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The story about Jacob being renamed as Israel happens in Genesis 35:10, but when he blesses his sons it is called the song of Jacob's blessing.

Songs are generally regarded as the most ancient of texts. Songs preceded the written tradition. They stand out as the most authentic historic markers. Thus, the story about his being renamed as Israel is a redaction from a different time. It was edited into the story of Jacob as a testimony to the importance of Israel in the legacy of Judah (Gen.38), a son of Jacob.
Reading the bible is different from reading most other texts. It is a community composition about faith in God that includes a variety of literary and journalistic styles. Unraveling that which actually happened in history is a mystery that has distinct clues. These clues are investigated in biblical source theory.

Bible history is a mystery that can help us to understand the history of the Middle East in relation to that of the world. It is work that has contributed to the improvement of society. Please show respect.

The name Judah means “Praise,” but it is related to word for Lion. He is called a lion’s whelp in Gen.49:9. The name “Assad” means “Lion.” Predators in nature act as a team. There is a hierarchy. They kill to eat, but if they fight it is for territory or status. It is not to kill each other.

Assad has NOT been treating non-Alawites with respect in Syria. He has been killing people, mostly Sunnis, for protesting his policies. This is not a reflection of nature’s way. It is the way of authoritarian regimes. If people disagree with government policy, they are shot, tortured or put in jail indefinitely. It is tyranny. It is not representative of government for the people. It is a projection of dictatorship for industry profit. The Assad family has been in power ‘over’ the people of Syria for over forty years.
His position is especially untenable, because it is the tyranny of minority over the majority of people. His regime will fall. It is a matter of time.

Syrian Army Mounts Assault Against Aleppo

King Herod was the ruler of Judea when Jesus was born. Another Herod was Petrarch of Galilee during his ministry. Herod translates as Hero. Herod however was not a hero.
Jhn6, Ps145

The Hero wasn’t trusted in the land of praise.
He was a servant of empire. Empire
had brought the cross as an instrument
of torture and death. Hero was called
a baby killer to warn others
of his affinity with tyranny.
Hero was not heroic.
He was a bully
with an army.
Empire had renamed the Circle Sea,
the sea of the Crown. When people
were traveling to the city of peace
to celebrate the triumph
of sanitation over plague, they
stopped to listen to the One who
saves from destruction.

The Anointed was teaching his students
to have faith in providence that
is given through provisions for people.
He asked them how they were
going to feed the people.

The student thought of provision
with personal experience. He did not
consider that the people had brought
food and drink for themselves. A boy
had been sent with food as an offering
for the service of teaching.
Christ blessed what had been given
in front of all to show that it was time to eat.
The people pulled out their supply of food
and shared the blessing.

The energy of your works praises you LORD.
We bless you for your provisions.
Food and drink give us energy to work.

May the Spirit be rooted through you
and grounded in hope.
What is the length, depth
and height of faith?
Let it be filled with
the fullness of God.
The students ate with their teacher.
They were satisfied. They were told
to collect fragments
of that which was left over from
the crowd. They gathered a supply
that was sufficient for their needs.

The people said, “This is the prophet
who was predicted to come into the world.
Let Providence lead us and keep us in peace.”
When the One who saves
suspected that they wanted
to use him to replace the Hero
he withdrew to the mountain.

Your people make known
the glory of your work.
They speak of your power.

Your peace is everlasting.
Your government represents
liberty and justice for all.
You are faithful in your words
and trustworthy in your deeds.
You uphold those who need to be upheld.
You lift up those who have fallen.
The eyes of all look to you for sustenance.
You give food in due season.

You open wide your hand
and satisfy the needs of the living.
You do the right thing
and put love into what you do.
The students began to doubt
that they could weather a storm
without the One who saves.
Their memory of his words and presence
calmed the turbulence of anxiety.

They made it to the other side
of the circle despite the storm.

The existence of good will is often enough. It takes time to build consensus. It takes good will to build consensus that is beneficial for the people.
There are times when good intent however is not enough. The word “good” is attached to an action that is known to be harmful to trust. Consider the case of the married man who uses his marriage as a front for investment in the industry of war and uses the darkness of night to frequent a whore house.

The song sings,
“I know you didn’t mean it when you counted to ten.
You’ve got your reputation and your good intent.”
Kimbra – Good Intent (Warning: this video contains scenes with men dancing. LOL.)

“Out to feed the habit when you’ve sowed that seed; nothing made you feel out of the ordinary. But the air turned somber and the night took heed, took you on the waltz of hypocrisy.”
A hungry lion is on the prowl. Watch the news for the push for war. Stand opposed.

Steve K.

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