Sunday, April 8, 2012


Christ is risen! Indeed he has risen.

Insofar as Christ is the embodiment of God’s good leadership in the history of human being, we are called to represent human rights.

Did you get the memo? The water-boarding of suspects is illegal.
Zelikow Declares Torture Illegal

Zelikow had written a memo that argued that while torture is effective, it is illegal. Torture however, is only effective at inflicting alienation. It cannot be assumed that a suspect is a terrorist without violating the suspect's rights. There is no due process of law being exercised.

Post 9/11/01 foreign policy has allowed suspects to be treated as “known” terrorists. This is what is so offensive about the policy. Now a suspect can be killed by executive order. This is not progress in respect for human rights.

The policy of not prosecuting politicians who were guilty of criminal acts has had serious consequences. Taking torture off the table without prosecuting suspected felons; without reinstating the FBI investigation of suspected terrorist acts; without requiring court orders for surveillance; and without eliminating executive privilege to assassinate a suspect amounts to an equivocation.

Being Muslim does not qualify as probable cause. Muslims that are placed under surveillance without probable cause are being harassed. If a Muslim is killed as a terrorist without proof of terrorism, it is murder. Don’t believe that some highly placed official in the administration isn’t going to try to get away with murder by telling the president that they know without a doubt that someone is a terrorist. Some major players are too busy playing the players to play by the rules.

Islamic countries need a bill of rights so they have a list of rules for the interpretation of law based on the representation of human rights. They don’t need invasion or bombing. Military aggression only tells them that the west doesn’t give a damn about human rights.

The memo should have found that the World Trade Center towers were not destroyed by “Arab terrorists;” that the WTC towers were destroyed by explosives; that the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were not warranted; AND the US needs a foreign policy that promotes human rights…in addition to finding that torture is illegal.

Participate in the resurrected Christ! Show respect for the bill of rights!

Steve K.allowed suspects to be treated as known terrorists. This is what is so offensive about the policy. Now a suspected terrorist can be killed by executive order. This is not progress.

The policy of not prosecuting politicians who were guilty of criminal


  1. Yes and agreed, Christ should be the flag of our US nation too. But he is not. We shamed his holy name. Now because of sin and rebellion we have confusion. Good is bad . Bad is good. Even for Christians.

    Be the victom for a moment , if you kidnap or harm my children , my people I will do what ever it takes to get them safe. I will put a knife to your throat. That's reality.
    Will God help me ? I pray so. But there is no easy answer in war. there is confusion.
    It's hell. And God is on the throne and not easlily moved by our personal wants.
    Peace, Patrick mn

    1. The US is not at war. The WTC towers were destroyed by explosives. There should have been an FBI investigation of the suspected terrorist act, but the Republican majority knew that it had not been destroyed by "Arab terrorists." Thus, the investigation was not ordered by the executive branch. Let truth, not prejudice, guide the formation of judgment. Then Christ will be judge.