Monday, February 27, 2017


Allison Scagliotti
She's the Boz.

Anata jishin o sonchō suru

My body is a temple.
Decisions rule out the coincidental.

The sun gives light to see.
Human being has the right to be.

The cherubim are with me
to avoid prejudicial partiality.

The seraphim provide insight for defense
to make the cost less intense.

Religion doesn't override the law.
Profit from violence or cruelty is the last straw.

Competition is a test in time.
It helps me grow when I make it mine.

Non-violence is the path to peace.
Justice requires what equity bequeaths.

Greatness doesn't destroy opposition.
Law directs and corrects according to the just position.

Inference from experiment leads to the truth about reality.
Deduction avoids false induction as a functional necessity.

The fulcrum of tornado touches down and lifts matter towards the sky.
Salvation requires perspective to avoid being thrown to die.

Disaster from the twister is a reminder of security.
Our constructs fail to protect lives of immature purity.

Chance in life includes some risk.
Reduce the tricks to keep what ticks.

Sing and dance to build your health.
Joy will give you stealth for your wealth.

Proclaim the greatness of justice with equity in your temple.
It will build consensus from the ground to make perception conceptual.

Equity is the thing that puts food on the table.
Security for trade and travel helps us to do what we are able.

Worship God with love for others.
Love them as your sisters and brothers.

99 Dominus regnavit

1 The Lord is King;
let the people tremble; *
he is enthroned upon the cherubim;
let the earth shake.

2 The Lord is great in Zion; *
he is high above all peoples.

3 Let them confess his Name, which is great and awesome; *
he is the Holy One.

4 "O mighty King, lover of justice,
you have established equity; *
you have executed justice and righteousness in Jacob."

5 Proclaim the greatness of the Lord our God
and fall down before his footstool; *
he is the Holy One.

6 Moses and Aaron among his priests,
and Samuel among those who call upon his Name, *
they called upon the Lord, and he answered them.

7 He spoke to them out of the pillar of cloud; *
they kept his testimonies and the decree that he gave them.

8 "O Lord our God, you answered them indeed; *
you were a God who forgave them,
yet punished them for their evil deeds."

9 Proclaim the greatness of the Lord our God
and worship him upon his holy hill; *
for the Lord our God is the Holy One.

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