Thursday, January 1, 2015

Your Name

Your Name


Anata no namae

from Psalm 8

Salvation comes by faith
with grace for redemption
and the preservation
of liberty in the law.

Justice is the goal for the law.
The goal must be fulfilled in practice
as an improvement upon precedents.
Cruelty in punishment is not the remedy
for violence in crime.

Detention provides time
for the correction of the injustice
that is liberty from the law.
The law is for civil and human rights.

Rights are for life, liberty and happiness.
It is your name that is exalted.
You are the designer of paradise.

Your majesty is praised above the heavens
out of the mouths of infants and children!
You have set up a stronghold for defense
from our adversaries. Safety and good health
are protectors in the risks that challenge
the sensibilities for reason.

When I consider the heavens and the earth
as our creation I am filled with wonder.
The course for the planets and the earth
around the sun has been set with gravity.

The projection of our solar system
among the galaxies from a point in space
is the container for time!

What is human being that you are mindful
for any other; any authentic person
that expresses  self expression?

We have been made to exist only a little lower
than angels. We are adorned with glory and honor.

The preservation of the environment
is our responsibility, so we may cultivate food and flora
for our joy; to construct constructs, produce products
and organize organizations for our security.

It is your name that is exalted among the stars.
You are the designer for paradise.
You are your leadership for us!

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