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Reports of UFO's are entertained by the Air Force because an unidentified flying object could be a threat to national security. If an alien power were to develop an aircraft that evades capture, the foreign capacity to observe and analyze national military capacities would be enhanced.
Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "ET" looked at aliens as 'friendlies.' Alien powers can be allies. Other sci-fi productions also looked at the possibility of developing alliance with aliens who have superior technology. The Star-Gate: SG1 TV series is an example.
Ron Reagan made a speech to the UN wherein he expressed the vision that an alien threat could unite all the nations of the world into forgetting about our differences. Then, he identified this alien threat as "war" and the "threat of war." Given the subsequent actions of “the party” after “winning” the majority, the statement anticipated the “war on terror” with his “soft sell” as the pitch.
His vision was used to make "Independence Day." The world united to oppose the alien threat. The movie was good. If the threat of war had been used to set aside the obsession with differences that lead to war, the vision would not have been corrupted. The vision was twisted however by the view that the western coalition should act as an alien force that de-stabilizes the Middle East and conquers the oil supplies there.
The WTC towers were destroyed to create the impression that the US was under attack by "Arab terrorists." It was a false flag operation, but the covert “pirates” in this case flew the “jolly roger” over coalition resources to make it look like the towers had been destroyed by Muslims.  The "alien" as a hostile character type was exploited by this ploy. The western world was being attacked by an alien force. Muslims were mischaracterized as people that believe in cruelty.
Plato's comment that democracy is one step from tyranny has some merit in this context. Democracy without a bill of rights is a sham. The current state of Syria serves as an example. It is nothing but a socialist republic that sports a dictator. Dictatorship was used to replace monarchy from an aristocratic family. This does not mean that Muslims believe in cruelty. It means that the people under dictatorship suffer from tyranny.
The western coalition needs alliance with the Middle East. We need oil and good foreign relations. The world needs to decrease dependency upon oil as a source of energy. Oil supplies are limited. The Middle East and Africa need greater respect for human rights in the form of democratic government with a bill of rights.  The belief that cruelty destroys crime is delusional. It destroys people accused of crime. Justice corrects criminal behavior. It doesn’t destroy people.
Devils in Baggy Pants
Las Vegas is surrounded by desert.
Project UFO Nevada Desert Incident 6/6
When I jumped into the Nevada desert with the 82d All-American Chorus (1984), I thought that we must have looked like a strange sight to people on the ground. Parachutes open like plumes of olive green; trailing behind the passing aircraft; showing human shapes dangling dangerously below the pillowed plumes; suggesting that crazy people are jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Troopers in the 82d Airborne have not been characterized as angels of mercy. Our nickname was "Devils in Baggy Pants."
We were the devils to the fascist forces of Europe in WWII. We represented democracy with a bill of rights. The whole image of “friendlies” being actual “hostiles” was inverted. The “hostile” invaders were actually acting as “friendlies.” (Fascists are evolutionary aggression-ists. They are hostiles being hostile. They just call their hostility benign. They can be called the “More-on-your-knee-dies” since they want to oppress human rights. Call them morons for brevity. LOL.)
When we jumped into the desert it wasn't to conduct a military op. We went there to appear on the Jerry Lewis telethon to raise money to find a cure for muscular dystrophy. This was our participation in the Great Society. We displayed our talents to help the disabled.
82 Abn Chorus (How we sang it)
Blood on the Risers (Ol Time Singing with history pics)
It takes courage with good humor to lead with kindness. The history of leadership in civilization has been plagued by cruelty. Christ however represents heroic kindness in the face of hostility. Good government represents liberty and justice for all.
fm 1John3, John10, Ps23
Beloved family, we are destined to lead
by faith with truth for justice with liberty.
Let us love in truth with speech in action.
Action from truth for justice provides
reassurance to memory.

Memory provides testimony from the past
when our heart would condemn us.
We acquire boldness before God
who is greater than our heart.
Jesus is our good shepherd.
He laid down his life for us
when the world would accept
nothing but the sacrifice of love.
The stone that had been rejected by the builders
has become our cornerstone.
God is the LORD.
The LORD is my shepherd.
I will gladly accept prosperity
from providence.
You guide me to green pastures.
You lead me beside clear water.
You revive my soul.
You lead me along
the right path
for your Name’s sake.
I will not fear evil
even when I walk
on a path
with death.
You are with me.
Your strength and leadership
comfort me.
You spread a table before me
in the presence of those
who trouble me.
You have anointed me with oil.
My cup runs over.
Surely, goodness
and mercy will follow me
for the rest of my life.
I will dwell in my house
with faith in the LORD.
Depression is a consequence of economic oppression. Elitism increases the wealth of the wealthiest; leaving less for those with little. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer.
Competition for limited resources is aggravated more for those who are poor. Once anger with inequity is forgotten, the pressure of oppression turns sadness into despair; indignation into madness.
The battle with depression is so common that it acquires the appearance of being ordinary. When those who suffer more forget that we are all struggling, they appear hostile. Hostility gains acceptance as a justification for cynicism.
The following two songs go straight to the heart of the issue. The first makes the call to show heroism in the face of hostility in everyday situations. The second calls upon the impulse to believe in destiny. Faith in the capacity to lead lies in each of us.
We're All-American and proud to be.
Occupy courage.
Be a hero.
Steve K.

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