Sunday, November 11, 2012


The Greatest


The billion dollar baby and the supermajority have championed spending cuts for people programs. They cut the number of public sector jobs. They stand opposed to Obamacare to the point of secession, but they have given rate increase approvals to their property insurance corporation without decrease. The cost of living has gone up with the rate increases. Tourism has been harmed in the process.

The elitists are stingier to the people; looser to industry profit.

What is their plan? If it follows that of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, they will charge more for doing less to make big profits at a cost that is greater than taxes ever were.

Fm. Psalm 127
The LORD builds representation with respect for rights.
If we build without respect for the goodness of design,
our building is built in vain.

We, the people, are for law that is just and merciful.
Justice is not draconian. It is not directed toward
the destruction of the offender.
Due process in the law is aimed
at correcting actual offense in relation to truth
with respect for reparation with restitution.
Mercy provides correction with regard for resources.
Justice does not provide advantage to a single party.
Mercy does not exploit fear for the advantage of the party.
Liberty, health, providence and security
are goals for the law. Law without liberty
is tyranny. Law without happiness is misery.
Law without health promotes sickness.
Law without sustenance creates poverty
and homelessness. Law without security
is lacking defense.

Liberty, health, providence
and security promote happiness
with justice and mercy.

Children are the heritage of our creation.
The fruit of the womb is the gift of reproduction.
They are our future. They learn from their play.
They remind us of how we were.
They remind us that they are different from us.
Only some are similar enough to call the same.
Education provides security for the people
in accordance with the law.
Education is not just for children.
The market is constant in change.
Adults need education to adapt.
The greatest love of all
is happening to me
as well as the people.
We are greater than our collective.
We are greater than any individual,
but I am somebody who has the experience
associated with my education.
I deserve enough to pay for my stuff.
I have earned the right to prosperity.


George Benson - The Greatest Love
I decided long ago,
never to walk in anyone's shadows
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I live as I believe
No matter what they take from me
They can’t take away my dignity.

The greatest love of all is happening to me,

Steve K.

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