Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vote for Love

Elitists use extremes (absolutes about destruction and existence) to argue. The following is an example of the argument that has been used to dictate foreign policy for the Middle East:

Islam won’t admit that Israel has the right to exist.
Islamists represent a threat to the existence of Israel.
Islam does not have the right to exist.
Iran must be threatened with destruction.
Iran (as Islam), Israel and the USA

Political investment in this type of argument is placed in the elitist advantage as it promotes the industry for war. The elitist advantage won’t admit that Islam admits Israel’s right to exist, because they will lose the ability to profit from war if they do.
Social security is damaged by spending cuts for “national security.” The definition for strength in this argument is based on the will to use military force to destroy the “enemy.” (There always has to be an enemy according to them.)

Extremists either promote imperialist expansion by military aggression or by economic punishment. They place themselves outside of the nation by virtue of their competition with the extremists of any other nation. Then they claim that they are for patriotism. They define patriotism as agreement with them. Concern for social security is thrown out along with regard for diplomacy. The sole purpose for national government according to this view is to support the elite in the oppression of people.
Elitism exploits hatred and fear to control people. It is not love. Love has been opposed to cruelty and violence from before the dawn of recorded history.

from Mark 12
A transcriptionist drew near.
The sectarians had been disputing
about the law according to tradition.
Jesus had answered
their questions well.

The scribe asked him,
“What is the first commandment?”
Jesus said, “The greatest commandment
is first, ‘Hear O Israel: the LORD is one.
Love the Lord God with all your heart,
soul, mind and strength.
The second goes with it: “Love your neighbor
as yourself.” There is no commandment
greater than these. Mercy is stronger
than sacrifice”
The scribe said, “You are right Teacher.
There is one God. You will love the LORD
with your heart, understanding and strength”
and “you will love your neighbor as yourself.”
This is more important than burnt offerings and sacrifices.

When Jesus saw that he answered wisely, he said,
“You are not far from the kingdom of God.”

The sectarians had been arguing
that cruelty in punishment
achieved righteousness for the law.
Death as punishment for crimes
lesser than murder was cruel.
A monetary fine for murder
as manslaughter was too lax.
It encouraged cruelty, aggression
and crime among the people.
If the witness to a crime
was killed, then the criminal
could avoid the death penalty.

Law for the people of faith
according to the sectarians
only added the death penalty
for murder. It did not seek
correction for murder
or lesser crimes.
Now justice in the law
promotes correction
for the cause of the offense
as well as the offender
as a cause of offense.


When hatred doesn’t work for elitists, deception is used to exploit fear.
Watch for overstatements from the insurance industry regarding the destructiveness of global warming. The statements will be used to gain state approval for increased rates. The increased rates will be used by business to increase prices. The increased profits from insurance and business will be put into lobbies and campaigns to support politicians who endorse spending cuts for social security.

Here’s an example of deception promoted by overstatement:

"Nowhere in the world is the rising number of natural catastrophes more evident than in North America," the company stated in releasing the analysis. "The study shows a nearly quintupled number of weather-related loss events in North America for the past three decades, compared with an increase factor of 4 in Asia, 2.5 in Africa, 2 in Europe and 1.5 in South America. Anthropogenic climate change is believed to contribute to this trend."

Here’s the kicker. Damage due to flooding will be included in the estimate of damages, but they won’t pay for damages caused by floods. They have already been doing this to Florida with the approval of the supermajority.
They will call spending cuts on social security and education a necessary sacrifice for national security. Quality of life will suffer. It will be threatened and diminished. Protest will not be tolerated. Human rights won’t be respected. Everything is about agreement with “the boss,” BECAUSE the boss creates JOBS.

The worst things in history have been gained by obedience. War, genocide and slavery have come from agreement with the decisions of the elitist deciders who make decisions that favor their power over others. The boss doesn’t create jobs. The need for a service creates jobs. When need is exploited for profit AND the size of the CEO salary, economic slavery is a consequence. This is not efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of service. It is economic inefficiency at its highest. It is only effective in the promotion of dictatorship.
Use your “early voting” ballot to vote even if you go to the polls on election day. Take it with you. Use it instead of the electronic voting machines. Use of the voting machine is interpreted as a request to manipulate the vote for elitists who support industry profit above the welfare of the people.  Ballots provide a paper trail in case a re-count is needed. Voting machines don’t admit to the need for a re-count. They need to be outlawed.

Voting is an expression of the human right to participate in the election of government officials. It is the rock and roll way to celebrate recovery from economic hardship, especially that which had been imposed by elitist tyranny.
Voting is like rock and roll celebrities gathering together to promote recovery from Sandy. Give what you can. Recovery is part of survival. Participation is part of recovery.

I’ve seen the lights go out on Broadway.

We need to go on with the show.
Vote for responsible leadership.
Vote for love.
See the change.
Be the change.

Steve K.

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