Saturday, April 7, 2012

Resurrected Love

Spring is liberated from winter each year. The equinox of the elliptical journey of the earth around the sun sees the earth at the mid-point in the progression to its hottest, yet most distant relation at the summer solstice. 
Warmth increases. Plant growth returns. The land becomes fertile for planting. Planting requires sensitivity to the cycles of the moon. The gravity of the moon effects the flow of tides and related rain cycles.
Spring has sprung. Love is in the air, but there are certain events that accompany the change from coldness to warmth. Heat is a catalyst. Increased warmth causes change. Change happens at the elemental level, but it also has climatic effect that can be larger than life.
Even some of the larger constructs that we make can be thrown around toys in a tornado.
Semi-Trailers in Texas Tornado: (That’s at least 7.5 tons of trailer twirling in the air like a toy!)
Faith has looked at natural disaster with a mixture of fear and respect throughout recorded history. The threat of destruction has been treated as part of the dialog between Divine and human being.
The raging flood, the dark funnel cloud during the day, the roaring column of fire at night, the tremendous wind, the earthquake that makes the mountains run like rams, the drought that deprives crops, plants and us of life giving water are all fear-inspiring events that are regarded with respect and awe for the manifestation of creation.
Nevertheless, Elijah’s warning retains its relevance. God is not the wind, the fire, the flood, (the drought) or any life threatening element in nature. God speaks to us through that voice that calls us to show our love for others. It is a call to seek safety during the storm and to build shelters that can withstand the strength of violent force. It is the call to save provisions for times of adversity.
Government is to govern for the people with informed consent according to the history of faith. This government is to be characterized by resource management.
Adam and Eve left paradise to give life to labor in the new world. Noah built an ark to survive the flood.

Abraham and Sarah had a son who became a source for belief in the power and truth of God’s will for many nations. The Judges led the way to building community. Joseph planned to save provisions for the drought with pharaoh. Moses led the people to preserve health with cleanliness during the plagues.
Samuel respected the call to honor the costs of government. Elijah and Elisha conserved limited resources during a rule of vapid consumption and all too rapid expansion.
Isaiah called for peace by faith when the world was being ruled by war. Jeremiah regarded the truth of political events as an indicator of outcomes.
Ezra led the charge to re-build in relation to empire. Nehemiah governed with respect for cultural identity. Esther insisted that mercy be shown to minorities. Daniel warned about the danger of imperial expansion. Jesus called for the reform of law based on the rule of cruelty.  Women led the way into the resurrected life by providing goods and services with faith, love and resource conservation.
Faith has a history of belief in resurrection. The resurrection of Christ restores faith in a loving God. This resurrection is celebrated in the re-write of Psalm 114.
Resurrection fm Psalm 114
When Work had outlawed Slavery
the house of Labor had abandoned
a strange language;
Courage directed exploration.
Duty occupied the house.
The sea saw the new law and fled.
The day turned to night.
The mountains ran like rams;
the hills leaped like lambs.
The downward flow turned back.
The cloud touched the ground.
The forest left the trees.
The mountain kissed the sky with fire.
What ails the elements of constancy?
Tremble at the presence of the LORD, dear Earth.
Hail the God of Liberation through Labor
Laud the One who turned the thirsty rock into water;
The flinty stone into the languid love for life.
This is the resurrection.
Live it with love for others.
Share your resources.
Historically, liberation was celebrated most often as deliverance from the slavery of being owned by others. There is also the broad sense of liberation that can be celebrated in relation to the self-imposed slavery of being owned by ownership.
Rufus Wainwright (with Helena Bonham Carter) – Out of the Game 
Own your responsibility without being owned by it. Being owned puts us out of the game of liberty with justice. Grow in the prosperity provided by your history of faith in the love of God.
Dictatorship seeks to own others by dictate. Elitism undermines the progression of human rights attained in the republic ruled by the law of constitutional democracy.
Occupy responsibility with love.
Occupy the resurrection of Christ.
Show your love for God by loving others
with respect for human rights,
Steve Kidde

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