Sunday, October 30, 2016


Katy Perry:
Happy Birthday!

the Hudson
with Your Perry
Anata no Perī de Hadoson o watarimasu

My bones groaned when I refused to moan.
I felt depressed from being oppressed.

Innocent are those who don't revile;
whose spirit doesn't covet guile.

Grateful are those who are forgiven;
whose fault will no longer be driven.

The weight of judgment pressed hard on me;
moisture left me like an athlete in the heat on the street.

Then I admit my guilt.
My error will no longer be built.

I no longer carry the weight of wrong.
I feel forgiven; like the throng in a song.

I will walk with faith in times of trouble.
I will not be broken like a bursty bubble.

Great waters don't reach the faithful in a flood.
Owning responsibility for action nips problems in the bud.

You are my deliverance; my hiding place; my belief.
You preserve me in safety and surround me with relief.

"I will instruct you. You will learn.
The design inside you will burn.

Abolish false knowledge.
Use instinct like a college."

Trials plague those who are not forgiven;
but mercy loves those who by trust are driven
with the love that has been given.

Rejoice with latitude for the attitude of gratitude.
Sing with joy like a toy you can deploy for the bolshoi.

You that are true of heart
have found the art to start
your part as the a la carte 
for the avant garde.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Lexa Doig:

Takai tasshimasu 

Courage for faith
will pave the way
to say:

Goals will be achieved.
Stress will be relieved.
Design will be conceived
for the reward to be believed.

Promise will be kept.
Support will not have left.
The ominous promise of office
will honor prominence
for the fulfillment of love's

Forgiveness will be shown.
The drone groan will not have grown.
It will no longer be known.
The fixable will forge forgiveness
for the forgivable.

Happiness will happen.
Welcome will be the fashion.
Reliability will protect the hallowed halls
with the brightly painted walls
of faith as fidelity 
and the melody
for the clarity 
of charity.

We will rejoice in the house of satisfaction
with attraction for the action of benefaction
as the plan for action that is not just abstraction
with respect for life with liberty and the justice 
that will thrust us into august robustness
for justness as our substance.

Deliverance delivers us from ignorance
as the production for destruction 
and belief in being lawyers for destroyers
as employers.

Salvation is the hope
that reaches to the ends of the earth
by the farthest seas.

Mountains were esablished
by the strength of the land
being pressed from beyond
the sands on a score of shores.

The roaring waves 
of outraged oceans
find solace in silence
after the purging surge
of roaring rage.

Love for life
quiets the tumult
from the turbulent tides
in the minds of people.

The morning and the evening
sing for joy as gateways
to the goodness of peace
that reaches to the ultimate
end of awe.

The power of the sun, wind, water and sand
lend themselves as energy for the power of your hand.
Seed, heat, light, water and soil
make grain grow as part of the plan
for work without excessive toil.

Irrigation teaches water to touch
places that had not been known
by moisture or had not been shown
the blessing of growth.

Drainage drive deluge
into rivers that stream out to sea
or into ponds for holding. 
Sewage treatment 
and waste removal
gain public approval
as the means to reduce 
deadly disease.

Time is crowned by provision.
Trade, travel, management and labor
overflow with wealth in a provident economy.
Even wilderness abounds
with boundaries established 
by pastures, forests, water
and desert regions.

Meadows are adorned with flocks.
Valleys give growth to grain.
Life sings for the joy of the living.
Liberty is only limited
by the law of love
for life.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Neve Campbell:
House of Cards

Anata no me o mochiage 

Where is my help?
It is not in Guelph.

I lift my eyes,
but not too high.

There is my horizon. Right there,

the line between earth and air.

Liability will not leave.
Don't be naive.
If I try to deceive
it will only cleave.

It is not a leaven. 
It will not lift me to heaven.

Responsible behavior
is a favor. 

It will redeem me from culpability.
It will build my civility.


provides protection.
It points to perfection 
to avoid deflection
from finding direction.

Watch your thoughts

to correct your self.
It will give you the stealth
to build your health
and earn your wealth.

Test your perception 

against your conception of perspective.
Sift the objective from the subjective
as a reflective detective to rule out the defective
statement as false. Walk your talk 
between theory
and practice. 

You learn to waltz
to dance through the halts.

It is an infective
relief from invective.

Truth will guide

your movement to the way
that is right for the day.
Then you can say "Yea!"
I don't feel so gray.
I pray I don't stray
from the play 
that is away 
from the fray.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Eliza Dushku: Empowerment

Sakusei o iwaimasu

Celebrate creation with sound.
Let joy from the earth resound.
Sing for the glory of the light.
Dance for the mystery of the night.

The air adores the earth

for the mirth of her girth.
The earth gives birth to gravity
for fun in the sun, not depravity.

Sing with desire for design.

Look to see has been done.
Rejoice in good! It's fine.
Have some wine!

Say, "You are awesome" to life.

Enemies become non-combatant
with respect for rights.

Representation by inclusion

will help us to work as one.
The rule of law by due process
will help us to do what needs
to be done.

Charges against a suspect need deliberation

with all due diligence in court with a jury 
that looks at the smoking gun
in the body of evidence to judge the charge
with doubt to bring truth out.

Skepticism must have clout

to see truth. Justice will shout
for correction; not cruelty
in punishment for deception.

Discrimination is not allowed.

We have had far too much contempt
from the proud.

Bless this house with sound

from all around. Let the sound
be music as the profound ground
for happiness for what is best.

We have been tested, but not bested.

We have been tried, but not fried.
We will not be denied.

We had cruel burdens placed upon us.

We had been pushed into a trap
with a burden on our backs.

Spinners are not winners.

Whip crackers have become hackers,
but they will not win. Their spin 
is the new sin.

We will enter our house with offerings of joy.

Everyone will accomplish more as we build
love together to deploy.

Draw near

all you who are dear.
Don't fear. You will hear
celebration for what has been
done for us.

Celebrate civility with joy

to employ love. Build a bastion 
to happiness as a memory practice!

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Selena Gomez: UNICEF

Anata no senjō o mimasu

We sat and wept
until the trail of tears
wiped away our fears.

Our instruments were kept

away from our hands
until we could stand.

Those who were driving us out

asked us to play them a song
to sooth them for wrong.

Their development of clout

had left them without 
music for celebration.

Their administration of law

turned into a claw
for the craven haven 
of the graven raven.

It had no art

to cultivate heart. 
It only had death
for the chill 
from the thrill of the kill.
It made them feel ill.

Their belief that destruction

was the only construction 
that governed the element of choice
left them no voice with which to rejoice.

It was all about their devotion 

to consumption by gumption 
for destruction.
They couldn't function.

Deception led conception 
to misperception and the construal
of truth as the fault for the false.

We started singing.

The trail of our tears
had washed out our fears.
They were left in arrears
for liability due to injustice.

It was what they had to pay

that created our tears. 

They were dependent 

upon our ascent 
to transcendent joy
with the best we could do
with what little we knew, 
they found they could do 
even less.

137 Super flumina
1 By the waters of Babylon we sat down and wept, *
when we remembered you, O Zion.
2 As for our harps, we hung them up *
on the trees in the midst of that land.
3 For those who led us away captive asked us for a song,
and our oppressors called for mirth: *
"Sing us one of the songs of Zion."
4 How shall we sing the Lord's song *
upon an alien soil?
5 If I forget you, O Jerusalem, *
let my right hand forget its skill.
6 Let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth
if I do not remember you, *
if I do not set Jerusalem above my highest joy.
(7 Remember the day of Jerusalem, O Lord,
against the people of Edom, *
who said, "Down with it! down with it!
even to the ground!"
8 O Daughter of Babylon, doomed to destruction, *
happy the one who pays you back
for what you have done to us!