Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yea Yah

It’s a hot day. Sweat is pouring down your face due to working in the heat. Refreshment comes from immersion in cold clear water.
Your skin feels cleansed. Your eyes are no longer assaulted by salt and dirt. Water slips past parched lips into your mouth and into your throat.
You tilt your head back; look to the blueness of sky; and open your throat to express relief. The sound that comes out is the most profound expression of satisfaction known to the open throat: “Yaaaaaaaaah!” The sound itself let’s you know that you’re alive!
It is an expression of gratitude that resounds with resonanace. Yea Yah!
The word “hallelujah” sounds similar to saying “hello to yah.” It is praise directed to the author of life. It is like the Hindu expression, “Namaste.” Life salutes life from one to another.
Psalm 184 starts out with the ancient expression, “hallelujah,” then moves into the more modern expression, “praise God.” It is a celebration of all that is good in life.
Yea Yah
fm Ps 148
Yea Yah!
Go God!
Shine light from heaven!
Share what is to be shown
from on high!
Praise God, all you angels.
Sing with joy, you heavenly host!
Celebrate the Creator,
sun and moon;
all you shining stars.
Sing for the heaven of heavens;
for the waters above the heavens.
Let creation ring with esteem
for the name of the LORD.
Design was seen.
The plan was formed.
The rule of law for justice
was created for people.
Constancy was made constant.
Variability was established for change.
Praise the LORD from earth,
you sea creatures at any depth;
Fire, hail, snow, fog,
rain, storms, wildness of wind.

Do what has been willed
to improve construction
and unite people
to make things strong
but affordable.
Leave room
for repairs;
Mountains, hills,
fruit trees and cedars;
Wild beasts, cattle,
creeping things and winged birds;
People of all kinds, leaders, citizens,
professionals, supporters and
administrators of leadership
for the world;
Young men and women,
Old and young together;
Laud, applaud, sing, shout,
say Yea Yah! Go God!
Be baptized with the Spirit
in love!

Love others
as you have been loved.
Let the range of goodness
in the rule of law be observed
for civil and human rights
in every person
in each land
for the world!
God has created strength
in weakness for the celebrants
of goodness.
Hurray God!
Go people!
Show respect for others!
Show love for creation!
Here is a song from the reggae singer, Derajah, with the title, “Who Yea Yah.”
hold your faith
hold your meditation
I & I a tell the youths
no segregation
repatriation rasta says is
for the whole nation
Who Yea Yah,
Steve K.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Cruelty without courage is not heroic. It does not provide the basis for civilization. It is the use of brute force to impose domination as “natural selection.”

Alfege was a christian in England when establishment was regarded as a norm. People were expected to worship God in the same religion as the king or suffer injustice as a consequence. Church temples were built with taxes. Priests and monks were supported by the resources that remained after taxation. Asceticism was left as a norm for priests and monks that wished to serve people. Those who believed in domination saw people as slaves and servants for their leadership.
Alfege as an anchorite. He did not have an income outside of his religious service. He resided in a small cell; was dedicated to living only in accord with the most austere of basic needs; and orchestrated his life in relation to prayer and worship.  

Eventually, he was consecrated as a bishop. He was instrumental in negotiating a settlement with invaders.
He was elevated to the archbishop of Canterbury when the Church of England was still part of the Roman Church. He was taken hostage during another attempted negotiation with hostiles from a neighboring kingdom.

Alfege"Ælfheah refused to allow a ransom to be paid for his freedom, and as a result was killed on 19 April 1012 at Greenwich[21] (then in Kent, now part of London), reputedly on the site of St Alfege's Church."
"When the Dane Cnut (Canute) became King of England in 1016, he adopted a policy of conciliation, and in 1023 he brought the body of Alphege from London to Canterbury, where he was long remembered as a martyr, one who died, not precisely for professing the Christian faith, but for exercising the Christian virtue of justice."

Emma, the wife of Cnut, acted as an advocate in promoting repairs for the damage in relations with the cruelty towards Alfege. He is remembered for his dedication to justice, but she was the advocate that had his remains returned to England and offered gifts to affect reparations. This was an important event that built respect for making a provision against cruelty as an important legal constitution for the state.
The English bill of rights documented the provision in 1689. The English bill was a movement to establish civility for citizens as the purpose for government. The US bill of rights added freedom of religion as an important provision to prevent punishment for those who do not share the same religion as the head of state.

Recent years have seen a movement from extremists to re-establish cruelty as the means to establish domination over people by aggression with torture as well as high crimes like wars of aggression and genocide.
An investigation has found that an American president ordered torture.  

Bush Ordered Torture
“After conducting our own two-year investigation, weighing the credibility of all sources and studying the current public record, we have come to the regrettable, but unavoidable, conclusion that the United States did indeed engage in conduct that is clearly torture,” former Rep. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR), who served as undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security during the Bush administration, said in an advisory."
Courage with compassion provides a remedy for cruelty without courage.

fm 1John3, John10, Ps23
Beloved family, we are destined to lead
by faith with truth for justice with liberty.
Let us love in truth with speech in action.
Action from truth with justice provides
reassurance to memory.

We have testimony from the past
when our heart would condemn us.
We have boldness before God
who is greater than our heart.

Salvation is our good shepherd.
Life has been laid down
when the world would accept
nothing but sacrifice.
The stone that had been rejected by the builders
has become our cornerstone.

God is the LORD.
The LORD is my shepherd.
I will gladly accept prosperity
for posterity from providence.
You guide me to green pastures.
You lead me beside clear water.

You revive my soul.
You lead me along
the right path
for your Name’s sake.
I will not fear evil
even when I walk
on a path with
the threat of death.
You are with me.
Your strength
and leadership
comfort me.

You spread a table before me
in the presence of those
who trouble me.
You have anointed me with oil.
My cup runs over.
Surely, goodness
and mercy will follow me
for the rest of my life.
I will dwell in my house
with faith in the LORD.

Our house has been dedicated
to the rule of law for civil and human rights.
When civility eclipses humanity,
injustice is established.
When humanity denies civility
disrespect prevents progress
in civility.
National and social security
have to be balanced in relation to the world
as well as the budget. Social security
cannot be trivialized by terror.
National security cannot be eliminated
by the denial of crime or violent aggression.

The rule of law has been constituted
as a guide to justice. The bill of rights
provides a template for representation
in domestic and international relations.
Errors in engagement are amplified
by the excess and deficiency of aggression.

The US and China have been engaged in a super-power competition since the end of World War II. China has adopted a communist economy that promotes government control of industry.
The US had a constitutional government with a capitalist economy. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. expanded representation for American society beyond European citizens by claiming civil rights as the basis for respect for black people also. President Lyndon Johnson used the assassinations of Dr. King and John F Kennedy to accomplish the greatest advances in civil rights in American history. The Great Society redefined the definition of what it was to be American.

There have been however movements to negate the progression. The tax advantage for the wealthiest people in particular has been used to eliminate power for the people. It has been increased to the extent that the wealthiest have power over people. The “elite” pay for lobbies for corruptions in legislation and budget manipulation.
They pay for vote manipulation with media ownership, political control of vote counting, voting machine control and gerrymandering. They pay for campaigns that support their tax advantage. They pay for punishment for opposition. Simply put, industry has come to control the government in the USA; the industry for war in particular.
 The provision against cruelty, one of the greatest advances in political leadership, was used as a justification for destabilizing the Middle East with wars for aggression.

It has been observed that the destruction of the World Trade Center towers was accomplished by explosives. Scientific experiment established that thermite, a by product of explosive material, was in the rubble for the towers. The suspension of the FBI investigation of suspected terrorist events was used to shift the investigation of the assumed terrorist activity to a branch in the US Department of Commerce. The Congressional investigation only established that the official story line for the event was determinative for the people.
The NDAA was designed as “bi-partisan” to divert attention away from the errors perpetuated by the war of terror, but it authorizes indefinite detention, targeted killing and propaganda, components for a policy of genocide. The UN and affiliated human rights organizations however have not accused the western coalition of wars of aggression and genocide. There have been no reports of human rights violations by the coalition.

The Freedom House is a right wing “NGO” / lobby in the US that has used money from elitists to accomplish the undermining of the constitutional democracy in the US.

Big Money Red Flag
"In 2009, the American organization Freedom House included Chechnya in the "Worst of the Worst" list of most repressive societies in the world, together with Burma, North Korea, China's Tibet and others."
Right Wing Much?
Freedom House
"The board is currently chaired by William H. Taft IV. Taft assumed chairmanship of the board in January 2009, succeeding Peter Ackerman. Other current board members include Kenneth Adelman, Farooq Kathwari, Azar Nafisi, Mark Palmer, P. J. O'Rourke, and Lawrence Lessig,[1] while past board-members have included Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Samuel Huntington, Mara Liasson, Otto Reich, Donald Rumsfeld, Whitney North Seymour, Paul Wolfowitz, Steve Forbes, and Bayard Rustin"

William H Taft IV"From 1970 to 1973, he was the principal assistant to Caspar W. Weinberger, who was deputy director, then director, of the Office of Management and Budget in the Executive Office of the President under President Richard Nixon"

The Boston Bombing was a planned event. It was planned for international impact. The planning exceeded the limited resources of the two suspects who had been named as the perpetrators of the bombing of the Boston marathon. Some major players have been investing in media expression and government action in an effort to make it look like smaller players had pulled off the bombing independently.
What made the person a suspect? The video showed the brothers walking on the sidewalk with black backpacks. It was reported that the younger brother was seen putting a backpack down where an explosion took place, but it wasn't shown on video.

Was there video footage that showed the brothers walking past the explosion sites without having removed the backpacks? Honestly, the video footage wasn't conclusive. It was good that information was requested, but the reportedly massive manhunt took place with federal troops taking over Boston.

The next thing the public knows is that the older brother was killed in a shoot out. The younger brother was found shot, hiding in a boat in someone's yard.

The story as a whole indicates that there is so much money invested in man hunting that there is an implied disposition to save court costs. The attitude reflects a cold callousness posturing behind the search for justice.

Right wing values have been institutionalized to push civil and human rights to the background. It has been announced that the living suspect will not be afforded Miranda rights. So, is he going to be tortured until he gives the confession that the (right wing) "public" wants to hear?
"This YouTube page also contains other indications of an interest in Islamic fundamentalism and jihadism. Its owner subscribed two months ago to a channel called "Allah is the One." In recent months, he liked a video described as a telephone conversation with a famous sheikh that covers "collaboration" with the Sufis of Chechnya. Five months ago, he added two videos to his playlist under the heading "Terrorists." But each video has been deleted "

The basic goal in making a suspect look like an independent operator is to implement draconian reforms in legislation that had been paid for with money for lobbies, the Freedom House being a major player. The suspension of rights for the accused is one of the “reforms.”
No Miranda Rights Reading; No Lawyer Present
Sen. Graham Invokes War as Justification
"“This guy didn’t rob a liquor store. He wasn’t working for the Mafia,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, said Saturday on Fox News. “My God, they were at war with us, we need to be at war within our values and within our laws.”"

People need to know what happened. If there is not a lawyer present when he is questioned, the investigation is subject to embellished interpretation for the implementation of "reforms."
The young man needs legal representation, so he doesn't feel like he has to give answers that will end the interrogation in a way that concedes to interrogator insistence. The human rights violations that found their way to legislation are not legal. They impede forensic investigation for due process of law.

Legal Representation for the Suspect
"The federal public defender's office in Massachusetts said it has agreed to represent Tsarnaev once he is charged. Miriam Conrad, public defender for Massachusetts, told the Associated Press that he should have a lawyer appointed as soon as possible because there are "serious issues regarding possible interrogation.""

Liberty in the law is the basis for justice. When it is subordinated to the rule of the elite, justice has ‘left the building’ for a “brown eyed man.”
Godsmack – Good Times, Bad Times
“She swore that she would be all mine and love me till the end,
But when I whispered in her ear, I lost another friend, oooh.”

What was in that whisper? I don’t suppose it was that the piper will lead us to reason. It was more like, “I want to make you mine for all time.”

Steve K.

Sunday, April 14, 2013




This article chalks one up for imperial tyranny. Yes. It waves the flag. It strikes up the band. It also says good bye to human and civil rights because only the elite are granted prosperity.

Thatcher changed the world all right. She made it worse along with Reagan. They made it easy for the Koch brothers and Murdoch to define big government as evil, so democracy could act as a front for dictatorship.

It's not that they believe in violence. It's just that for them, the end justifies the means. If it takes the industry for war to increase the accumulation of capital, then that's what they are willing to dictate.

Levin was the sponsor for the NDAA. The NDAA authorizes the use of indefinite detention, targeted killing and propaganda. He's an authority on disappointment since he supports aggression rather than non-aggression; national security at the expense of social and international security. :-P
"Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin said the Chinese aren’t “doing what they can do and should do” to stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons program."

The elite have defined political leadership as the selection of a suitable war. The world needs a different form of selection from leadership. The following celebrates the struggle to promote equity in the economy with politics.

from Ps30, Jhn21, Acts 9
The prosecutor was on the road
to the city of burning desire
to persecute those who followed
the path of salvation
with respect for basic needs
with prosperity.

The blindness of his error
assaulted him on the road
He was brought to question
the difference between prosecution
and persecution. When prosecution
was brought against those
who did not warrant it,
it was persecution.  
Integrity in leadership
was being lifted to lead.

Politics for providence
has been selected
to replace power without principles.
When “defense” is the only function
for the state upon which different parties agree,
defense becomes offense;
the suitable selection of war becomes a goal;
and spending becomes oppressive.

Utter dependence upon poor precedent
is enslavement to regression.
When war wins everyone loses.
When violence dictates policy
there is no respect for liberty.

When genocide imposes control with fear
there is no justice that is fair.
What is worthy of condemnation?

Wars for aggression and genocide
are high crimes, yet the elite
have defined leadership
as the selection of a suitable war.
The definition is fundamentally flawed
insofar as it condones wars for aggression.

The elite have arranged to pay
a lower rate in taxes. They have more
to invest in lobbies and campaigns
for their advantage.

They calculate their investment so it is
less than that which the common
taxpayer pays. They get more power
for less when political leadership
concedes to their insistence
irrespective of national integrity.
Integrity defines the balance
between social and national security.

High crimes demand prosecution,
but the elite shift the focus
to the offense caused by others
to avoid prosecution.

The nation has to prosecute the charge for the people.
Justice will select those who are most guilty.
Crime is prosecuted
so it won’t be condoned.
The convicted are set apart
for correction.

When slavery is inflicted
by the credit crunch of debt
there is no equity in the economy.
If we are only to condemn any wrong
among the non-elite
who could stand? Each has error.
Any can be condemned.

The goodness of God will never end,
but it is eclipsed from view by those
who believe in aggression
when aggressors are granted
their advantage..

Divine blessings will never cease,
but they are often usurped
by those who endlessly
push for their own advantage.

I have called to you
from out of the depths LORD.
Please listen to my voice.
Hear that which needs
to be achieved.
Feed our need.
My soul will magnify you.
My spirit will rejoice in your salvation.
You lifted me up.
You did not let death
triumph over me.

I cried to you.
You restored my health.
You brought me up from the dead
to shine in the light of the living.

Sing to the LORD, dear friends.
Give thanks for the remembrance of love.
The wrath of storm lasts for a time.
Divine favor lasts much longer in time.
It provides deliverance
from the bad of the past.

Weeping had spent the night,
but joy came with the morning.
You turned my wailing into dance.
You put off my rags and clothed me
with happiness.

Have you nothing to show for your labor?
Work to find the providence that is there for you.
Direct your attention where
you will find what you need.
Liberty is the thing for which we sing,
but it takes work to find that which is worthy
of happiness.

My heart will sing to you without ceasing.
O LORD my God, I will give thanks
without end.

Religion has often started as an opposition movement to government oppression. The establishment of a state religion has been used as a propaganda tool to promote war, but aggression itself has a broader base.

Establishment religion was for independence until it became a tool for the accumulation of capital with war under the banner of security.
Those who justify aggression as natural selection contribute to the war for aggression, a criminal cry that promotes high crime. Freedom of religion provides a remedy. It helps to separate powers.

Government has to separate those powers aimed at the claim to absolute power by destructive means, particularly wars for aggression, genocide and usury.

Political leadership needs to orchestrate unity in relation to provision for basic needs with respect for prosperity for posterity. We are part of a contingency for the global community.

Michael Jackson – We Are the World
We are the world. We are the children…
There’s a choice we’re making.
We’re saving our own lives.

Steve K.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Abuse is a social issue. It becomes personal for those who experience it. Sadly, some use rationalized belief in God to justify cruel punishment. It is a problem.
Cruelty shows us how not to act. The drama in many TV shows displays behavior that is most definitely not acceptable. It is shown for dramatic value, not as an example of how to act.
Cruelty is not just personal or social. Natural disaster has been used as a justification for tyrannical government. It has a political dimension that has had a terrible tendency to resurface in history.
It is important to realize that the historical, political and social dimensions of the problem seem to take a life of their own as their force is projected into personal experience. This is where faith in a loving God comes into play.
It is not right for someone to impose cruelty on another while exercising laxity towards him or herself. It is not right to impose cruelty on one’s self in order to inflict it on any others.
Jesus is used as an example of love because he refused to lead a violent rebellion against the establishment. He refused to be cruel towards others. He chose to suffer death on the cross as an expression of faith that God would have us live with civility towards others.
The Tomb
from Job 14, Lamentations 3

Life comes up like a flower.
It is filled with beauty.
It anticipates the sun.
It welcomes warmth.
It thirsts for moisture.

Then it withers.
It does not last.
It flees like a shadow
that disappears into
the darkness of night.

I have seen affliction
under the rod of wrath.
I have been driven into darkness.
I have been isolated by punishment.
The flesh of my skin wastes away.
My bones feel broken.
I have been besieged with
bitterness and enveloped
in tribulation.
Here I lie in darkness.
It seems like ages.
I have been walled into a tomb.
The winding sheet has become
my cocoon.
The exit has been blocked
with stone.  The smell of wormwood
fills the chamber. The taste of bile
haunts my mouth. The pain of laceration
pierces my wrists, my feet …my side.
I have died to what I had been,
yet I live again.
I lie here in my pupa.
My wings are forming.
I prepare to break free
for flight.
God has saved me for Christ.
The steadfast love of the LORD
has not ceased to sustain me.
Mercy endures for life.

LORD, liberate me from this cave!
I will serve you with newness in life
in the light of truth with liberty in the law
for mercy with respect for justice.
From Psalm 118
Christ, you are my strength and my song.
You have become my resurrection.
I will live to declare thanksgiving
for the works written
by the Author of life.

I have been punished severely
but I did not die.
Open for me the gate to the tomb.
I will exit to offer my thanks
for existence.

This has become the gate to life.
Pain reclaims feeling.
Strength pushes against
the strong solid mass of stone.
Light floods my sight.
Air rushes into the chamber.
Breath fills tired lungs
with heavenly hope.
I will give thanks to you, LORD.
You have answered my prayer.
You have become my salvation.
Shine, shine sweet soul of mine.
You have been renewed as an advocate
for the city of peace.
The stone that the builders had rejected
has become the chief cornerstone.
Blessed are you who come in the name of faith.
We will bless God in the house of the LORD.
God, you are the LORD. You shine forth
upon us. A procession will be formed
with hands raised to the heavens!
April is the cruelest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.”

[The Wasteland”, T.S. Eliot]
Let go.
Let it go.
Let go of desire.
Let go of the desire
Of only wanting more.

Such wanting is daunting;
A flaunting exploitation
That objectifies the will;
Haunting the explorer in the end;
Only daunting exploration.

Too much change all at once
Surely seems only too good for some
And lasts too short a time for them
At that.

We can still eat a peach;
Gobble gabba some cobbler
And gladly sip
A cup of java Jo,
But when its time to leave
We’ll gladly get up and go.

The tenacious temerity
That placed Tantalus in Tartarus
Came in April.

Dark earth had mixed with light,
Wetness had appeased winter’s blight
Color had exploded into sight
From a base of greenish blue
Against the light brown background
Of dried death depicted
By malnourished grass.

Color’s growth is an invitation to dine
In the light of divine places.
Desire can overcome gratitude.

The fond feel of the luxuriant
Food of abundance is tempting
To the touch of taste.

S/he reached
To imprison eternal life.
S/he sought to embody eternity
In the form of mortal coil.

S/he had built
Second Ludwig’s
Bavarian castle
In a fairy fantasy
Of cartoon delight.

There it was floating
over the rainbow;
a marvelous sight.

Then when the rain came again;
when the pounding pulse of water
washed in waves
Over the lake
S/he had stolen
An endless supply of divinity
for herself!

The leaven of heaven
Is Ambrosia in April.
April’s faith is joyous.

Axios! Abraxius!

We went on in the sunlight
to a coffee house garden
For a jolt of java jo.
Yo! Ho! Ho!
We have arrived you know.

The aromatic friendly blend
Derived from the luscious ooze
Of this year’s coffee bean
Being ground into grain
And mined from the muck
Of water’s languid embrace
Had brought us
To the point of being
Unstuck from the mud
Of our own making.

Our speech was casual,
But not too familiar.
We had deceived ourselves
Into finding the extraordinary power
Of ordinary action.

It was so unremarkable
That we shared it with no one,
Yet many, like us,
Decided to partake.

How remarkably unremarkable!
S/he was wading deeper
Into weightlessness.
The weight of gravity
Was being left behind.

Soon sensory perception
Was suspended along
With space, time and
The progressive sense
Of a body’s bold hold
On the sinews of continuum.

This is the experience
Of no knowledge;
No logic;
No understanding;
No things;
No immediacy;
No thought
Nor devotion to emotion.

There is only a floating
Sense of being there
With the faintest
Faith in awareness.

The garden of earthly delight
Is pleasing to our sight,
But heaven Is found
In feeling.

Do not get lost in it.
Just enjoy it;
Only for a moment;
For a brown cow’s now
[You unholy sow.]

The garden of earthly delight
Is pleasing to our sight,
But heaven Is found
In the feel
Of it.

Remember that
Tantalus is still
Reaching for gold
Without the gratification
That is gained
From so much as
Grasping it;
For the goodness
Of its texture; only
For a moment, only
For the right amount
Of time.

S/he still thirsts for water
Without the satisfaction
Of being slaked
In the lake
When the tongue
Slithers under the touch of
The wet liquid tastelessness
Of essential grace.

Still, s/he will grab
For fruit that remains
Out of reach.
Its succulence is
To a succubus
And incubated
By an incubus
In the fussy wussy-ness of us.

What kind of fruit is that?
Not a berry
Good one,
Ill bet!

Ha! Ha!
Too much change all at once
Can be too good for only some
For all too short a time.

We can still eat a peach;
Gobble gabba some cobbler
And ye-gads!
Gladly sip
A cup of java Jo
With a yo ho ho
we had arrived
a while ago!

When it’s time to leave,
We’ll gladly get up and go.

The garden of earthly delight
Is pleasing to our sight,
But heaven
Is found
In the feel of it.

Faith in awareness
Of divinity
Is ambrosia!

Just take that which is right
for communion.

Freedom of religion does not exonerate abuse, but due process of law does not allow conviction of crime based on false claims or vague legislation. There has to be physical proof that the accused abused the plaintiff. The number of accusations does not prove abuse insofar as it can represent sectarian or partisan discrimination.
Sex Abuse
"The abuse crisis exploded on the world stage in Boston in January 2002 and by June that year, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops led the world in establishing a zero-tolerance policy for abusive priests, removing them from ministry, and reaching out to victims.

"But the leading group of victims in the USA, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, known as SNAP, was not mollified by this sign of action.

""A good sign doesn't keep one child safe. Not one," said SNAP Executive Director David Clohessy on Friday."
Not much is known about Mary Magdalene, but look at how she listens.

Grey Street - Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds   

Mary Magdalene
When Jesus rose early on the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had driven seven demons.
Greed and pride lie under the business and political malady that has escalated the deficit to a point that still threatens the economy.
When a bank is too big to fail or too big to jail, it is too big to exist.
Too Big to Jail?
U.S. banks have become so big that the six largest financial institutions in this country (J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley) today have assets of nearly $9.6 trillion, a figure equal to about two-thirds of the nation's gross domestic product. These six financial institutions issue more than two-thirds of all credit cards, over half of all mortgages, control 95 percent of all derivatives held in financial institutions and hold more than 40 percent of all bank deposits in the United States.
Close the loopholes. Reduce the tax advantage for the wealthiest people. Take back enough money to pay for social security.
Though it’s red blood bleeding from me, it’s like cold blue ice in my heart. I feel like kicking out the windows and setting fire to this life. I would change anything about me using colors bold and bright, but all the colors mix together to gray.
I’ll do my best to do whatever is best.
Steve K.