Sunday, October 16, 2016


Neve Campbell:
House of Cards

Anata no me o mochiage 

Where is my help?
It is not in Guelph.

I lift my eyes,
but not too high.

There is my horizon. Right there,

the line between earth and air.

Liability will not leave.
Don't be naive.
If I try to deceive
it will only cleave.

It is not a leaven. 
It will not lift me to heaven.

Responsible behavior
is a favor. 

It will redeem me from culpability.
It will build my civility.


provides protection.
It points to perfection 
to avoid deflection
from finding direction.

Watch your thoughts

to correct your self.
It will give you the stealth
to build your health
and earn your wealth.

Test your perception 

against your conception of perspective.
Sift the objective from the subjective
as a reflective detective to rule out the defective
statement as false. Walk your talk 
between theory
and practice. 

You learn to waltz
to dance through the halts.

It is an infective
relief from invective.

Truth will guide

your movement to the way
that is right for the day.
Then you can say "Yea!"
I don't feel so gray.
I pray I don't stray
from the play 
that is away 
from the fray.

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