Sunday, January 22, 2017


Mandy Moore
"This Is Us" Renewed
Hit Show

the Flux
Furakkusu ni fureru

Light helps me to see the way to salvation.
The source of light provides the energy for gravitation.

Sight is a strength in my life.
It helps in defense against strife.

When those who sought harm came to eat my flesh,
it was they who fell into a desperate mess.

My adversaries fell prey to adversity.
They failed at the university of biodiversity.

They didn't know that the abuse of democracy
makes a state of great monstrosity.

Though an army had come to camp against me
my faith became the key that set me free.

Though war had risen to take our freedom
te deum became our per diem.

One thing have I asked. One thing did I seek;
the mystique of revenge in a healthy physique.

The house of maturity in this security 
is a temple for the purity of this surety.

Beauty is the reward for the fair.
It is like a stair into the air of what's rare 
for those who care.

I will be kept safe in the time of troubles.
The puzzles of my struggles will not be doubled.

I will  hide or be hidden in the secrecy of shelter.
The swelter of the welder will relieve the helter skelter.

I will find my way to a high rock
to survey the land and to take stock.

Even now my head is lifted up
to look at space for lines that intersect or cusp.

I will offer an oblation of sound with great gladness
to deliver me from the tragic madness of this sadness.

I will sing and make music for the divine.
My knowledge will reach beyond the experience known as mine.

Listen to my voice when I call.
Hear the voice of reason resonant beyond the fall.

Have mercy on me and on those who defend what is right.
Help us to defend without violence in the fight.

You speak to my heart and say, "Seek my face."
Your face is the grace in any place. 

Don't hide your face from me.
Help me to find what I need to see.

You have been my ally and friend.
You taught me to apprehend 
the story for the glory of the better end;
to transcend insularity and amend for the blend
when we can send love that will mend
error for the future trend. 

Do not forsake me, Author of my salvation,
though intimate relations cause tribulation
to my station in the nation.

You will sustain my creation without cessation.
The incarnation of love will make a sensation of elation
for purgation at the foundation of our formation.

Show me the way to shape what I say
for the light or night of day.

Lead me on the level path
to avoid harm to my feet, the means to escape wrath.

Deliver me from my adversaries. 
They seek to increase adversity away from intermediaries.

What if I had not believed in seeking goodness in the land of life?
I would have found belief in damage for the creation of strife.

Don't rush. Take your time as such.
Work patiently for healthy pleasure without sludge. 

Watch for the flux in infinity for the treasure of touch.
Wait for the strength that will comfort your heart in the clutch. 

Touch the flux at the crux and judge.

Yeah Yah!

Mandy Moore - Cry

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