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There isn’t a problem with the reference to “the Fall” in the bible as a myth, when it is used as a symbolic expression for truth with respect for faith. Profound truth is expressed by the myth. The truth refers to aspects of historical reality, but it is not a literal expression of history.

Biblical criticism has "unearthed" many historical frames of reference for the story of the Fall. It was written during the exile. It was written to contrast the creation account in the "Enuma Elish." It was written as an expression of Judaic monotheism. The promise for eternal life in the fruit of immortality was an allusion to the covenant as an expression of faith that God rules and slavery is not acceptable to the Torah.

The Serpent was Marduk, the Mesopotamian deity of fertility. The Gates of Ishtar show him as a serpent with legs.

The story about the Fall itself was a way of grappling with the loss of the kingdom of Judah and protesting the injustice inherent to the code of Hammurabi.

Monogamy is seen as an economic correlate with monotheism. The couple is responsible for the offspring that is produced by sexual reproduction.

The life of Judah as an independent kingdom was given up as a lost cause. This story was about accepting long term relations as a province of empire. Some compromises were made that took centuries to correct. The provision for democratic government and against cruel punishment in the English Bill of Rights (1689) was instrumental in making justice corrective, not destructive.

Slavery, torture and genocide would later come to be outlawed. When we read the bible, it has to be understood in terms of the progress that has taken place since it was recorded. Thus, the teleology of evolution corrects errant biblical as well as non-biblical metaphysics in relation to justice and government. The metaphysics of truth for liberty, justice and providence rule out obsession with aggression, destruction and death.

Correct the Concession

Ps 1 1Jhn5 Jhn 17
Those who have not advanced
the destructiveness of genocide;
nor the stagnation of slavery;
nor the destruction of the accused;
nor the torments of torture;
nor the amplification of aggression;
nor the dissent of depression
are happy.

Their delight is the law of the LORD.
They meditate on benefits for morality day and night.
They are like trees planted by a stream;
bearing fruit in season. Their leaves don’t wither.
They prosper in everything that they do.
It is not so with extremists.
They are like chaff blown by the wind.

Those dedicated to dictatorship
will be convicted when judgment comes;
Tyranny will not be allowed into the council of congress.

While human testimony can be
corroborated with physical evidence,
the testimony of God is greater.
The Father has testified for his Son.
Jesus is the Son.
Those who believe in Christ
have the evidence written in their hearts.
This is the word of truth for justice:
God gave us life
with the resurrection.
Jesus prayed, “The words that you gave to me,
I have passed to those whom you anointed.
All mine are yours.
Yours are mine.
I have been glorified in them.
Sanctify them in truth
with liberty, justice
and providence.
Your word is true.
As you sent me into the world,
I have sent them.
Let them prosper
with your sanctification.

The US Sees Hopeful Signs in Talks with Iran

The talks with Iran show progress with peril. The negotiations finally admit to hope for progress. There is a measurable substance (weapons grade uranium) that is being addressed, but the threat of military force is being used to oppress Iran.
The Iranian bill of rights is the main point of contention. There isn’t one. They need one. The west needs to insist on a bill of rights for Iran, Israel and every other nation that doesn’t have one.

The bill of rights needs to express respect for liberty, dedication to the correction of crime, acknowledgement of the need for providence and opposition to cruel and unusual punishment.
When we represent rights for people, international relations are improved. It is a one for all and all for one effort.

All for one! The heat of summer has begun!

Everybody! “One for all” and “all for one”!
Steve K.

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