Saturday, May 28, 2016


Ming-na Wen: Agents of Shield

Reisetsu o teigi shimasu

Sing a new song.
Sing for civil law to secure creation.
Sing to defend the earth.
Sing for intelligence in design.

This is civil law.

Everyone has rights.

No one has the right to own another.
No one has the right to destroy another.
No one has the right to declare war.
No one has the right to profit from violent aggression.
No one has the right to murder.

Everyone has the right to defense.
Everyone has the right
to own his or her responsibility.
Everyone has the right to find provision
for basic needs. 

Everyone has the right to freedom in speech, 
media expression, religion, assembly 
and to petition the government
without punishment.

Every citizen has the right to vote.
Everyone has the right to fair defense 
when charged with crime.
No one has the right to punish with cruelty.

No one is God. Not even all people 
throughout all time are God. 
The law against murder is absolute. 
No one has the right to murder.

The title Son of God was applied to the one
who would did not claim the right to destroy;
who suffered the death penalty 
though he was not guilty of murder; 
who proclaimed that love
heals affliction caused by belief in cruelty
and violence. This Jesus did not claim
to be God.

The same title was applied to those 
who claimed the right to destroy;
who threatened to destroy any or all
who would not honor him as a god or God;
who sent men to their deaths in war; 
who sacrificed women and children
at the altar of personal profit;
who extracted wealth 
from the people for wars
that were created to raise taxes
and increase prices for basic provisions;
who destroyed cities and any who were found
left inside of them after combat between armed combatants;
who now destroy cities based on the claim that threat exists.

Those who say that 
Jesus claimed to be the Son also
assert that belief in God 
justifies genocide.

Those who claim the right to destroy 
are not civil, moral or legal
in accord with natural law.

They use the doctrine for destruction to extract wealth
from the people with taxes and high prices.

Celebrate the good news of salvation.
Declare the glory of love among the nations;
the experience of wonder among the people.

Law is to be respected. Consequence is natural.
Correction is personal and social. Legislation cannot
support wealth extraction. There is no right to destroy.

Presence in the present with perspective on perception
is a prelude to the measure of physical evidence.

Perception with the senses is not always right.
Testimony has to be corroborated by measure
and experiment. 

Truth is the majesty of reality.
Power is energy as it works through design.

Ascribe power to honor for your families. 
Ascribe honor to truth for people.

Infer truth from reality for justice.
Bring offerings of fact for exactitude.

Celebrate beauty in the design of nature.
Let purpose be the beauty in your design.

Sing to the nations: "The rule of law is civil."
The world is so ready, the word will be heard.
People will rejoice in the equity.

Let heaven rejoice. Let the earth be glad.
Let the sea thunder and rage.
Let the field be joyful with fertility.

Then the trees in the forest will shout
with amazement when the storm comes
to test for substance.

The world will be judged for civility;
the people for truth.

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