Sunday, November 6, 2016


Pippa Middleton:
Conquers the Matterhorn

Purezensu o hoji 

I will let freedom for justice ring.
It is for goodness in truth that I will sing.

Every day will be blessed for the youth of the truth. 
Reality will not be a profit from destruction sleuth.

Greatness is raised. Excellence is to be praised.
Let love live to raise praise for divine ways.

One generation will pass praise to another.
Hearts will still. Prayer will be uttered.

Wonder at the splendor of practical majesty.
Rhapsody will not be found in economic travesty.

Preeminence will go before your work.
The reverence of semblance will just go berserk.

Remembrance of ascendance to preserve your nerve
will shape the excellent essence of your verve.

Graciousness is full of compassion.
Great kindness will become the new fashion.

Slow to anger, but quick to insight
will become the height of passionate delight.

Let your love show for the world to see.
You will shine like the sun. You'll be the marquee.

Exalt in the remembrance of excellence.
The pleasure of your presence will reach divine resemblance.

People will know the majesty of justice.
Fairness will become the new substance.

Power will grow to attain greatness in height.
Peace on earth will be the bursting birth in your sight.

This power will shower you with strength.
You will know the custody of love by its length.

Faithfulness in word leads to mercy in deed.
The Swede will plead with the steed for more speed.

Those who fall will be given a hand.
Mercy with truth will fill the blessed land.

Food will be given in due season.
The need to decrease greed is sufficient reason.

The needs of the many outweigh the wants of the few.
Satisfaction will be rendered for the mighty Sioux too.

Rightness is surrendered to those who desire it.
This can be employed. You won't want to fire it.

Preservation is offered without reservation
for the creation of vocation without indignation.

Profit from the threat of doom and destruction will no longer be rendered.
The wicked will be wanting for the terms of surrender.

My mouth will sing praise for the rays from the sun.
The fight will be fought; our victory won.

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