Sunday, January 1, 2017


Carrie Fisher:
Celebration in New Orleans, LA

Anata no namae o iwau 


Leadership from God
is the LORD, our LEADER.

The right to life is our law.
Taxes are paid to Caesar.

The name Jesus means, "God saves."
Dignity extends with remembrance beyond the grave.

The incarnation of salvation is called the Savior.
Faith helps us to live with our best behavior.

Incarnation expresses divine energy in human nature.
Being human is the behavior that we have come to savor.

Salvation comes by faith with grace for redemption.
There is no preemption. There is no exemption.

Preservation is for justice with liberty.
Respect for others is a responsibility.

Justice is the goal for our allegiance.
La Guillotine only causes more grievance.

Liberty in the law is not liberation from it.
Freedom lives with respect for all or it is counterfeit.

Achievement is measured in the practice of improving precedents.
Cruelty in punishment increases dissonant irrelevance.

Detention provides time for the correction of injustice.
Existence strives to make goodness better, not to corrupt it.

The law is for civil and human rights. 
It is not there to make a profit from violent fights.

Rights are for life, liberty and happiness.
We don't want to win as the champion of crankiness.

It is your name that is exalted above the future and the past.
It is for you that the die of destiny was cast.

Your majesty is praised beyond the heavens.
It is the essence of your presence that provides the leaven.

Out of the mouths of infants and elders your praise is sung.
It is for you that the tounge is raised and the bell is rung.

You are the designer for paradise.
The garden is tended by the devices that you devised.

You establish defense from our adversaries.
Libraries store knowledge for our contemporaries.

Safety and good health are the guides for taking risk.
Reason in due season keeps celebration brisk.

When I consider the heavens and the earth
and the miracle of birth,
I am filled with wonder for the majesty of worth.

The course for the galaxies is set with gravity.
The sanity of gravity does not cause depravity.

The projection of the galaxies from a point in space gives regularity to time
Apathy due to agony anxiously awaits amnesty from enmity with lime.

What is human being that you are mindful of me?
The touch of your esprit gives my spirit levity.

We have been placed only a little lower than the angels.
The contagious raging of the ages is a congratulatory facial.

The preservation of the environment is our responsibility.
The agility of civility with credibility gives pollution curability. 

Fertility lets us cultivate food and flora for our joy.
The production of constructs, products and services keeps us employed.

Organizations are organized for security when so deployed.
Defense is established against those who would have us destroyed.

It is your name that is exalted above the future and the past.
It is for you that the die of destiny was cast.

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