Sunday, October 26, 2014





from Psalm 90

Design existed before creation.
Being came from before time.

Before mountains were raised
by the crashing of continents,
the essence for our nature had been
a part of the plan.

The present looks to the future
as it passes into the past;
as it has since the conception
of time.

We return to the elements
from which we were formed,
but our life lives in the presence.
of those who live for life.

 The tyranny of time is swept
from mind like the latent thought of dreams.
The perception of reality is renewed in the morning
until it fades with consciousness in the darkness of night.

Let compassion be drawn from our labor.
Have love live long; from the morning
into the steadfast gladness of all of our days.

May the length of gladness help us to forget
the pain of affliction into the extension
of respect for others without punishment.

Let the work of design be brought into being
in accordance with the plan for our existence.

May the favor of benefit
be the yield of our production
for the prosperity
of future generations.

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