Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Red Door

There was a red door. It was the cry for war. War however, was just a distraction for genocide.
Genocide is not an acceptable tool for government. The western coalition needs to look for who will be recognized to replace Assad when his regime falls.
The Syrian National Congress represents the Sunni majority. They will have to negotiate representation for the minority Christians and Alawites. This is where freedom of religion plays a part. This is where the other freedoms and rights of the constitution factor into play. Representation has to include minorities without making a minority interest the rule of law.
The following re-write celebrates the movement away from destruction as the basis for leadership.
Ps24 Ps85 2Sam6  Eph1 Amos7
Our beloved had gathered
all the chosen from the competition.
They set out from the station
with the leaders of praise
to bring up the ark of the promise
with the wings of passage to life.
The workers of the earth
brought it from the house
on the hill of nobility.
The earth is our foundation;
the world and all who dwell therein
belong to the love for creation.
We are the workers of the earth.
It is the CREATOR who raised the land above the seas
and made it firm between the currents of the deep.
Who can ascend the hill of nobility
and dance before the ark of promise?
Those who have not pledged themselves
to destruction nor devoted themselves
to falsehood may rejoice with love.
Our beloved brought out the ark
to the city of peace with rejoicing.
Christ danced before the fulfillment of the promise
and made contributions to celebrate community
with dancing and sounds of joy.
Lift up your heads, O people;
lift them high as though you were raising gates.
You are the doors; the passage for truth.
You will become part of the fulfillment.
There is a plumb line
for constructing competition;
the location for derision
will be left desolate;
the sanctuaries for contempt
will be brought down.
by accusation
will be stopped.
Justice will be achieved
by scientific investigation
with due process of law.
We will win liberty
by respecting
our rights together.
I will listen to what the LORD God is saying.
Words of peace are being spoken to the faithful;
to those who turn their hearts to faith.
Salvation is near those who fear
the deception of perception;
Mercy and truth have met.
Righteousness and peace have kissed.
Integrity will spring up from the earth;
Glory will shine down from heaven.
Free will was pre-destined from before the beginning.
We were designed for adoption as children of God.
When you heard the word of truth, the gospel of salvation,
you were marked by the zeal of the seal with promise
in the Holy Spirit. This is the pledge of our inheritance:
we are being redeemed from destruction as God’s own people
to the praise of the greater glory.
The LORD will grant prosperity.
Our land will yield its increase.
Righteousness will go before us.
The uncreated light will be a pathway
for our feet.

The UN is managing intervention with fact finding missions in Syria.
The invasion of Afghanistan had circumvented the FBI investigation of suspected terrorist acts and UN investigation of claims regarding terrorist camps.
There was a red door. It was the cry for war. It was the claim that we were under attack by “terrorists” from training camps in Afghanistan. The claim was not investigated. The invasion was an act of aggession.
Like the destruction of the WTC towers, it was assumed that the officials who constructed the official story knew what had happened. The trouble is that they knew that they were moving the US around pre-cautions against military invasion. They knew that they had made the red door. They also knew that they were blaming it on “Arab terrorists” so they could force regime change in a neighbor to China and Iran.
The escalation of military action in Viet Nam had been justified by the claim that US vessels had been attacked. They failed to mention that the vessels were in North Vietnamese waters.
I see a red door.
I want to paint it black. I want to go back. The investigation into the destructive events in the US on 9/11/01 needs to be re-opened.
Steve K.

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