Saturday, February 18, 2017


"Pure Genius"

“She sang beyond the genius of the sea.”
-Wallace Stevens

the Song

The universe is not produced by my mind.
The reality of law exists for me to find.

Mind is the principle of order for the universe.
It is also that which helps me to avoid the adverse.

All are born with moral virtue.
Empathy helps each to seek that which is true.

Each person has understanding of the universal and unique.
The in-between makes truth something that we must seek.

Heaven endows heart with love for humanity.
Love is the command that overcomes vanity.

Incline my heart to seek the decree of what has been seen
insofar as it helps to avoid that which is cruel or mean.

Turn my eyes from watching what is worthless.
Help me to find that which is best in all of this.

Turn away the reproach that I dread.
I will review that which I had said.

Give me the understanding to keep your law
when the evidence says that law is what I saw.

Fulfill your promise to reward the good.
It will encourage each to act as she should

Let love and kindness come to me.
Good judgment is that which will be seen.

I will find words for those who taunt me.
A turn of phrase daunts the haughty.

I will walk with liberty for justice.
Legal liberty is not a cause to bust this.

Truth to power will be spoken.
The will to see will not be broken.

Your command is true to those who know it.
Your love is seen by those who show it.

I lift my hands to align my mind
with breath for body, deep inside.

Meditation watches movement in time.
Spirit strengthens the love that is mine.

Reach long and low to find your height.
See beyond what is sought to find your sight.

Sing beyond the song.
Your heart is strong.

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