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Is the constancy of change the only constant? There is constancy in change. The assertion that it is the only constant however is an error. Knowledge of algebra shows that variability is expressed within the formulation of constants.

What does this mean conceptually? It means that the statement “the only constant is change” is wrong. It means that the proposition “life is war” is false. It means that the shift from the rule of representing the entire population of people to any subdivision is an error.

When the government has chosen to either represent the majority group, the majority of minorities or a minority, it has limited representation unfairly. When state has chosen to favor the wealthiest as the only minority rule that counts, it has been a gross misrepresentation of the world as the case for reasonable judgment.

Slavery had been a proposal for conquest. Whoever ruled the field of battle decided who would be enslaved to whom. The slave trade reinforced this distortion of representation. Whoever could get away with the claim that slave labor was beneficial economically could force or deceive others into perpetual subservience.

Slavery and the slave trade have been outlawed in most locations, yet economic enslavement is still being promoted by industry leadership. Industry leadership has gained support from the US Supreme Court. The support was expressed in the “Citizens United” ruling. The ruling is for the social entity identified as the Chief Executive Officer. Only the wealthiest and those who agree with them count in this distortion of the democratic republic.

Socialism is for industry leadership. Whether government controls business (communism) or business controls government (fascism), socialism is for industry. The implication is that those who work for a living earn their rights as citizens, whereas those who work in support roles for those who earn an income do not. This framework supports the enslavement of support workers. Support workers are not respected as having equal rights simply because they are not getting paid for their labor.

Slavery, the slave trade and wars of aggression have been outlawed by international convention. The need for bi-partisan cooperation in a democratic republic however requires agreement on reasonable proposals for functional performance.

When one party throws bi-partisan cooperation out of consideration in terms of formulating agreement, it frustrates reasonable expectation. One party has gone so far as to complain about the opposition party’s agreement with any components of their platform.

This refusal to concede agreement to anything but national security has resulted in the birth of a monster. The National Defense Authorization Act has authorized the indefinite detention of citizens and the targeted killing of “terrorists.”  Neither the indefinite detention of citizens nor the assassination of terrorists is based on due process of law. It is based on “intel.” The intel however is subject to partisan manipulation.

When the field of known suspects is narrowed to a particular group, the group is narrowed to an area of likely suspects. The area is then used to arrest and detain a suspect or to bomb the area where the suspect lives. Support for leadership decision is then used to justify the breach of law. The breach of law provokes protest, but the protest is suppressed or ridiculed to support leadership decision in an inherently corrupt decision making process.

Criticism of big government is then used to defuse criticism regarding the decision. Confusion from the defused anger is misdirected into the advocacy for spending cuts. The spending cuts are used to reduce spending on social security, not the military or law enforcement. It is all based on the top-down leadership structure. A democratic republic is with the informed consent of the people. It is not just top-down. It is grass roots up. There is communication.

This top-down structure is supported by the tax cuts for the wealthiest. Tax cuts for the wealthiest are used for campaign contributions and lobbies. The money stays in the upper reaches of society’s hierarchy. The middle class and the poor suffer as a result. It is time for a correction.

The Hot Yellow Burn

The not so same old hot and yellow
retina burn in sear of sun
that made muscle like jello
saw much gray and mellow
in this planet’s go round
of day to day flow
in the celestial path
as it moved
past the autumnal equinox
in relation to the star
called the sun.

 Go. Grow. Oh.

 Record rain grew great green
lines of time
with light purple powered flowers
until shades of hot and yellow
overcame the gray and mellow
and the ragged rugged lines
of leafy sums about heat
without sun were stunned.

Day long searing sun
began to burn plumbago’s plume.
The spade for turning turned
under the roots for yearning dirt
to save the purple horn of flower
from the crispy black sphere.

Scarecrow hollow hollered "hey"
into the night of burning dollars.
Cowardly crow was sent
to flight from sight;
mustard matted paper plate
left for wanting more matter;
sat waiting for pecking pick of lick.
Pay the piper when you play.
Leave the lines of time
behind the encircled plane
for pain.

Southern baby back
became postal deposit
as position on the frontal strip;
protected by majestic tree.
Bip. Nip. Clip. Cut.
Throw the burned fray away.
Bip. Drip. Sprinkle. Spray.
Blow the thirsty clear to stay.

Eons of elitist rule
left people feeling like a majority tool.
Test and punish bashed the golden rule.
The rich run rant was tooled to rock
many techno toys to the top.
School after school
was shut down for profit.
The state for sale
made the ca-ching rock ring
with the pretty paper thing.
Richie Rich paid the state
for money rockets.
G-man dictated statements
from rockets for rich pockets.

The hot yellow burn of sun
made the bursts of purple horn fun
turn to less than green and yellow on the run.

 Much plumbago had become
a boom of burn until the change of place
to the base of majestic tree by the road
for all to see. We will see the purple blooms
of plumbago boom again.


Natural liberty is free from the claim to any superior power on earth. There was a time when slavery was not outlawed. It was practiced as an extension of war.

Those who were conquered by an invading force were forced to endure life under the dominion of the conquering power. Confinement was used to prevent escape. Weapons were used to intimidate or torture. Severe hardship was imposed to turn a maximum profit at minimum cost in monetary resources.

The struggle with imperial power is not new. It is not complete.

Ignatius of Antioch had written:

CHAPTER 5:1 “From Syria even unto Rome I fight with wild beasts, by land and sea, by night and by day, being
bound amidst ten leopards, even a company of soldiers,
 who only wax worse when they are kindly treated. Howbeit through their wrong doings I become more completely a disciple; yet am I not hereby justified.”

Imperial 'power pumps up the volume' on the competitive nature of life. The coliseum made people into a roaring mass that was called upon to satisfy the emperor’s power as high priest. This high priest sacrificed people by putting them to death for failing to worship the power over life. People like Ignatius chose to be sacrificed to avoid the role as participant in sacrificing others.
While slavery has been outlawed by international agreement, economic enslavement is still being promoted by the elitist advantage.

The UN Charter for Human Rights

Article 3.
•Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Article 4.

•No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

Article 5.
•No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 6.
• Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.


Freedom is not free to do anything irrespective of harm or consequence. The rule of law is to reflect the law of nature insofar as it is appropriate for human kind. Freedom from absolute arbitrary power is so necessary to human preservation that no one can legally agree to live a life of slavery. No one can give another absolute power over his or her life with respect for the rule of law.

Slavery was the state of war continued between the conqueror and the captive. There had been a presumption that God gave victory to those who were deserving of it. It is known however that a military force can be made into a conquering power by the investment of resources.

The world went to war over the basic presumption that imperial power was inherently good if it could generate a military force that could win a war with any rival power. The goodness of representation for the social security of the people was subordinated as a subjective clause.

Slave trade was an extension of the presumed contract of the conquered over the conquered. It also treated people as property that could be bought, sold, tortured or killed.

Human rights are natural, but the promotion of the elitist advantage has made using the freedoms of speech and assembly necessary as a means to stand opposed to the machinery for enslavement.

Steve K.

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