Sunday, October 19, 2014


Chinese Garden, Gainesville, FL


from Psalm 99

The sun shines for all the earth.
Rain falls for growth.
Life is for living.
We live to rejoice!

Praise the essential presence
of the present as the field of perception
for using what was right in the past
to plan for improvement in the future.

Mighty lover of justice,
equity will be established for you.

Wonderful winner of games,
responsibility has become your province.

Wise witness for accountability,
social security is compensation
for unfair advantage;
reconciliation for liberty
without egalitarian starts
in the competition
of prosperity
for posterity.

Let people agree.
No one is above the law.

Judgement is the purpose for reason.
Proof is the objective for judgement.

Reason rejects the fear of threat
as a justification for invasion,
genocide, murder, torture,
violence or cruelty.

The existence of threat
provides grounds for preparing defense.
Defense is limited to the least force
necessary for protection.

Induction and deduction are ways
to learn logic. The perception
of controlled experimentation
is for the detection of facts for truth,
the inference of prevalence and occurrence
and the rejection of false reasoning.

The salvation of hope for improvement
is the formula for success; not storytelling
that protects the love for theft
and disrespect for life.

Truth that retains existence
in darkness and light;
in presence without sight,
is the test of reason for judgement.

The rule of law protects rights, not wrongs.
Forgiveness allows for development,
but restitution fosters retribution
for correction.

Revel in the revelation of love for others.
Shine forth with the light of life
that respects rights and you will save
the world from a world of hurt.


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