Saturday, December 6, 2014





from Ps.85

There have been times
when leadership has been good.

Executive authority was used to override
policies that were aimed at destruction.

Investment in jobs without weapons
was used to cap spending for weapon technology
in the context of a balanced budget. Investment
in responsibility produced exercise in integrity.

We live in a time
when leadership has placed itself
over the law. Greed has been put
over power and has used authority
to override anything for any reason
without accountability for harm.

Now, profit from destruction
has been made into the absolute.
The official story is propaganda.
It sells the war on terror
for continual warfare.

The war is not for winning. It is  
for the exploitation of the public.
Military action makes a profit
by taking resources
as spoils.

Facts are organized around profit
for private gain. Oil supports weapons
because delivery units require fuel
for operation. Banks support oil
for weapons because taking resources
as the spoils for war seems easier
than competition in the free market.

Bow has become the wow for now.
[Buy sham wow now! It slices. It dices.
It finds all your mice ;)]

Favor for the objective goodness
of provision for basic needs has become
the commodity to be valued above all others. 

Restoration to goodness will be achieved by faith.
Faith will make tenacity for love.
Love will spring up from the ground.

Righteousness will shine down from the sky.
Providence will increase its yield.
Goodness will shine from inside.

Purpose will go before direction
to make the path for liberty
with justice. Integrity in finding truth
will guide the definition of purpose.

Faith will restore us to the use of power
with integrity. Fun will flourish with
happiness. \/ <3 :)

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