Sunday, August 12, 2012


The elitist advantage has been used for wars of aggression.
Wars for aggression kill people to oppress others.
The elitist advantage is genocidal.

Vote for the correction of the advantage.


Since the destruction of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11/01, US foreign policy has undergone some dramatic changes. The FBI investigation of suspected terrorist events was not used, but the official story was “backed up” by “experts” who argued that the WTC towers were destroyed by the jet fuel that had escaped from the airliners that had crashed into the towers. WTC tower 7 was destroyed even though no airliner was flown into it.

The official story stated that “Arab terrorists” had hijacked the planes. Afghanistan was identified as the location for the “terrorist training camps.” The country was invaded to “bring justice” to the victims of the attack. The country has not shown that they represent human rights for the people of Afghanistan.

Iraq was invaded under the premise that they had stock piled weapons of mass destruction. The country was invaded and occupied though the UN investigation did not find WMD’s.  Does Iraq have a bill of rights or are they puppets for western power?

Not only is the US still in Afghanistan, but there are American base camps in Iraq as well. It has been asserted that the war on terror is over, but NATO has initiated a policy of killing militants with bombs. Now the suspects who had been identified as “terrorists” are called “militants.” The non-combatants that are killed are still considered “collateral damage.” The current policy is still using procedures that had been initiated during the “war on terror.”

The account that “Arab terrorists” had destroyed the WTC towers was only the first step in what would become an openly sectarian assault on the Muslim world. When a suspect or a non-combatant is killed, it is murder. When large numbers of people are killed in order to oppress a population, it is genocide.

Does this story come as a surprise?

Armed Men Attacked Peacekeeping Force in Sinai

Naturally, troops have to return fire when fired upon, but are they keeping peace for representative government? There is an uneasy feeling that the attack on the force in the Sinai is reminiscent of raids conducted by the ‘Apiru (Hebrews) on the established communities of the time. Western forces are being attacked by our spiritual ancestry.

The US finally attained a return to respect as a participant in global leadership when the former Secretary General for the UN, Kofi Annan, was called upon to lead an envoy into Syria in an attempt to head off violent revolution and establish a representative government.

Hopefully, it has become apparent to the western world that China has not only survived as a communist nation despite the fall of the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc, they have done well economically by maintaining a foreign policy wherein they only trade military supplies and supply advisers. They don’t send their army into foreign countries. We have something to learn from the love of our “enemy.”

We lost our way when we started shooting first and asking questions later. The administration for the US had actually discussed “first strike” policies as theoretically justifiable in legal terms. They had also talked about “enhanced interrogation techniques” such as water boarding and extreme rendition as though they were legally justifiable.

We cannot support a foreign policy that doesn’t uphold the principles promoted by the Constitution with the Bill of Rights. The war on terror re-instated imperialism with genocide. It is past time to eliminate the vestiges of something that had supposedly been stopped by World War II.

Ps34, Ps130, Jhn6, Eph4

My soul waits for guidance;
more than the watchman for the morning;
more than the watchman for the morning.

Do not grieve the Spirit
who has marked you with oil
as a seal for holiness.
You have been sealed
for the day of redemption.

Put away falsehood.
Speak truth to others.
We are members
of the same community.
Work honestly with your own hands.
Save something to share
with the needy.

Feel angry, but do no harm.

Cry to the sky
from the depths
of your soul,
“I would die before hurting another,
but I feel that I am no better than my ancestors.
Let hate be taken from me.”

“Please consider my request.
If you were to condemn error,
who could stand?
There is forgiveness with you.
You will be respected.”

Wait for the LORD.
Have faith.

Let go of wrath, wrangling and slander.
Put aside all malice.
Be kind, tenderhearted and forgiving.

Use your energy to get things done.
Speak about your feelings,
but find something to say that will
build relations for the future
in the community.

Impart grace through your words.
Those who listen will hear.

Jesus said to the people,
“I am the bread of life.
Whoever comes to me
will not hunger.
Whoever believes in me
will not thirst.
I am the bread from heaven.”

“Your ancestors ate manna
in the wilderness, yet they
broke the law against killing
before crossing into the Promised Land.
They have died. This is the bread
that comes from heaven.
If you eat it, you will not die.

“I am the living bread
that has descended from heaven.
Taste and you will see
that I am good.
Whoever consumes
this goodness
will live forever.”

Forgive one another
as God in Christ has forgiven you.
Forgiveness given
with respect for consequence
will earn respect.

Be imitators of God,
beloved children.
Live in love
as Christ lives in you;
a fragrant offering
to the community.


I look for an answer. My hope is for good reason. Guess I’ll just have to look around.

"Soft walk to horizon,
one big crash that no one dies in.
This for the folks in Fayetteville.
It'll come true if you say it will.
Look around. Look around. Look around."

The elitist advantage makes the government of a country into a fascist enterprise. Government is controlled by the elite to profit from the industry of war. Look at the candidates carefully in the upcoming elections. Vote for those who will correct the elitist advantage.

Look around. Vote for the correction.

Steve K.

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