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Old man had written (Sun.Jun.24,2012 2:01pm):
 Who wrote the Bible? A God or men?
Did a God ever declare "He" (God) "inspired" its content or did men claim "He" did?
 If both answers are "men," then why should we believe the Bible?
Old man, others,
There were female authors.
People were inspired to write about God by virtue of religious experience.
Reading the bible helps develop historical perspective, when historical perspective is valued as the frame of reference. Believing the bible requires prioritizing passages in relation to the commandment to love. Part of prioritization is de-prioritizing those parts that are offensive and outdated.
There are biblical passages that were included in concession to imperial success. "Herem" or the advocacy of 'devotion to destruction' is an extremely offensive biblical concept. This advocacy amounts to a justification for genocide. It is without question, the most objectionable part of the bible record.
There are other parts that promote forms of punishment that are clearly outdated, but the immature reader may interpret them as a call to societal regression in cruelty. These passages qualify as markers of where some people in society had been in terms of using cruelty and inequity in leadership as counterpoints to the promotion of justice and equity in the economy.
These counterpoints are still objectionable, yet there are those who use them to relentlessly oppose any opposition; the basis for tyranny.
People of faith promote love, providence, liberty and justice. These are the parts of the bible that we prioritize as values for society.
Direction Ps30
Corruption has been cast from power.
Integrity is being lifted to lead.
As the sun proclaims the brilliance of creation,
the leader is to shine with the radiance of the LORD.

We were not created to destroy each other.
We have the power to lead with others.
We have the ability to improve past performance.
We have the capacity to balance abundance with need.
Liberty is the thing that makes us sing!
The politics for providence
has to replace power without principles.
When “defense” is the only function
for the state upon which different parties agree,
defense becomes offense;
war becomes a goal;
and spending becomes oppressive.

Utter dependence upon poor precedent
is enslavement to regression.
When war wins everyone loses.
When violence dictates policy
there is no respect for liberty.
When genocide imposes control with fear
there is no justice that is fair.
When slavery is inflicted
by the credit crunch of debt
there is no equity in the economy.
If we are only to condemn any wrong
who could stand? Each has error.
Any can be condemned.
The politics of providence for people
becomes power without principles.
The goodness of God never ends.
Divine blessings never cease.
I have called to you
from out of the depths LORD.
Please listen to my voice.
Hear that which needs
to be fulfilled.
Feed our need.
Christ, my youth is near death.
Heal her with the light of your love.
Others said, “Your daughter is dead.
Don’t trouble the teacher.”
Christ said, “Do not fear.
Believe in her life.
She will live.”
He said, “Rise and shine little one.”
She woke from the death of sleep.
Talitha rose to shine like the sun.
My soul will magnify you.
My spirit will rejoice in your salvation.
You lifted me up.
You did not let death
triumph over me.
I cried to you.
You restored my health.
You brought me up from the dead
to shine in the light of the living.
Sing to the LORD, dear friends.
Give thanks for the remembrance of love.
The wrath of storm lasts for a time.
Divine favor lasts in time. It provides deliverance
from the bad of the past.
Weeping had spent the night,
but joy came with the morning.
You turned my wailing into dance.
You put off my rags and clothed me
with happiness.
My heart will sing to you without ceasing.
O LORD my God, I will give thanks forever.
The singer asks,
“Could I have been dancing Nancy?
Could I have been anyone other than me?”
Dave Matthews – Dancing Nancies
Rejoice in the goodness of ‘who you are,’ to accept others as they can be.
Steve K.

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