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The economic policy that makes banks too big to fail also makes crooked corporation leaders too big to jail. It is a hyper-aggressive environment that promotes destruction.

Economic destruction is devastating insofar as it takes away the ability to provide for basic needs. The economy for a democratic society has to have self-corrective features.
This is an essential purpose for government. Correct the deficits. The suitable selection of a war was never valid as a definition for a leader because reasons were manufactured for finding war.

UN Declaration of Human Rights
Human Rights Ps8 Ps26

The Creator ‘speaks’ through
the design for creation.

Nature’s God has established
love as the law for life.

When I consider your heavens, LORD,
the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars
seem set in their courses by the glory of the sun.

The design for star fire
burns on desire.

What is human being
that makes us mindful
of being human?

The goodness of leadership
is our leader. Good government
is exalted around the world.

Each has responsibility
for responsible leadership.
If injustice occurs somewhere
it takes place anywhere.

Praise has been raised from the mouths
of infants and children for the majesty
of mind that rises above the heavens.

A stronghold has been set up
to celebrate the liberation from darkness.
The rays of praise that shine with the sun
expose the plans of the adversaries
who amplify adversity.

Rosy-fingered dawn bursts in on
perception with the speed of light.
The machinations of deception
are exposed to sight.

You have made us only a little lower than angels.
We have been adorned with the glory and honor
of dignity.

It is essential to promote the growth
of friendly relations among the nations.

If we are to prevent freedom
from falling to the last resort,
the recourse of rebellion against tyranny
and the injustice of inequity,
we must set forth the human rights
that are to be protected by the rule of law.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security.
No one will be held in slavery or servitude.
Slavery and the slave trade are prohibited.
No one is to be tortured or subjected to cruel
and inhuman punishment.

Everyone has the right to a nationality.
Everyone has the right to participate in government
governed by elected officials.
The will of the people is the authority
for the state.

Legal adults have the right to marry
and establish a household.
Everyone has the right to own property.
Everyone has the right to proper pay
for labor.

No one is compelled to belong to an organization.
No one will be denied work based on association
with an organization.

Everyone has the right to health care, education,
social security and enough prosperity
to provide for basic needs.

Everyone has the right to rest and leisure
including reasonable limits for working hours
and periodic holidays with pay.
Murder and multiple murders are capital crimes
for a citizen.

Genocide and wars of aggression
are high crimes for leadership.
No one is to be subjected to arbitrary arrest,
detention or exile.

Everyone has the right to due process of law.
Everyone has the right to freedom of thought,
conscience and religion.

No one is to be deprived of privacy or confidential communication
without probable cause regarding suspicion for criminal offense.
Everyone has the right to self-defense.

We were born free with dignity and equal rights.
We are endowed with reason.
Reason is shaped by education, experience
and responsible leadership.
We are called to treat others with respect.
No one is to be discriminated against based
on any distinction such as race, color, religion,
opinion, sex, language, party affiliation, national origin,
social status or group.

Everyone has the right to freedom of assembly
and association.

The inherent dignity and inalienable rights
for all the members of the human family
is the foundation for freedom, justice
and peace in the world.

Test and try me, LORD.
Examine my heart and mind.

Your love is before my eyes.
I walk respectfully with you by faith.
I will walk with faith in grace
and justice for respect.

I live with integrity for design.
I will live with faith in truth
for justice by respect
for the rights of others.

I sing with thanksgiving
for the goodness of life.
My feet stand on level ground.
I will bless you in the assembly.

Bless the LORD,
my dear soul.


Gitmo and Constitutional Rights
"Prior Justice Department interpretations, for example, that imminence does not require clear evidence of a specific act in the immediate future, do not engender confidence."
The US prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is a slap in the face of liberty in the law. The prisoners who are protesting with the hunger strike have been detained without trial.

Post 9/11 western society has regressed to a “shoot or arrest first, then don’t bother to ask questions that conflict with the official story” state. What will a reasonable view of history lead rights-respecting people to think about this state of society?
A song from the Venerable Bede (672-735 CE) expresses the question in terms of the personal perspective.

Before Death
Bede's Death Song

“Before the unavoidable journey there,
no one becomes wiser in thought than him who,
by need, ponders, before his going hence,
what good and evil within his soul,
after his day of death, will be judged.”

Steeleye Span - Bede's Death Song
Bede's Death Song
Old English
"Fore there neidfaerae naenig uuiurthit thoncsnotturra than him thaarf sie to ymbhycggannae aer his hiniongae huaet his gastae godaes aeththa yflaes aefter deothdaege doemid uueorthae"

Bede's Death Song (in old English) Northumbrian Version Anglo-Saxon

If the Gitmo offense were not bad enough for the US, the western coalition alliance has made of mockery of democratic values.

Send in the Cavalry?
War and Taxes

The only moral justification for war is self-defense. The justification has been circumvented by false flag operations wherein advocates for the industry for war have blamed aliens or foreign agents for attacking a member for alliance with a policy based on non-intervention.

The Chinese and Muslim nations have an obvious conflict in terms of political views regarding religion. They are however aligned in terms of their non-aggression policy. They don’t send their troops into other nations with invasion level events. They have been promoting a policy of “no boots on the ground” since the end of World War II.

The western coalition engaged in invasion level events after 9/11/01. NATO was the organizing agency that fed the UN the plan for the events. NATO was being manipulated by representatives from the industry for war.

Someone was responsible for organizing the fundraising that was used to pay for campaigns and lobbies that would discard concern for investigation of the claims that aliens were attacking the alliance by the attack on the USA. The battle for Mogadishu was used to make the movie, “Blackhawk Down.”
It was planned failure. It was known that the situation was highly volatile. It was known that there were not enough troops being sent into the area to secure the objective.

The failure was planned to evoke sympathy for invasion level events out of sympathy for the troops who were sent in against superior numbers. The US troops were fighting against Somalians that were supplied by Muslim and Chinese weapons manufacturers. Much of Africa had been alienated by western colonization, so their developing governments were willing to negotiate with industries from other nations.

The invasion of Afghanistan was being anticipated by the industry for war during the Clinton administration. The public was being persuaded that the Muslim nations represented a threat to the national security of any of the members of the alliance because they threatened the strength of the US in Africa.

Then, “they” dared to attack the largest member of NATO, the US, on 9/11/01.

Whoever was responsible for organizing the circumvention of opposition to invasion level events needs to be charged with high crime. The Koch brothers caused wars for aggression to threaten national security for China and Muslim nations. They threatened the security for western coalition nations in the process. 

They had been pressing for the legalization of torture. They have been responsible for the genocide with the missiles from the drones. The citizens for the US and other western nations are being charged with the bill for their invasion level events and their offenses against liberty.

They need to be charged with the high crime so he can be tried for the offense in a court of law. If the Attorney General for the US has to coordinate with the state in which the party resides to press charges, then that is what needs to be done. If they need to be charged by any of the states in the union, then that is what needs to be done. Otherwise, this crime against the people of the US, Afghanistan, Iraq and the nations of the western coalition will go uncorrected.

Non-profit agencies were used to accomplish the crime against the people. The current investigation of the IRS by the Republican party is a tacit acknowledgement of this fact. This is another high profile maneuver by the Republicans to protect their investment in the high tech and costly solutions promoted by the industry for war.

"[Non-profit] organizations enjoy tax-exempt status in exchange for promoting social welfare. In this election, the most expensive in U.S. history, they also have emerged as the primary conduit for anonymous big-money contributions."
When tax revenue is falling in relation to rising profit, something is serioulsy wrong with corporation control of the government.

Non-profit status is granted to organizations that serve social welfare. Social welfare does not include participation in political campaigns according to the statute.

“The trees are drawing me near,
I've got to find out why.
Those gentle voices I hear
Explain it all with a sigh.”

Limit the weapons industry to self-defense.
Steve K.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Burn Desire


The following story ascribes law enforcement to environmental legislation.

Strong Correlation
"This is powerful evidence in favor of the theory that lead exposure in childhood produces higher rates of violent crime in adulthood."
The story provides evidence for success in non-violent political organization with science for the benefit of society.

It is the goodness of a non-sectarian, non-partisan faith in God that has been celebrated in Christ as being impartial in showing favor to particular groups or individuals. Civil behavior promotes the perpetuation of civility for civilization. Virtue is self-sustaining. Vice requires extraordinary effort to maintain.

Ps 104

When the Spirit comes
you will be guided into truth
for liberty with justice.
Truth will declare
the things that are to come.
Christ will be glorified.

All creation has been groaning
in labor until now.
We ourselves have
suffered for
the fruits of the Spirit.
We were saved in hope.

Slavery had been the rule
for order with oppression.
Cruelty had been used
to destroy the accused
with punishment.
Providence had been
trickled down to us
by the control of capital.
Now we celebrate your abundance
in provision with respect for rights
that satisfy basic needs.
Your works are manifold.
You have made them in wisdom.
The earth is filled with wonders
for your creation.

Love without fear.
Witness the quiet burning desire in beauty.
Use the method derived from the design
of star fire as felt from the shining sun.
There lies the great sea
teaming with life too great to number;
creatures both small and large.

There move the ships.
There is the mighty whale
which you made
just for the tale of it.
All of them look to you
for food in due season.

You give to them. They gather.
You open your hand. They are filled
with good things.
You hide your face. They are terrified.
You take away their breath.
They die. They decompose.

You send forth your Spirit. They are created!
You renew the face of the earth!
We rejoice in all your works!
You look at the earth. It trembles.
You touch the mountains. They smoke.
When our works are destroyed, we help
each other to re-build them.

May the glory of Christ endure!
I will sing to the LORD of progress.
I will praise my God while I have being.
May these words be pleasing to you:
I will rejoice in providence with truth.
I will celebrate liberty with justice for all.

I will respect the rights of others as
an expression of faith in my own.
I will rejoice in Christ, my redeemer.
Love fearlessly forever.
Bless the LORD, O my soul!

The next story tells us that more needs to be done before we can lay claim to having respect for civil rights.

Voting Rights
More Wrong Due to Profiling
"...when you subtract from each of the four race/gender-based categories those members who cannot vote because they have been convicted of a felony, leaving you with a pool of truly eligible voters—the share of black male voters rises to 68%."
Natives have been persecuted by the elitist model in the western hemisphere. Black people had been exploited by slavery. The use of racial profiling was used to obtain felony convictions to reduce the number of black voters. This is the racist dimension of the elitist model in a “democratic” society. The majority is then blamed by the elitists for the oppression of the minority group.

It is all too easy to blame white people for the exploitation of civil and human rights for the perpetuation of elitism. Elitism is not however limited to white people. Elitism is observable as being promoted by a select group of individuals anywhere on the planet.

When the globe is being observed for evaluation regarding representative government, it is important to observe the politics with a non-discriminatory or impartial frame of judgment. Otherwise, reverse discrimination is promoted against an entire group of people. It has been the elitist model that has been exploiting social structures to win advantage that 'cannot be defeated.'
Elitism is promoted at the popular level by the “emperor’s new clothes” syndrome. If the king/queen/president/prime minister/emperor/leader said it, must it be so? Use your best judgment.

Enjoy the video. Love the dancing. She’s barefoot and bald. What a woman!
(I,m such a narcissist ;-)
Sinead O’Connor – Emperor’s New Clothes
"Through their own words
They will be exposed
They've got a severe case of
The emperor's new clothes"

Love without fear forever.
Witness the burning desire in beauty.
Use the method derived from the design
of star fire as felt from the shining sun.
Steve K.   

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Happy Mother’s Day!

Women’s rights are part of being human. Rights are natural. Why is it that we have to “fight” for our rights? The organization for civilization has not been civil. Please look at this view of history for herstory.

Julian of Norwich
Julian was born in 1342, a contemporary of Chaucer and believed to be the first woman to write a book in Middle English, Revelations of Divine Love. She lived well into her seventies, experiencing the turmoil of the Hundred Years’ War, three outbreaks of the Black Plague, the Peasants’ Revolt, the Great Western Schism and gale winds of hurricane force.”

“When she was thirty, Julian experienced a desperate illness during which she witnessed dramatic, mystical visions which healed her and radically changed her. She wrote extensively of these “showings” for the rest of her life. Thomas Merton proclaimed her the “greatest theologian for our time.””


Julian of Norwich (1342-1416) lived after the Norman Conquest. It was during the Hundred Years’ War, when the kings of England were fighting to claim the crown for France.  It was a time of turmoil, but the competition for the claim was not explicitly religious. It was largely economic.
It was after the consolidation of the Church with papal authority in the west. It was before the Protestant reformation of the sixteenth century, but the Lollard movement was gaining force. The Lollards grew in size with the work of John Wycliffe.

The movement opposed a number of practices of the Roman Catholic Church. It was prompted by the translation of the bible into English. It was characterized by anti-ritual and anti-clerical postures that were supported by John of Gaunt, father to Henry IV; Henry deposed Richard II Gaunt’s nephew. Monastic holdings were being viewed as a source of revenue for the selection of the next “suitable war.”

Orthodox, Anglican and Protestant churches still oppose the claim to papal supremacy that is ascribed to Gregory the Great (540-604).  The “first phase” of the claim is based on his debate with Eutychius, as patriarch of Constantinople. It is claimed [without substantiation] that Eutychius had argued that the resurrected body of Christ would no longer be “palpable.”  Gregory argued for palpability.

Gregory’s papacy (590-604) included a period where the papal office claimed public authority in government. It was during a period when the Lombards were attacking Rome. Constantinople refused to send military support. He established alms for the people.  
Papal supremacy claims authority over secular power and other Christian leadership. It was used to orchestrate the crusades and the inquisition. Opposition to papal supremacy [and the yet to be added infallibility] is comparable to that of manifest destiny.

Free government cannot be imposed by military force. When military force is used, government is not elected by the people. Faith in a loving God cannot be forced by claims to supremacy or infallibility. War, violence, cruelty and usury impair free will.
The Avignon papacy had been instituted in 1309 after the crowning of Louis X as King of France in 1305.

There was Gallican opposition to papal supremacy in France. The Gallican articles would eventually declare that the pope did not have authority over secular power; that ecclesiastical power supersedes papal authority; the papacy must defer to regional custom and papal decrees must be adopted by the church for recognition.

Julian of Norwich was not a princess. She was not of noble birth according to aristocratic claim to the throne. She was a layperson; an anchorite; who devoted her life to prayer and simple living. While she described herself as “unlettered” her writing about the revelations to her shows evidence of having read or heard some influential written works.
Julian had written:  “And in this dying was brought to my mind the words of Christ: I thirst.
For I saw in Christ a double thirst: one bodily; another spiritual...”

The “bodily” dimension for Christ is the role that religion plays in politics. People do not have to belong to the same religion as the political leader. People of religion however have a voice in representing what decisions are made in civil authority. Freedom of religion then allows free exercise and prohibits the establishment of a state religion by government.

 Ultimately, civil and human rights are the driving force for government. Rights are the common concern for religion and government.  Debate is necessary for forming the best decisions.  Debate has to be reasonable however in order to be functional.

Knowledge of history has often been used to repeat errors from the past. Karl Popper, a professor of philosophy at the London School for Economics, called this use of knowledge “historicism.” The elitist model for the economy, agriculture, politics and education has been used to impose dictatorship on society with tyranny.

The establishment of religion by the state was an intricate part of the brain washing of people into compliance. The basic assertion that God rules creation for the peace and benefit of all was twisted to mean that the dictator is the Creator by means of destruction and oppression.

The threat of attack by alien agents had been used to elicit alliance to fight against the “enemy” with war. Some empires had used war and genocide in an effort to destroy the “threat” of opposition. Support from people had been coerced by the claim that war is necessary for peace and security (for the alliance of kingdoms known as empire “under” the king of kings).

How is faith in the bodily resurrection of Christ supposed to deal with this historicism? Civic government has to be civil in order to achieve civility in building civilization. The role for religion then is NOT to endorse concession to the force of tyranny as perpetuated by elitism (this ascribes absolute power to an individual human being).

Religion is to teach morality so each citizen can choose to live ethically (like your mother taught you). How is that different from concession to forced compliance? Opposition to war, genocide, murder, violence, cruelty, usury and oppression is required. The commandment against killing is a categorical imperative against evil action. While opposition to evil is a condition for loving others, it is the external proof for love.
Has the US with the bill of rights been a bastion for civility? Experientially, the great society was an exercise in corrective action. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President John F. Kennedy had extended the claim to civil rights, the proper province for manifest destiny, to “the people.”

President Lyndon Johnson had directed the nation into a greater concern for civility with the plan for the great society, but there was a concession to disrespect for human rights in the escalation of involvement of US forces with “boots on the ground” in Viet Nam.
The extension of concern for civility increased the amount of investment that was placed into social security and education, but it was an investment that was beneficial for society, not just the elite. Why question a nation that has the goal of government by the people as a constitutional element?

Look at this aspect of American history. Consider what Sen. Calhoun of SC had to say about manifest destiny in 1848.
"W]e have never dreamt of incorporating into our Union any but the Caucasian race—the free white race. To incorporate Mexico, would be the very first instance of the kind, of incorporating an Indian race; for more than half of the Mexicans are Indians, and the other is composed chiefly of mixed tribes. I protest against such a union as that! Ours, sir, is the Government of a white race.... We are anxious to force free government on all; and I see that it has been urged … that it is the mission of this country to spread civil and religious liberty over all the world, and especially over this continent. It is a great mistake."

Calhoun's definition of the US is racist, but his protest against the use of military force in imposing manifest destiny was valid. It also has to be noted that the bill of rights for that time was racist AND sexist. Only white male landowners could vote.
White women and people of color could not. Children were defined as slaves. Slavery was still legal. The argument against forcing free government on others however is something western expansionists have to use to re-think what had been regarded as acceptable in coalition alliance.

Compare the percentage of native Americans to native Mexicans to get an idea of how racist the development of the USA has been.

It is estimated that only 0.9% of the US population is indigenous. That is less than 1%!

Native Mexicans weigh in at 13% of the population.

Calhoun's estimate of "Indians" in the Mexican population was probably overstated, but the contrast of US and Mexican populations for natives puts the US to shame.

Our record of respect for civil and human rights is disgraceful. It took Lyndon Johnson's great society to bring about a change in respect. It is a change that needs to be reinstituted for our society, but sending the military anywhere on the planet to force regime change for violations of human rights is exactly what the world does not need.
The ideals expressed in the bible hold a vital potency for civility anywhere. Opposition to cruelty has to be regarded as a part of “doing no harm” for the benefit of civilization in the world.

The following re-write expresses faith that the Creator has invested goodness into the design for nature. Our job is to find the design.

from Psalm 97
Let the earth rejoice.
Let the islands be glad.
Let the waters be happy.

The LORD shines.
The clouds tremble.
The sea sends out her sound.
Clouds echo with radiance for justice.
The ocean hugs shores for comfort.
The islands sing silence to the pounding pulse
of her surging down.

Star fire burns without extinction.
Goodness consumes shadows of substance;
deliberately expressing statements to be found.
Lightning lights the earth.
The world hides under darkness.
The thunder rumbles around.

Mountains melt like wax as radiant rays
blast trees standing their ground.
Shadows follow to unify forest.
The heavens declare righteousness.
People see glory with light.
The world understands nothing without sight.

Let the earth rejoice.
Let the islands be glad.
Let the waters be happy.
Zion feels sadness.
The cities praise civility.
Your judgments stand out in time.

You are the LORD most high.
You shine over all the earth.
You are exalted from the heavens.
You love those who respect others.
You preserve those who live with respect for life.
You abhor war, violence, cruelty,
killing, destruction and usury.

Light shines for the righteous.
Joyful gladness radiates from hearts for love.
The LORD shines from the heights
so our light may shine for others
like islands of sight for the sky.
Let the earth rejoice.
Let the islands be glad.
Let the waters be happy.

Rejoice in the LORD for being.
Give thanks for your thinking with singing
to his holy Name.  ;-)

“Gaunt granite climbs where gulls wheel and glide
Mournfully glide o'er my island…”

“Islands join hands
'Neathe heaven's sea.”

Stand united for love.
Steve K.


Sunday, May 5, 2013


Manifest Destiny

How do you define manifest destiny?

Is it the destiny for the people to govern government with respect for civil and human rights?

Is it the God sanctioned right for the white race to conquer people for free government?

President Polk and others had defined it closer to the latter. Senator Calhoun of South Carolina was opposed to the annexation of Mexico for racial reasons. His reasoning was racist, but he was right about objecting to the use of force to impose “free” government on others.
Calhoun said, “Ours, sir, is the Government of a white race.... We are anxious to force free government on all; and I see that it has been urged … that it is the mission of this country to spread civil and religious liberty over…the world, and especially over this continent. It is a great mistake.” [Calhoun quoted in Merk, 162]

The US bill of rights had introduced the provision against cruelty (1791)as had the English bill of rights (1689), but the limitation of rights to one group in the entire body of a nation was elitist. The rights at the time did not outlaw slavery. It did not allow women the right to vote. It did not allow people of color to vote. It functioned as a racist, sexist institution that limited rights to white male landowners, mostly Protestants of English descent, who owned guns.
The definition of manifest destiny that promoted the use of force was largely responsible for the Mexican American War. Mexico had declared independence from Spain (1813); had been declared an empire (1821); had become a republic (1824); had fallen into civil war when a dictator suspended the constitution (1836); had been divided into three different republics (Texas; Rio Grande and Yucatan).
Texas was annexed by the US. Polk sent a diplomat with an offer to pay for CA. When it was discovered that they had not come to offer money for Texas, it led to the Mexican American War (1846-1848).

Sadly, the ugly specter of military force in service to the profit motive has been rearing its ugly head as though it was a pre-requisite for people power. It is not. Don't be a spooky kook (Koch addict)! Respect for civil and human rights that honor corrections as well as the laws against killing and cruelty are necessary for representative government.
fm Ps.67
May God be merciful and bless us.
Let people see the glory of your destiny.
Let people praise you for your glory.
Destiny rises to shine upon us.
Free will is dedicated to truth with justice.
Liberty is the goal for the love.
Love is the goal for the law.
Liberty in the law is destined
for manifestation within us
by love for others.
Let people see the glory of your manifestation.
Let people praise you for your glory.
This manifestation will grow
in experience with education.
Seek understanding with reason
for the investigation of reality.
Let your ways be known to us;
your saving health among the nations.
Let people see the glory of your beauty.
Let people praise you for your glory.
The nations will be glad. We will sing for joy.
Actions will be judged for equity.
Fairness will guide all nations.
Beauty will radiate from hearts and minds.
Let people see the glory of your radiance.
Let people praise you for your glory.
The earth yields her increase.
We rejoice in the satisfaction of our needs.
The manifest destiny for people
is to govern government for all
within a living law that corrects
and rewards the goodness of safety
and health with reasonable risks.

Let people see the glory of your justice.
Let people praise you for your glory.
Let there be no killing or cruelty
to corrupt the direction of will.
Outlaw high crimes
as well as crime of any kind.

Charge those who pay
for wars of aggression,
genocide, or usury with high crime.
Let those guilty of crime serve time.

May all the ends of the earth
stand in awe of God’s blessing!
Let manifest destiny be chosen!
Government imposed by force
is not freely chosen.
There is a difference between working together for world peace and having a single world government. All nations benefit from seeking non-violent political and social solutions aimed at equity to monetary and economic problems created by inequity.
The international oligarchy for the industry of war has been using NATO to promote the belief that the manifest destiny of free government has to be imposed by military force. Free government cannot be imposed by force.
Government that is imposed by wars of aggression, genocide, torture or cruelty is tyrannical. It is not free. It does not represent the people as a unified body. It represents the elite who seek to take more than they had before they instigated war or excessive force.
Agents of high crime have to be charged and prosecuted by individual nations for jurisdictional order. International courts can investigate charges and make judgments also, but a host nation has to render punishment for the correction of the criminal behavior and the individual agent.
Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond
“Well we’ll cast off the shadow of yesterday’s triumph,
ride on the steel breeze.
Come on you boy child; winner and loser;
come on you fire; truth and delusion! Shine!”
Shine on; you crazy diamond!
Steve K.