Sunday, June 10, 2012


The bill of rights has not eliminated tyranny in the world. It hasn't even ended it in western society. Why bother? It is a catalyst for improvement. While much attention is focused on the oppression of the Syrian government, the closing of a hospital in Gaza may not seem like much. The funding cut is however another abuse of the call for austerity.

The international oligarchy wants to have people fight for independence with guns, not politics.  A bill of rights for each country in the Middle East will reduce oppression and violence. A hospital in Gaza helps to repair the damage caused by the promotion of oppression with violence. Control with violence is inherent to the elitist policy.

Power and Limitation
Gen3  2Corinth4 1Sam8 Mk3 Ps138 Ps130
The couple heard the sound
of LEADERSHIP walking
through the trees
at the time
of the evening breeze.

We believe.
So we speak.
We know that the one
who raised Jesus from the dead
will raise us also with Christ.
We will be brought into his presence
with thanksgiving.
The LEADER does not give leadership
over others. Leadership is given authority
with informed consent by the people.

We will give thanks with our whole heart.
Our praises will be sung before authorities.
We will sing of your majesty
wherever we are.
We will praise your Name
for providence, liberty, justice
and equity.

I call to you
from out of the depths.
You listen.
Please hear the voice
of my supplication.

If you were to punish for the guilt
of being human, who could stand?
There is forgiveness with you.
You forgive the forgivable.

My soul waits for JUDGEMENT;
more than the morning waits for dawn;
more than dawn before morning.

When I called, you answered me.
You increased my strength.
Your name has been glorified.
Your word is the law.

You keep me safe
though I walk in the midst of trouble.
You provide protection from condemnation
and the fury of destruction.
The design of nature
has made my purpose.
Love endures.
Intelligence will not
be taken from me.

You who suffer pain from conflict,
wait for the LEADER.
There is mercy.
LEADERSHIP cares for the poor,
the disabled and the afflicted.
The haughty are brought
down by the arrogance
of pride.
Power is limited
by proportion.

A house divided by violence does not stand united.
A nation torn by war falls into the agony of defeat.
When the power of Satan is limited by proportion,
it lacks destructiveness.

Forgiveness will be given for many things.
Some things however are not to be forgiven.
Genocide is not forgivable.

Murder has to be corrected.
Restitution has to be made
for the life that was taken.
Other crimes have
to be corrected
with proportion.
Forgiveness can be given
for offenses that are forgivable.
It can be given when requested.
It can be given with restitution.

Who is my partner?
Who is my spouse?
Who is my family?
Whoever does the will of God is.
We are with LEADERSHIP.
We are one.

There is a progression in the following playlist that re-cycles the strength of the original statement. Out of the many, we become one.

We are one.

President Obama is calling for the correction of the unfair advantage. Please join in calling for Congress to agree.
Congress needs to correct the unfair advantage to prevent another economic crisis!

Rock on with Obama!
Steve K.

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