Sunday, October 18, 2015


Alexa Vega and Carlos Pena

Kaizen o tassei


The design of the universe is infused
with the influence of the Designer.

The universe is not God, yet intervention is achieved
by faith regarding goodness by design.

I thought that if I could just touch
the essence of my face
I could fix the brokenness inside.

Outside it’s like I’m someone else;
looking for the source of sound
from all around my being.

I thought that If I could just look around inside,
I'd leave the search taking nothing but the memory
of the knowledge of that which was found in me.

I came to believe that I needed to
celebrate the evidence of divine energy.

Improvement depends upon the right understanding
of the consistency in that which is constant
and the randomness in that which is variable.

The understanding of constancy
is based on the stability of substance.

Nothing comes from nothing.
Neither does anything return
to being nothing.

The building is built upon the strength of the foundation.
Knowledge about variability extends from the random assembly of matter.

Change comes from cause.

Cause is the catalyst for rearrangment.

Find cause to define solution.

The great expanse of sea has living things
too numerous to number; creatures both
small and large.

There go the minnows.
There is the whale
that was made
for the ‘tale’ of it.

There are the ships
fighting the currents
on course for the destiny
of their destination.

All of them look to providence
for food in due season.

Providence provides.
They gather it.

Design is discovered.
They are filled with good things.

When provision is not found,
fear is formed.

When death occurs,
life is taken.

Spirit is released.
Soul slips away.

Matter changes form.
The source of life
sends forth spirit.

Creation happens.
The face of the earth
is renewed, but reparation
is due for redemption
when life is taken by force.

May the glory of life endure.
May people rejoice in goodness by design.

Let the earth tremble with joy!
Let the volcano explode with delight!

I will sing with faith as long as I live;
I will praise life while I have being.

May these words be pleasing to you:

Rejoice in the precious presence
of Divine Essence!

Yea Yah!

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