Saturday, December 20, 2014





from Ps.89

Shine for the endurance of faith
and the length of the breath for life;
for  the depth and breadth of love.
Sing for the steadfast love of life.

I will proclaim faithfulness to the generations.
Steadfast love is established for selection.
Faithfulness has firmness for election.

What might be and what has been seen
point to that which is: the presence of perception
in the present. Laughter echoes off some substance.
There is the open air where we are not.

I have agreement with that which is agreeable
about statements with respect for the truth about reality.
Otherwise, I advise disagreement.

Outlaw war. Prohibit invasion and genocide.
Abolish the death penalty
Limit weapon use to defense.
Protect the right to life.

Use these laws to build nations
and you will have civilization.

Provide care for the poor and
you protect so much more
than defense with weapons

Providence will
circulate until it abounds.

Educate your young
until you find that they are fun.
Then remember that you're not done
having fun.

Build structures.
Produce products.
Create art.
Grow grain. Raise animals.
Preserve the environment.
Conserve resources.

Respect yourself for what you have done
and for what you have yet to do;
Respect your maturity and your spontaneity.
Respect rights for others and you show love
for your liberty with achievement.
Do what it takes
to do well.

Make good fortune happen.
It is the luck that you make
for you.

Respect your education most of all.

Creativity produces productivity.
Productivity creates opportunity.
Opportunity is the domain and range
for providence within the liberty of the law.

Happy are those who know the goodness
of celebration; who walk, sing, laugh and play
in the light that you shine; who gather
and store provision to care for basic needs.
Joy is the glory of our strength.

Our horn is adorned by daring
to share the wealth. Happiness
is the greater part of the desire for defense.

Civility is the shield for our civilization.

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