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Timaeus means Honor.
Plato wrote a dialog by the name. It was written with style, but it serves as a stylistic advocacy for tyranny. Socrates, the leader of the previous dialogs concedes decisions in public policy making to the elite.
“…people of your class are the only ones remaining who are fitted by nature and education to take part at once both in politics and philosophy…yesterday when I saw that you wanted me to describe the formation of the state, I readily assented, being very well aware that, if only you would, none were better qualified to carry the discussion further and that when you had engaged our city in a suitable war, you of all men living could best exhibit her playing a fitting part.”
Plato had made “Socrates” into his mouthpiece for elitism. War and oppression of the people as rabble were seen as necessities by the elite, because the elements and the elemental spirits were destructive during the creation of the state of being. People who don’t agree with the dictates of the elite are seen as terrorists, militants or collateral damage.
The “Timaeus” was known to the gospel writers. The eloquence of style was known as a cloud of smoke to protect elitism.
Support for the dictatorship of industry profit is evidenced in the government of Syria. This dictatorship has the Alawite minority in power over the Sunni populace. Assad is the son of a dictator. He is the son of honor according to Plato’s definition.

Syrian Conflict
Assad is blind Bartimaeus according to the gospel story.
from Mark 10:46-52
Salvation came to the city of the moon
to celebrate the victory of faith in time.
A large crowd had assembled
to join the celebration.
The son of Honor, a blind beggar,
 called out to the Savior
as he was leaving:
“Son of Goodness,
have mercy on me!”
When he heard that it was
the teacher from Nazareth, he cried,
“Jesus, Son of David, have mercy.”
Jesus stood still and said,
“Call him here.”
They called to the blind man,
“Take heart. He is calling for you.”
Bartimaeus jumped up
and made his way to Jesus.
The Savior asked,
“What do you want me
to do for you?”
The blind man said,
“My teacher, let me see again.”
Jesus said, “Go. Your faith
has made you well.”
His blindness had been belief
in destruction as the law.
He had believed
that the destructiveness of nature
compelled the dictator
to visit destruction on those
who were not with him.
This made it impossible
for him to do anything productive;
to do anything that was good
ran contrary to the belief in destruction.
Jesus had reassured him that his faith
could lead him to live a good life.
He immediately regained his sight
and followed him on the way.

Assad is not the only dictator in the world. The threat of subordination to the dictates of industry profit is very real in the USA. The National Defense Authorization Act has two provisions that run contrary to protection for human rights.  The bill was signed into law, but it authorizes the indefinite detention of citizens. It also supports the targeted killing of militants.  Both provisions offend respect for due process of law in enforcement.
Dave Matthews Band – Why I Am
“It's why I am unlikely to agree
It's why I am climbing out of my monkey tree
Why I am still here dancing with the Groogrux King”
Christ is the Groogrux King. He is with, for and by the people. He is for love and human rights.
It’s why I won’t agree with the dictates of destruction.
Support the correction of elitism. Elect responsible leadership. Stand opposed to the unacceptable provisions for dictatorship.
Steve K.

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