Saturday, January 28, 2017


Gigi Hadid: Goes bear for charity?

for the Divine
Kami no tame no doraibu 
حملة لالإلهية 
hamlat lial'iilhia 

Who may reside in the sanctuary of your habitation?
Who may abide in the haven for the persuasion of the raven?

Whoever leads a life for doing what is right, 
who speaks truth to incite insight.

There is no guile within her heart.
She does no evil to her friend or counterpart.

She does not heap contempt upon her neighbor.
She is favored as a player to savor.

Wickedness is rejected in her sight.
The wicked feel confronted by their plight.

She honors those who heal disease.
She comforts those who are ill at ease.

She has sworn to do no wrong.
She's a savior clothed in a shadowed song.

She does not go back on her word.
"What do you have to say about the absurd?"

She does not limit value to personal gain.
She does not enslave herself to social fame.

She doesn't covet what belongs to others.
She takes the time to enjoy life's wonders.

She doesn't graft herself to corruption.
She feels revulsion for the reduction 
of instruction to presumption.

Induction requires eduction for deduction 
to avoid the production of misconstruction.

Her voice shares no tone of contempt 
for those who are different.

She seeks only that which is normal healthy and moral in non-destruction.
Such a goal is defined as benign for quality in avoiding crime as seduction.

Whoever does these things will find benevolence in life.
She will drive inside of the divine in design through time.

15 Domine, quis habitabit?
1 Lord, who may dwell in your tabernacle? *
who may abide upon your holy hill?
2 Whoever leads a blameless life and does what is right, *
who speaks the truth from his heart.
3 There is no guile upon his tongue;
he does no evil to his friend; *
he does not heap contempt upon his neighbor.
4 In his sight the wicked is rejected, *
but he honors those who fear the Lord.
5 He has sworn to do no wrong *
and does not take back his word.
6 He does not give his money in hope of gain, *
nor does he take a bribe against the innocent.
7 Whoever does these things *
shall never be overthrown.

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