Sunday, May 6, 2012


The call to marriage is not absolute. There are provisions for celibacy. Celibacy is simply living life as an unmarried person. It is not a ban against marriage for all people.

A state does not have the right to outlaw domestic partnerships, civil unions or unmarried households. Neither does the church.

(The pastor deserves to be punched!)

The church has a responsibility to warn about the dangers of promiscuity. The state has a responsibility to warn against the dangers of unsafe sex. Neither however has the right to forbid unmarried households.

Love (fm 1Jhn 4; Jhn15; Ps22)

God abides in those who love.
Those who hate those
whom they have seen
cannot love God
whom they have not seen.
The commandment we have is this:
Show your devotion to God
by respecting others.

We are the true vine.
God is the vine-grower.
Each barren branch is removed.
Every branch that bears fruit is pruned
to make it produce more.

Our Vine-grower is glorified
when we grow fruit
with the commandment to love.

The poor will eat and be satisfied.

Those who seek the LORD
will sing with praise,
“May your goodness
live in us!”

The ends of the earth will remember.
The families of nations will show respect.

Leadership belongs to God;
The LORD shows goodness to nations.

Even those who sleep
in the earth
worship you.
All who go down
to the dust lay before you.

My soul will live for you;
My production will serve you;
The fruits of my labor will make

children for your family.

They will make known to people
yet to be born, your saving deeds.


There is a part of me that will not be broken, married or unmarried. This part is the heart of the song.

Katy Perry – Part of Me

“This is the part of me that you’re never gonna ever take away from me…You’re not gonna break my soul.”

Find yourself with your love for others. Don’t lose yourself to slavery. Support human rights.

Steve K.

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