Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yea Yah

It’s a hot day. Sweat is pouring down your face due to working in the heat. Refreshment comes from immersion in cold clear water.
Your skin feels cleansed. Your eyes are no longer assaulted by salt and dirt. Water slips past parched lips into your mouth and into your throat.
You tilt your head back; look to the blueness of sky; and open your throat to express relief. The sound that comes out is the most profound expression of satisfaction known to the open throat: “Yaaaaaaaaah!” The sound itself let’s you know that you’re alive!
It is an expression of gratitude that resounds with resonanace. Yea Yah!
The word “hallelujah” sounds similar to saying “hello to yah.” It is praise directed to the author of life. It is like the Hindu expression, “Namaste.” Life salutes life from one to another.
Psalm 184 starts out with the ancient expression, “hallelujah,” then moves into the more modern expression, “praise God.” It is a celebration of all that is good in life.
Yea Yah
fm Ps 148
Yea Yah!
Go God!
Shine light from heaven!
Share what is to be shown
from on high!
Praise God, all you angels.
Sing with joy, you heavenly host!
Celebrate the Creator,
sun and moon;
all you shining stars.
Sing for the heaven of heavens;
for the waters above the heavens.
Let creation ring with esteem
for the name of the LORD.
Design was seen.
The plan was formed.
The rule of law for justice
was created for people.
Constancy was made constant.
Variability was established for change.
Praise the LORD from earth,
you sea creatures at any depth;
Fire, hail, snow, fog,
rain, storms, wildness of wind.

Do what has been willed
to improve construction
and unite people
to make things strong
but affordable.
Leave room
for repairs;
Mountains, hills,
fruit trees and cedars;
Wild beasts, cattle,
creeping things and winged birds;
People of all kinds, leaders, citizens,
professionals, supporters and
administrators of leadership
for the world;
Young men and women,
Old and young together;
Laud, applaud, sing, shout,
say Yea Yah! Go God!
Be baptized with the Spirit
in love!

Love others
as you have been loved.
Let the range of goodness
in the rule of law be observed
for civil and human rights
in every person
in each land
for the world!
God has created strength
in weakness for the celebrants
of goodness.
Hurray God!
Go people!
Show respect for others!
Show love for creation!
Here is a song from the reggae singer, Derajah, with the title, “Who Yea Yah.”
hold your faith
hold your meditation
I & I a tell the youths
no segregation
repatriation rasta says is
for the whole nation
Who Yea Yah,
Steve K.

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