desacuerdo con lo que es falso sobre las declaraciones.
Utilice juicio para llegar a un acuerdo con la verdad.
Usted es el asiento de la luz para el juicio.

Discordo com o que é falso sobre as declarações.
Use julgamento chegar a um acordo com a verdade.
Você é a sede da luz, para julgamento.

En désaccord avec ce qui est faux au sujet des déclarations.
Faire preuve de jugement pour trouver un accord avec la vérité.
Vous êtes le siège de la lumière pour le jugement.

Non sono d'accordo con ciò che è falso sulle dichiarazioni.
Utilizzare il giudizio di trovare un accordo con la verità.
Voi siete la sede della luce per il giudizio.

Quod falsum est, quod de dictis dissentire.
Uti iudicium inveniunt consensum cum veritate.
Lumen tu sedes in iudicium.

Nicht einverstanden mit dem, was falsch zu Aussagen ist.
Verwenden Urteil Vereinbarung mit der Wahrheit zu finden.
Sie sind der Sitz von Licht für das Gericht.

Het niet eens met dat wat vals over verklaringen.
Gebruik oordeel tot overeenstemming met de waarheid te vinden.
U bent de zetel van het licht voor het oordeel.

Uenig med det, som er falsk over udtalelser.
Brug dom at nå til enighed med sandheden.
Du er sæde for lys til afgørelse.

Uenig med det som er usant om uttalelser.
Bruke skjønn for å finne avtale med sannheten.
Du er sete for lys for dommen.

Håller inte med det som är falskt om uttalanden.
Använd dom att hitta avtal med sanningen.
Du är säte för ljus för dom.

Eri mieltä siitä, mikä on väärä noin lausuntoja.
Harkintaa löytää kanssa totuuden.
Olet istuin valoa tuomion.

Disagree with that which is false about statements.
Use judgement to find agreement with truth.
You are the seat of light for judgement.

Διαφωνώ με αυτό που είναι ψευδείς δηλώσεις σχετικά.
Diafo̱nó̱ me af̱tó pou eínai psev̱deís di̱ló̱seis schetiká .
Χρησιμοποιήστε την κρίση για να καταλήξουν σε συμφωνία με την αλήθεια.
Chri̱simopoií̱ste ti̱n krísi̱ gia na katalí̱xoun se symfo̱nía me ti̱n alí̱theia .
Θα είναι η έδρα του φωτός για την κρίση.
Tha eínai i̱ édra tou fo̱tós gia ti̱n krísi̱ .

Не слажу са оним што је лажна око изјава.
Ne slažu sa onim što je lažna oko izjava.
Користите пресуду да пронађу споразум са истином.
Koristite presudu da pronađu sporazum sa istinom .
Ви сте седиште светло за пресуде.
Vi ste sedište svetlo za presude .

Не згоден з тим, що хибно про заяви.
Ne z·hoden z tym , shcho khybno pro zayavy .
Використовуйте судження знайти угоду з істиною.
Vykorystovuyte sudzhennya znayty uhodu z istynoyu .
Ви резиденцією світла на суд.
Vy rezydentsiyeyu svitla na sud .

Не согласен с тем, что ложно о заявлениях.
Ne soglasen s tem, chto lozhno o zayavleniyakh .
Используйте суждение найти соглашение с истиной.
Ispol'zuyte suzhdeniye nayti soglasheniye s istinoy .
Вы резиденцией света на суд.
Vy rezidentsiyey sveta na sud .

Disagree with that which is false about statements.
Use judgement to find agreement with truth.
You are the seat of light for judgement.
Nem ért egyet azzal, ami hamis a kimutatásokban.
Használja ítélet találni megállapodás igazság.
Te vagy az ülés fény ítélet.

Nu sunt de acord cu ceea ce este fals despre declarații.
Utilizați judecată pentru a găsi un acord cu adevărul.
Sunteti scaunul de lumina pentru judecată.

Nuk pajtohem me atë që është e rreme në lidhje me deklaratat.
Përdorni gjykimin për të gjetur marrëveshje me të vërtetën.
Ju jeni vendi i dritës për gjykim.

Nepiekrītu, ka kas ir nepatiess par paziņojumiem.
Izmantot spriedumu, lai atrastu vienošanos ar patiesību.
Tu esi sēdeklis gaisma spriedumu.

Nesutinku su tuo, kas yra klaidinga apie ataskaitas.
Naudokite sprendimą rasti susitarimą su tiesa.
Jūs esate šviesos teismą sėdynė.

Nie zgadzam się z tym, co jest fałszywe o sprawozdaniu.
Użyj wyrok znaleźć porozumienie z prawdą.
Jesteś światłem dla siedziby sądu.

Disagree with that which is false about statements.
Use judgement to find agreement with truth.
You are the seat of light for judgement.

Ongaphikisana lokho ingamanga mayelana nezitatimende.
Sebenzisa ukwahlulela thola isivumelwano ngeqiniso.
Wena esihlalweni ukukhanya sokwahlulela.

Hawakubaliani na kwamba ambayo ni ya uongo kuhusu taarifa.
Kutumia hukumu kupata makubaliano na ukweli.
Wewe ni kiti cha mwanga kwa ajili ya hukumu.

Soo horjeedaa wixii waa been ah ku saabsan qoraalka warbixinta.
Isticmaal xukun in la helo heshiis la runta.
Waxaad tahay kursiga iftiinka waayo, garsooridda.

Disagree with that which is false about statements.
Use judgement to find agreement with truth.
You are the seat of light for judgement.

Bù tóngyì zhè yīdiǎn shàng shì xūjiǎ chénshù yǒuguān.
Yòng pànduàn lái xúnzhǎo zhēnlǐ de xiéyì.
Nǐ shì guāng shěnpàn de zuòwèi.

문에 대한 거짓 것을 동의.
mun e daehan geojis geos-eul dong-ui .
진리와 계약을 찾을 판단을 사용합니다.
jinli wa gyeyag-eul chaj-eul pandan-eul sayonghabnida.
당신은 판단 빛의 자리입니다.
dangsin-eun pandan bich ui jali ibnida.

Bun ni kansuru nisedearu koto ni dōi shinai
Shinjitsu to no keiyaku o mitsukeru tame ni handan o okonau hitsuyō ga arimasu.
Anata ga handan suru tame no hikari no zadearu.

Psalm 78
A Maskil of Asaph.
1 Give ear, O my people, to my teaching;
   incline your ears to the words of my mouth.
2 I will open my mouth in a parable;
   I will utter dark sayings from of old,
3 things that we have heard and known,
   that our ancestors have told us.
4 We will not hide them from their children;
   we will tell to the coming generation
the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might,
   and the wonders that he has done.

12 In the sight of their ancestors he worked marvels
   in the land of Egypt, in the fields of Zoan.
13 He divided the sea and let them pass through it,
   and made the waters stand like a heap.
14 In the daytime he led them with a cloud,
   and all night long with a fiery light.
15 He split rocks open in the wilderness,
   and gave them drink abundantly as from the deep.
16 He made streams come out of the rock,
   and caused waters to flow down like rivers.