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This article chalks one up for imperial tyranny. Yes. It waves the flag. It strikes up the band. It also says good bye to human and civil rights because only the elite are granted prosperity.

Thatcher changed the world all right. She made it worse along with Reagan. They made it easy for the Koch brothers and Murdoch to define big government as evil, so democracy could act as a front for dictatorship.

It's not that they believe in violence. It's just that for them, the end justifies the means. If it takes the industry for war to increase the accumulation of capital, then that's what they are willing to dictate.

Levin was the sponsor for the NDAA. The NDAA authorizes the use of indefinite detention, targeted killing and propaganda. He's an authority on disappointment since he supports aggression rather than non-aggression; national security at the expense of social and international security. :-P
"Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin said the Chinese aren’t “doing what they can do and should do” to stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons program."

The elite have defined political leadership as the selection of a suitable war. The world needs a different form of selection from leadership. The following celebrates the struggle to promote equity in the economy with politics.

from Ps30, Jhn21, Acts 9
The prosecutor was on the road
to the city of burning desire
to persecute those who followed
the path of salvation
with respect for basic needs
with prosperity.

The blindness of his error
assaulted him on the road
He was brought to question
the difference between prosecution
and persecution. When prosecution
was brought against those
who did not warrant it,
it was persecution.  
Integrity in leadership
was being lifted to lead.

Politics for providence
has been selected
to replace power without principles.
When “defense” is the only function
for the state upon which different parties agree,
defense becomes offense;
the suitable selection of war becomes a goal;
and spending becomes oppressive.

Utter dependence upon poor precedent
is enslavement to regression.
When war wins everyone loses.
When violence dictates policy
there is no respect for liberty.

When genocide imposes control with fear
there is no justice that is fair.
What is worthy of condemnation?

Wars for aggression and genocide
are high crimes, yet the elite
have defined leadership
as the selection of a suitable war.
The definition is fundamentally flawed
insofar as it condones wars for aggression.

The elite have arranged to pay
a lower rate in taxes. They have more
to invest in lobbies and campaigns
for their advantage.

They calculate their investment so it is
less than that which the common
taxpayer pays. They get more power
for less when political leadership
concedes to their insistence
irrespective of national integrity.
Integrity defines the balance
between social and national security.

High crimes demand prosecution,
but the elite shift the focus
to the offense caused by others
to avoid prosecution.

The nation has to prosecute the charge for the people.
Justice will select those who are most guilty.
Crime is prosecuted
so it won’t be condoned.
The convicted are set apart
for correction.

When slavery is inflicted
by the credit crunch of debt
there is no equity in the economy.
If we are only to condemn any wrong
among the non-elite
who could stand? Each has error.
Any can be condemned.

The goodness of God will never end,
but it is eclipsed from view by those
who believe in aggression
when aggressors are granted
their advantage..

Divine blessings will never cease,
but they are often usurped
by those who endlessly
push for their own advantage.

I have called to you
from out of the depths LORD.
Please listen to my voice.
Hear that which needs
to be achieved.
Feed our need.
My soul will magnify you.
My spirit will rejoice in your salvation.
You lifted me up.
You did not let death
triumph over me.

I cried to you.
You restored my health.
You brought me up from the dead
to shine in the light of the living.

Sing to the LORD, dear friends.
Give thanks for the remembrance of love.
The wrath of storm lasts for a time.
Divine favor lasts much longer in time.
It provides deliverance
from the bad of the past.

Weeping had spent the night,
but joy came with the morning.
You turned my wailing into dance.
You put off my rags and clothed me
with happiness.

Have you nothing to show for your labor?
Work to find the providence that is there for you.
Direct your attention where
you will find what you need.
Liberty is the thing for which we sing,
but it takes work to find that which is worthy
of happiness.

My heart will sing to you without ceasing.
O LORD my God, I will give thanks
without end.

Religion has often started as an opposition movement to government oppression. The establishment of a state religion has been used as a propaganda tool to promote war, but aggression itself has a broader base.

Establishment religion was for independence until it became a tool for the accumulation of capital with war under the banner of security.
Those who justify aggression as natural selection contribute to the war for aggression, a criminal cry that promotes high crime. Freedom of religion provides a remedy. It helps to separate powers.

Government has to separate those powers aimed at the claim to absolute power by destructive means, particularly wars for aggression, genocide and usury.

Political leadership needs to orchestrate unity in relation to provision for basic needs with respect for prosperity for posterity. We are part of a contingency for the global community.

Michael Jackson – We Are the World
We are the world. We are the children…
There’s a choice we’re making.
We’re saving our own lives.

Steve K.

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