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Jesus represented responsible leadership. Christ requires progress in representation for the people. Jesus stated that those who would lead need to be ready to serve. The statement is not egalitarian. There is a hierarchy. There is the value of seniority.  There is a role for giftedness.

There is also the implication that reason and revelation are part of the loosing and binding used in judgment about fairness. When a leader defaults to the reason, "’Cuz I said so" it is an appeal to personal authority. When personal authority is institutionalized as the social norm, it is dictatorship.
Is the appeal to personal authority good? Is it right according to reason? Is it in accord with God's revelation through the observance of the commandment to love? There are times when charisma is warranted, but it is a coping device. Nevertheless, there are leaders' who rely on the personal declaration of authority with institutionalized justification. Said leaders are not serving. They are making their followers serve them. They are making others into slaves to their capital.

When those with more are given more, those with less end up working harder for less. This results in an unfair advantage. The unfair advantage is not good for the rich or anyone else. It makes providence too easy for the wealthiest and too hard for others. It creates disparity in the economy. It increases the prevalence for addiction and discrimination. The needs for the rich are replaced by wants. The needs for the poor are not met with adequate provision.
This is how democracy with the bill of rights gets subordinated to the profit motive for industrialization. The capitalist pays for an unfair advantage in accumulating capital which is then used to maintain or increase the advantage. Prior progress suffers from regression.

The people in the democracy need to group together in order to rise above the adversity of economic slavery. Vote for liberty. Vote against slavery. Watch the news for developments.
The effort to make re-districting fair in Florida has been derailed for now (along with the plans for the high speed railway).

This decision provides more evidence that the Republican party does not support a democratic republic. They just want to establish a dictatorship with term limits.
The last re-districting plan that was approved by the Republicans in FL resulted in ten years of a two to one majority. They used the majority to pass spending cuts...for ten years.

The economy has suffered. The cost of living has gone up. The public sector is faced with another ten years of cuts. The economy can only handle so much. What is going to happen when the bubble bursts? The bubble will burst if this continues. If we stop spending cuts and increase revenues for the public sector, we won’t have to find out.
The economy had been re-structured for industry profit. The money only went up. There was no taxation to re-circulate it. It just stayed up there for "winning" elections and "making" spending cuts with lobbying efforts. They expected trust, but they already established that enslavement to capital will not provide compensation for its abuse.

The US justice department decision needs to be appealed. The Republicans do not deserve more dictatorship for industry profit. Vote for Democrats. Support a democratic republic. Even if you are registered as a Republican, the democracy of the republic depends upon your cross-over vote and your opposition to tyranny.
Jhn 15 Rmns 8 Ps 104

When the Spirit comes
you will be guided into truth
for liberty with justice.
Truth will declare
the things that are to come.
Christ will be glorified.
All creation has been groaning
in labor until now.
We ourselves have
suffered for
the fruits of the Spirit.
We were saved in hope.

Slavery had been the rule
for order.
Cruelty had been used
to destroy the accused
with punishment.
Providence had been
trickled down to us
by the control of capital.

Now we celebrate your abundance
in provision.
Your works are manifold.
You have made them in wisdom.
The earth is filled with wonders
for your creation.
There lies the great sea
teaming with life too great to number;
creatures both small and large.

There move the ships.
There is the mighty whale
which you made
just for the tale of it.
All of them look to you
for food in due season.

You give to them. They gather.
You open your hand. They are filled
with good things.
You hide your face. They are terrified.
You take away their breath.
They die. They decompose.

You send forth your Spirit. They are created!
You renew the face of the earth!
We rejoice in all your works!
You look at the earth. It trembles.
You touch the mountains. They smoke.
When our works are destroyed, we help
each other to re-build them.

May the glory of Christ endure!
I will sing to the LORD of progress.
I will praise my God while I have being.
May these words be pleasing to you:
I will rejoice in providence with truth.
I will celebrate liberty with justice for all.
I will respect the rights of others as
an expression of faith in my own.
I will rejoice in Christ, my redeemer.

Bless the LORD, O my soul!

There is a push to discredit education in this country. They call it education reform.
Romney on Education Reform

When standardized tests are used to improve education, education is improved. When high stakes tests are used, spending is cut. Schools are closed to increase industry profit.
The “reformists” won’t admit that schools "fail" because they don't have grade level text books. Their backers want to cut spending. Charter schools will cost them less, but the parents of students more. The parents are already poor. Where is the reform in that? It is economic slavery!

They want public education to look bad, so they can liberate the money for industry profit. Add a story of an inappropriate administrative act to reports of schools that are failing and it creates a bad image for education in “public” perception.

Student Sent Home for Inappropriate Attire are failing the high stakes testing and it creates a bad image.
The principal that called the parent into school needs to be reported to the school board. The student’s attire was appropriate. The parent and student were being tested by another zero tolerance interpretation of the dress code.

People need to stand opposed to the push to discredit education. Standardized tests can be used to improve education by removing the high stakes aspect. Schools are doing poorly due to a lack of resources. They can’t afford qualified teachers or grade level texts. They need the teachers and the texts.
Parents of the students who went to the schools that failed can establish a charter school, but they will have to meet standards with even less funding.  The “education reform” imposes elitism as a societal norm. It is another manifestation of economic dictatorship.

This opposition can’t just be mental. It requires “no” power! Take your “no” to the streets. Put it into your speech. Speak out against education reform. Write against it. Vote against it. Vote against dictatorship. Vote for a democratic republic!
Girls Aloud – Revolution in the Head

Girls Aloud sings,
“Revolution in the head don’t count for nothing.
You gotta move that ass!
Revolution in the head don’t count for nothing.
You gotta beat the past!”
Move your ass to beat the past! Stop the unfair advantage! Reform taxes, not education.

Steve K.

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