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Keiken no fushigi 

Wonder has been set as the sight for night.
Little birth bursts fill the darkening
and darkened sky with sparkle like delight;
creating statements of tranquil twilight
for the silence that surrounds the outer
reach of space.

When I look at the moon and stars,
I see the mystery of heaven;
the unknown that lies beyond
what can be known. I am left
to wonder, "What are we 
in the vast extension of time
in space? For what purpose 
has life been created?"

What is human in nature?
Nothing compared to everything.
Everything in relation to nothing.
We are a point of mind in the interim
where meaning is what we find. 

We have the authority to live, to laugh, 
to love, to play; to obtain providence 
for basic needs; to seek knowledge;
to test for the cause of change in matter;
to form judgment; to speak the speech
of truth, I ask you, for the destiny of justice;
to create art; to make products; to construct projects;
and to defend life for liberty and happiness. 

Majestic wonder, your energy extends
beyond design to the creation of love.

1 O Lord our Governor, *
how exalted is your Name in all the world!
2 Out of the mouths of infants and children *
your majesty is praised above the heavens.
3 You have set up a stronghold against your adversaries, *
to quell the enemy and the avenger.
4 When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, *
the moon and the stars you have set in their courses,
5 What is man that you should be mindful of him? *
the son of man that you should seek him out?
6 You have made him but little lower than the angels; *
you adorn him with glory and honor;
7 You give him mastery over the works of your hands; *
you put all things under his feet:
8 All sheep and oxen, *
even the wild beasts of the field,
9 The birds of the air, the fish of the sea, *
and whatsoever walks in the paths of the sea.
10 O Lord our Governor, *
how exalted is your Name in all the world!

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