Saturday, November 1, 2014





from Ps. 107

Give thanks for goodness.
Goodness builds love.
Love endures.

Immigration started
redemption from isolation.
The path to participation
in leadership began.

We came from east and west;
from the north and south.
Poverty was the passage
to the push for assembly.

Overcoming hunger and thirst
was the motive for planning
with respect for freedom.

Irrigation was used for plant growth
and animal care. Cultivation with respect
for a healthy earth nurtured development.
Water made dry land fertile
with gardening care.

Wasteland became a garden
for earthly delight.

Irresponsible management
destroyed fertility
where it was condoned.

Responsible leadership
is developed with the growth of
provision according to the plan.

The plan provides compensation
for loss in competition. The poor
deserve more than what a spoils system
leaves for those who are pressed
into lasting loss. The machinery
for profit from the means
for destruction
is not the basis
for success with legal tender.

Hunger will be fed.
Thirst will be satisfied.
Shelter will be secured.
Illness will be cured.

The poor will build liberty with justice
by redemption from loss to the welfare
for the wealthy state. Social security
is the lever that will reduce excessive advantage
from tax breaks. Tax breaks will be reduced.

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