Saturday, October 22, 2016


Lexa Doig:

Takai tasshimasu 

Courage for faith
will pave the way
to say:

Goals will be achieved.
Stress will be relieved.
Design will be conceived
for the reward to be believed.

Promise will be kept.
Support will not have left.
The ominous promise of office
will honor prominence
for the fulfillment of love's

Forgiveness will be shown.
The drone groan will not have grown.
It will no longer be known.
The fixable will forge forgiveness
for the forgivable.

Happiness will happen.
Welcome will be the fashion.
Reliability will protect the hallowed halls
with the brightly painted walls
of faith as fidelity 
and the melody
for the clarity 
of charity.

We will rejoice in the house of satisfaction
with attraction for the action of benefaction
as the plan for action that is not just abstraction
with respect for life with liberty and the justice 
that will thrust us into august robustness
for justness as our substance.

Deliverance delivers us from ignorance
as the production for destruction 
and belief in being lawyers for destroyers
as employers.

Salvation is the hope
that reaches to the ends of the earth
by the farthest seas.

Mountains were esablished
by the strength of the land
being pressed from beyond
the sands on a score of shores.

The roaring waves 
of outraged oceans
find solace in silence
after the purging surge
of roaring rage.

Love for life
quiets the tumult
from the turbulent tides
in the minds of people.

The morning and the evening
sing for joy as gateways
to the goodness of peace
that reaches to the ultimate
end of awe.

The power of the sun, wind, water and sand
lend themselves as energy for the power of your hand.
Seed, heat, light, water and soil
make grain grow as part of the plan
for work without excessive toil.

Irrigation teaches water to touch
places that had not been known
by moisture or had not been shown
the blessing of growth.

Drainage drive deluge
into rivers that stream out to sea
or into ponds for holding. 
Sewage treatment 
and waste removal
gain public approval
as the means to reduce 
deadly disease.

Time is crowned by provision.
Trade, travel, management and labor
overflow with wealth in a provident economy.
Even wilderness abounds
with boundaries established 
by pastures, forests, water
and desert regions.

Meadows are adorned with flocks.
Valleys give growth to grain.
Life sings for the joy of the living.
Liberty is only limited
by the law of love
for life.

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