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Scarlett Johansson
as the Black Widow


fm. Ps.119

Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
The universe began to exist.
The universe has a cause.

The experience of existence forms an idea of being.
Being exists as more than the idea of it.
The experience of existence exists
as more than an idea.

Nothing greater than the greatest idea of being
can be conceived to be greater.
If majesty exists in the mind,
it also exists in reality. 
Nobility exists in reality
as well as the mind.

Greatness is not defined by causing destruction or damage by cruelty or violence. It is not defined by deception or the accumulation of capital irrespective of the law.  It is better to oppose war and the death penalty, than to believe in the 'right' to destroy people and property as though there were divine approval for it.

Opposition cannot be destroyed by killing people.
Opposition to killing is reinforced.
Is war to be preferred to peace?
Is any religion to be defined by
an 'anti-Islamic' policy? No.

How are statutes an expression of law?
General authority lies between specific
and absolute simplicity.

My understanding
will guide perception
to value objective perspective
in the midst of subjectivity.

How is law related to morality?
The goal of responsibility
prevents the perpetuation of harm.

My judgment will reject the condemnation
of people; accept the rejection of deception
for the destruction of rights; and keep
that responsibility which is mine.

Each person has liberty in responsibility.
All people have entitlement
to protection against exploitation.
Everyone is responsible
for respect.

How is morality defined by rights?
It is not defined by money. It is not limited to
the special interest of increasing advantage
for the rich in accumulating capital to increase
their assets. It is not subordinate to the authority
to declare war to protect invasion, occupation
and genocide as ‘defense.’

Rights are for people by design
and as the functional product
of taxation. Goodness
obtains objective standing
by the design of nature
in providence for basic needs.

Morality is for goodness
as an expression of balance
in rights for people.

Government may not dictate
law by war for the profit of few
or many.

How do rights direct executive authority?
Executive authority may not claim absolute power.
No one is above the law. Not even all are above it.
The law is for each and all.

Executive authority
can only override
that which is harmful
to public policy
for the rights
of people.

No one is above the law.
Not even all are above it.
The law is for each and all.

Nadie está por encima de la ley.
Ni siquiera todos están por encima de ella.
La ley es para todos y todas.

Personne ne est au-dessus de la loi.
Pas même tous sont au-dessus.
La loi est pour chacun et pour tous.

Никто не стоит выше закона.
Nikto ne stoit vyshe zakona .
Даже не все над ним.
Dazhe ne vse nad nim.
Закон для всех и каждого.
Zakon dlya vsekh i kazhdogo.

Niemand steht über dem Gesetz.
Nicht einmal alle sind darüber.
Das Gesetz ist für alle und jeden.
Κανείς δεν είναι υπεράνω του νόμου.
Kaneís den eínai yperáno̱ tou nómou.

Δεν είναι ακόμα όλα είναι πάνω από αυτό.
Den eínai akóma óla eínai páno̱ apó af̱tó.
Ο νόμος είναι για το καθένα και όλους.
O nómos eínai gia to kathéna kai ólous.

Nemo plus iuris.
Nec inde omnia quae supra rationem.
Lex enim omnia et singula.

Méiyǒu rén néng língjià yú fǎlǜ zhī shàng.
Shènzhì dōu shì tā shàngmiàn.
Fǎlǜ shì gèbié jí quánbù.

Daremoga hōritsu no uede wa arimasen.
Na iso no ue ni atte mo, subete ga arimasu.
Hōritsu wa, sorezore, subete no tame no monodesu.

누구도 법 위에 없습니다.
nugudo beob wie eobs-seubnida.
아니 그 이상도 모두 있습니다.
ani geu isang do modu issseubnida .
이 법은 각각 모두를위한 것입니다.
i beob-eun gaggag modu leul-wihan geos-ibnida.

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