Sunday, April 26, 2015


Choose to make your choices.

You are your way.
Make the right choices.
Choices define character.
Character is your statement
about who you are.

Your Way

Need is my lead.
I will not bleed for greed.

I will lay back in a field of green;
to look to heaven to see what can be seen;
to chew on a long stem of grass;
to think about which path to pass;
to look upon that which is close at hand;
to oppose presupposing by plan.

I will not deny fear of evil or strife.
Fear gives light for sight in life.
You are with me by faith and heart.
Comfort slows my racing start.

Trust will be re-written.
Inequality will be de-commissioned.
The table will be for discussion and debate.
Reason will rule without hate.
My head has been anointed with oil and sweat.
My income has been overrun by debt.

Surely goodness and mercy sustain the wait.
My life will dwell in this house of heart by faith.

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