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Burn Desire


The following story ascribes law enforcement to environmental legislation.

Strong Correlation
"This is powerful evidence in favor of the theory that lead exposure in childhood produces higher rates of violent crime in adulthood."
The story provides evidence for success in non-violent political organization with science for the benefit of society.

It is the goodness of a non-sectarian, non-partisan faith in God that has been celebrated in Christ as being impartial in showing favor to particular groups or individuals. Civil behavior promotes the perpetuation of civility for civilization. Virtue is self-sustaining. Vice requires extraordinary effort to maintain.

Ps 104

When the Spirit comes
you will be guided into truth
for liberty with justice.
Truth will declare
the things that are to come.
Christ will be glorified.

All creation has been groaning
in labor until now.
We ourselves have
suffered for
the fruits of the Spirit.
We were saved in hope.

Slavery had been the rule
for order with oppression.
Cruelty had been used
to destroy the accused
with punishment.
Providence had been
trickled down to us
by the control of capital.
Now we celebrate your abundance
in provision with respect for rights
that satisfy basic needs.
Your works are manifold.
You have made them in wisdom.
The earth is filled with wonders
for your creation.

Love without fear.
Witness the quiet burning desire in beauty.
Use the method derived from the design
of star fire as felt from the shining sun.
There lies the great sea
teaming with life too great to number;
creatures both small and large.

There move the ships.
There is the mighty whale
which you made
just for the tale of it.
All of them look to you
for food in due season.

You give to them. They gather.
You open your hand. They are filled
with good things.
You hide your face. They are terrified.
You take away their breath.
They die. They decompose.

You send forth your Spirit. They are created!
You renew the face of the earth!
We rejoice in all your works!
You look at the earth. It trembles.
You touch the mountains. They smoke.
When our works are destroyed, we help
each other to re-build them.

May the glory of Christ endure!
I will sing to the LORD of progress.
I will praise my God while I have being.
May these words be pleasing to you:
I will rejoice in providence with truth.
I will celebrate liberty with justice for all.

I will respect the rights of others as
an expression of faith in my own.
I will rejoice in Christ, my redeemer.
Love fearlessly forever.
Bless the LORD, O my soul!

The next story tells us that more needs to be done before we can lay claim to having respect for civil rights.

Voting Rights
More Wrong Due to Profiling
"...when you subtract from each of the four race/gender-based categories those members who cannot vote because they have been convicted of a felony, leaving you with a pool of truly eligible voters—the share of black male voters rises to 68%."
Natives have been persecuted by the elitist model in the western hemisphere. Black people had been exploited by slavery. The use of racial profiling was used to obtain felony convictions to reduce the number of black voters. This is the racist dimension of the elitist model in a “democratic” society. The majority is then blamed by the elitists for the oppression of the minority group.

It is all too easy to blame white people for the exploitation of civil and human rights for the perpetuation of elitism. Elitism is not however limited to white people. Elitism is observable as being promoted by a select group of individuals anywhere on the planet.

When the globe is being observed for evaluation regarding representative government, it is important to observe the politics with a non-discriminatory or impartial frame of judgment. Otherwise, reverse discrimination is promoted against an entire group of people. It has been the elitist model that has been exploiting social structures to win advantage that 'cannot be defeated.'
Elitism is promoted at the popular level by the “emperor’s new clothes” syndrome. If the king/queen/president/prime minister/emperor/leader said it, must it be so? Use your best judgment.

Enjoy the video. Love the dancing. She’s barefoot and bald. What a woman!
(I,m such a narcissist ;-)
Sinead O’Connor – Emperor’s New Clothes
"Through their own words
They will be exposed
They've got a severe case of
The emperor's new clothes"

Love without fear forever.
Witness the burning desire in beauty.
Use the method derived from the design
of star fire as felt from the shining sun.
Steve K.   

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