Sunday, May 8, 2016

Soar Above

the Roar
Gōon no ue ni maiagarimasu 

Let freedom ring! 
Let the universe sing! 
Let the multitude of islands be glad!

Silver shine lines clouds as darkness
announces moisture's rise to the skies
by heat to hide light from sight
for creativity by contrast.

Lightning strikes a tree. 

The forest cries out in pain
as it burns variant color
to show how carbon 
is common to life. 

Lightning lights the world
in the midst of darkness.

Everything is framed 
for a snapshot 
of the air
before a nightmare.

The earth sees sky as night
in the crazy daze of the day.

Rain pelts the ground as a funnel cloud
touches down. Mountains melt 
as waves of water pound the ground
with great sound.

Ominous atmosphere rearranges
regularity leaving breathlessness everywhere.
Where's the air? It was there. Now it feels 
like it is being sucked up into the vacuum
of the vortex.

Confounded are the constructs
thought to be indestructible.
Brought down are the powers
that had not been seen in the sky.

That which is solid about sound
is heard all around as the world
suffers from the rearrangement.

Matter as might has taken to flight
as the earth is the only thing 
holding her ground.

Life hears love in the surge of power.
It was love for life that guided 
the discovery of safety in the storm.

Destructiveness in the elements
lasts for a limited time, while the
solid state of construction shows 
that which lasts in the test by design.
Light returns to show sight the sky.

Joyful are those who weather the plight
of diminished sight in the crazy daze 
of a stormy day.

Rejoice in the truth of experience.
It is an education for the heart 
as well as the mind.

Learn from the assertion
of energy in matter and space
as it courses through the design
of the pine made shrine.

Claim delight
from the insight!

97 Dominus regnavit

1 The Lord is King;
let the earth rejoice; *
let the multitude of the isles be glad.
2 Clouds and darkness are round about him, *
righteousness and justice are the foundations of his throne.
3 A fire goes before him *
and burns up his enemies on every side.
4 His lightnings light up the world; *
the earth sees it and is afraid.
5 The mountains melt like wax at the presence of the Lord, *
at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth.
6 The heavens declare his righteousness, *
and all the peoples see his glory.
7 Confounded be all who worship carved images
and delight in false gods! *
Bow down before him, all you gods.
8 Zion hears and is glad, and the cities of Judah rejoice, *
because of your judgments, O Lord.
9 For you are the Lord,
most high over all the earth; *
you are exalted far above all gods.
10 The Lord loves those who hate evil; *
he preserves the lives of his saints
and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.
11 Light has sprung up for the righteous, *
and joyful gladness for those who are truehearted.
12 Rejoice in the Lord, you righteous, *
and give thanks to his holy Name.

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