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The commandment against killing is one of the most significant moral standards for all time. Lines get blurred however in international conflicts. What is acceptable in the rules for engagement?

UN involvement in the Syrian crisis has opened the door to criticism for NATO policies.

Thinking back to the Vietnam war, Americans are forced to admit that while there were Chinese and Russian advisers, the communists did not send in regular troops.

Western coalition involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq did not show as much restraint. Coalition support with advisors and arms for Syrian rebels on the other hand is consistent with the foreign policy exercised by both the Chinese and Russians in Vietnam. This said, read what the Chinese had to say about the Syrian government:

“But most of [China’s] ire is reserved for al-Assad’s regime. It strongly condemns the
             “continued widespread and continued gross violations of human rights and
              fundamental freedoms by Syrian authorities and pro-governmental militias.””
              (downloaded fm. CNN on Sat.Aug.4, 2012)

How is it that China survived as a communist nation when the Soviet Union collapsed? One reason is that the Soviet Union had occupied Eastern bloc countries and invaded other countries, e.g. Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan. Afghanistan was particularly costly. They were over-extended economically.

 While China and Russia both issued statements against western intervention in Syria a US administration that had pledged to let the Syrian people work things out, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq; the bombing of Libya and the drone missile attacks in Pakistan warranted the statements. Support for rebels against the arms supplied by Russia and China (e.g. attack helicopters & tanks) however is justifiable.

While battle rages around Aleppo, Olympiad XXX continues in London. One competitor had his legs amputated as a baby because he had been born without the tibia in his lower legs. He has nevertheless attained competitive status in the premiere international competition for sporting events.

"But most of [China's] ire is reserved for al-Assad's regime. It strongly condemns "the continued widespread and systematic gross violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms by the Syrian authorities and pro-governmental militias.""

Some of the miracle stories in the gospel allude to the “lame” being healed from stigma associated with elitist imperial occupation. Anyone who was lame was regarded as inferior in the highly competitive social climate promoted by the military occupation and domination of the imperial power.

Jesus taught that the lame were loved by God and showed love for them despite the stigma against such a thing. This increased the sense of self-worth for those who were shown love and helped them to display remarkable changes in ability.
The ministry of Jesus was marked by his leadership by example. The following re-write celebrates his ability to develop the legacy of hope in the people of faith.

Eph.4, Ps78
Please lead a life worthy
of the calling to leadership.
Lead with kindness,
patience and love.
Maintain the unity of Spirit
in the bond of peace.

The people said,
“We had been saved from flood
by the ark of salvation.
We had been spared from drought
by saving the grain.

We had been delivered
from plague by sanitation.
There had been led from slavery
by the funnel cloud in the day
and the volcano’s fire by night.
We were provided quails as meat
and manna from heaven
when we had no food to eat
in the wilderness.

Resource management
characterized our character.
The law was given
as a call to administer
justice with equity;
to protest slavery and injustice;
to be firm with the wealthy;
to stand opposed to violence,
war and killing;
to punish murder;
correct other offenses;
to show mercy
to the poor;
and to encourage
self defense.

“We have been delivered from slavery.
We have been fed in the wilderness.
We have been released from captivity.
We have been taught to celebrate
the heritage of salvation.
“When we were on the way
to celebrate deliverance from plague,
the teacher taught us to share our sustenance
with faith.

“Now he must have gone home
to the town of comfort.
Let’s go to see
if we may find him there.”

They found the teacher
and asked for wisdom.
He said that love for others
guides us in all facets of the law.
The love of goodness leads us
into living with joy.
We are called to love our enemies,
so they will become allies.

Our task is to find the essence of goodness
and to share the wealth of our discovery.
Celebrate the substance of life!
Whoever eats this food will never be hungry.
Whoever drinks this water will never thirst.

Faith in God leads us to sustenance!

Elitists seek to make those who are not in agreement with them weak. If they are not successful in weakening opposition, they make them into enemies that are at fault for error. Ordinary people are living in the midst of an economic assault on the middle and lower classes. Does this mean that all people are united in opposition to the elite?
There are the opportunists among the ordinary that work on exploiting the elitist advantage to oppress others. They try to make it seem that expressing an opinion that does not support the elites is like suicide. It is like “slitting my throat.” Many of us can relate to the words in the song, “slitting my throat is all I’ve ever….” had.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside
“Centuries are what it meant to me.
A cemetery where I marry the sea.
Stranger things could never change my mind.
I've got to take it on the other side.”

We are not suicidal. We have just been opposed to the elite from the start. We are the people. We will prevail.
The people united, will never be defeated!

Steve K.

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