Saturday, October 8, 2016


Eliza Dushku: Empowerment

Sakusei o iwaimasu

Celebrate creation with sound.
Let joy from the earth resound.
Sing for the glory of the light.
Dance for the mystery of the night.

The air adores the earth

for the mirth of her girth.
The earth gives birth to gravity
for fun in the sun, not depravity.

Sing with desire for design.

Look to see has been done.
Rejoice in good! It's fine.
Have some wine!

Say, "You are awesome" to life.

Enemies become non-combatant
with respect for rights.

Representation by inclusion

will help us to work as one.
The rule of law by due process
will help us to do what needs
to be done.

Charges against a suspect need deliberation

with all due diligence in court with a jury 
that looks at the smoking gun
in the body of evidence to judge the charge
with doubt to bring truth out.

Skepticism must have clout

to see truth. Justice will shout
for correction; not cruelty
in punishment for deception.

Discrimination is not allowed.

We have had far too much contempt
from the proud.

Bless this house with sound

from all around. Let the sound
be music as the profound ground
for happiness for what is best.

We have been tested, but not bested.

We have been tried, but not fried.
We will not be denied.

We had cruel burdens placed upon us.

We had been pushed into a trap
with a burden on our backs.

Spinners are not winners.

Whip crackers have become hackers,
but they will not win. Their spin 
is the new sin.

We will enter our house with offerings of joy.

Everyone will accomplish more as we build
love together to deploy.

Draw near

all you who are dear.
Don't fear. You will hear
celebration for what has been
done for us.

Celebrate civility with joy

to employ love. Build a bastion 
to happiness as a memory practice!

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