Saturday, November 15, 2014




from Ps123

Remember together
the shades of November.

Illumination shines
from the sky for sight.
My eyes rise to the stars
for insight at night.

The declining length of days
couples with decreasing warmth
like the united stride
of two wood storks.

The unison works together
at different distances
for satisfaction in fulfilling needs.

Sky is lighter and higher than sea,
but the scorpion mates and moults
when and where warmth allows
on land. The rudeness of flat rock
is pleasant to them.

Scorpions dance to reproduce
in the summer heat, but
Scorpio becomes the guardian
for November nights.

A blue dot moving amidst
a white splatter pattern
set against the deep black curtain
of measureless space
is hard to find. The mathematics
of motion were used to discover
the planet's existence.

Now Neptune is known to move
around the sun as the center
of our star's system... like earth.

Still the lighter shade of black
gives way to blue or gray depending
upon the presence of clouds
in the turn toward illumination.

Fire turns the breeze as it burns
the bushes and trees.

The sea sees our sighs as something more than lies.

As the eyes of the lost look to the sky for a sign;
as tears from a mister look as doubtful as the mist to a sister;
so our sighs are said low for fear of no forgiveness.

Have mercy for hits and near misses.
Have mercy for empty pockets and no kisses.

We have had more than enough of contempt.

This soreness of soul has had more than its fill
of scorn from those who bill us to kill us
with taxes for the number of killed
as fixes. We have had more than enough
contempt from the proud.

 Where is the respect for the rule of law?

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